Fury KOs Wilder in classic

Tyson Fury Vs Deontay Wilder 10.09.21 10 09 2021 Fight Ryan Hafey Premier Boxing Champions
Photo: Ryan Hafey / Premier Boxing Champions

By Miguel Maravilla at ringside

Undefeated WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury (31-0-1, 22 KOs) scored a spectacular eleventh round knockout over former champ Deontay Wilder (42-2-1, 41 KOs) in their third fight on Saturday night at at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. Fury dropped Wilder in round three. Wilder came back to drop Fury twice in round four. Both continued to try to land big shots as the bout progressed. Fury hurt Wilder in round seven. Fury knocked down Wilder again in round ten, but Wilder rallied at the end of the round. Fury went for the finish in round eleven and battered Wilder to the canvas to end it. Time was 1:10.

Wilder started off aggressive going after Fury in the opening minute of the fight, Fury pawed with the jab measuring and connected with a solid right, Wilder attacked the body and cornered Fury, but the champ let his hands go. In round two, Fury connected with the right-hand multiple times sneaking in the one-two combo and tying up Wilder as he continued to back him to the ropes as well. Wilder pressed the issue in round three going after Fury, the champ however followed up with his attack connecting with a right followed by a uppercut sending Wilder to the canvas. In the fourth, Wilder returned the favor sending Fury to the canvas twice.

Wilder kept coming in the fifth attacking Fury with the solid right hand. In the sixth, Fury leaned up on Wilder staying inside attempting to tire him down but Wilder kept shooting away, the champ closed the round tying up and cornering Wilder. Staying close and tying up, Fury worked the inside in round seven and connected Wilder with a hard looping right and followed up with power punches inside as he was breaking down the Bronze Bomber. Wilder appeared to be fading into the eighth as Fury kept pressing and shooting the right hand connecting solidly.

Fury attacked from the start of the bell in round nine, Wilder did not have his power as Fury kept coming. Late in the fight in the tenth, Fury connected with a solid one-two cornering Wilder, later a short right dropped Wilder. The championship rounds, Fury kept his attack as he backed Wilder dropping him for a final time in the eleventh as the referee Russell Mora Jr. stopped the fight at 1:10

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        • Wilder should save his brain cells and eardrums. Looks like he got his ear drum broke AGAIN last night.

      • I would like to see a 4th one why not after DW , these two seem to gel and like fighting each other. Usyk needs to fight AJ again as AJ is still biggest box office and a great payday for him. But in reality Dillion Whyte deserves the shot at Fury that Wilder cheated him out of …apparently over 1000 days as mandatory challenger .

        • Absolutely, Humphrey. If it makes DOLLARS then it makes SENSE. Besides, this IS Prize Fighting.

    • Sure. Why not? AJ is exercising his rematch clause vs Usyk & that will keep him busy. Tyson vs Wilder 4 would be fun until Tyson sparks AJ out when they finally fight in 2022

      • Dude. Let’s just enjoy this one. I didn’t want a trilogy, but it turned out to be an epic. I fear any time these guys get in the ring together it shortens their careers. Let’s let them beat up some other heavyweights for a while

        • But that fight will have no juice unless Whyte beats Wallin in a couple weeks. My hunch says that’s a 50/50 fight. Wallin is no stooge and I think he’s got a good shot in that one. Should be an interesting matchup. Even if Whyte loses, I think he’s still the mandatory, which just goes to show you how messed up al the sanctioning bodies are.

      • No point Tyson will defend against whyte then get all the belts against Usyk by end of year as Usyk will stop AJ in rematch

    • Nick, Wilder himself said there would not be a fourth fight. Deontay said it right before this third fight. GREAT, THRILLING Trilogy, but end of story.

    • Agreed. Helluva fight, I gained more respect for Deontay in this loss than ever ever had when he was winning. That was a war.

      • Agree. I also gained more respect for Wilder in this loss than I ever had for him as a victor.

      • I agree although I think he could show a little more respect for Fury. He also had to get off the canvass and show some grit. Wilder seems to hold on to too much anger and wants to take everything personally. Like Golovkin said one time. We are suppose to be boxers not killers.

  • Idc what’s been said. But I told ya Wilder was live. FN amazing! All the Fury idiots with the 3 round ko prediction GTFO. Saying he had no chance. Idiots! That was a live heavyweight fight at the highest level an Fury tasted the canvas 2x. Boom! Even though my feeling didn’t come through my prediction did.

    • Yeah, but he almost finished Wilder in 3. Great fight, and all credit to Wilder— he was a warrior. But I think it’s time for him to go another direction. Beat up some chumps for a bit.

      • Yeah but he got dropped 2x next round. Wilder was live. I love the thumbs down on my post. The idiots was referring.

        • -No argument from me about Wilder being live. He was more than live; he was an absolute animal. Probably beats any other heavyweight with that same performance.

        • Bro you’re out of it. He managed to land the big bomb again but – once again – Fury showed the heart of a champion and went back to beating your man down. Did you see the look in Wilder’s eyes? He didn’t look like he looked like a dead man walking. The other thing you’re missing is he took a sustained beating to the brain for a second fight in a row. Those last two fights may have ruined his career he took such a sustained beating.

          • ToughMan, Wilder took a beating 6 ways from Sunday tonight. After tonight, there are a dozen heavyweights that would kick his ass.

          • Bro you’re out of it. 100% of Fury fans didn’t think Wilder had any chance. He almost koed him again. Let the thumbs down reign down. It tallies the amount of people who were wrong.

    • Love the thumbs down. All people who said Wilder had no shot. All people who said Fury in 7rnds or less. Wilder proved everyone wrong even in defeat. Wilder had all Fury fans tucking tail in the 4th. Love that fight. Great job by both men!

  • Great fight, great ending! No doubt who was gonna win tonight. Deontay showed heart but Tyson Fury is 3-0 against Wilder!

    • Officially 2.0.1. Keep it official. Can’t go by your feelings brother can go by your feelings

      • Agree. Keep it official. And we can also add that arguably (subjectively) Wilder is nearly as good as Fury: Nearly KOd Fury in 2 out of 3.

  • At least it was exciting. Fury should have been in better shape but he still outmatches Wilder. Wilder always has a puncher’s chance and he showed some determination.

    • Fury was in fantastic shape—I was at the fight—he could have gone 20 rounds—conditioning, infighting and defense were the differences in this fight

      • Yeah, Brian, even when Fury was 350-400LBS & he could still go to the gym and spar 15 hard rounds. Fighting is in his blood/DNA. For such a big man he has incredible agility. He is never gonna be a hard body but Boxing isn’t a physique contest, it is a fight. Back in the day day we would call those guys “Tough Guts” now I guess it is a “Dad Bod”. Regardless, Tyson Fury can fight & box. Looking forward to Fury vs AJ & Usyk…

  • Fight was extended due to the grappling. Completely not necessary. The 2nd fight was the clinic. Wilder put on a good performance but Fury was always at another level.

    • Wilder was much been than the last fight. And how do you know what was necessary and not necessarily was you in the ring taking those punches?

      • Well, I can tell you the reason Fury got decked twice. He wasn’t sticking the jab at a comfortable distance. He brought his head down and walked into the right hand to grab thinking at that distance it wouldn’t affect him. Watch the replay.

        It’s things that like that which make the fight a lot harder than it’d be otherwise.

  • Fury is the greatest of all time. No other heavy weight comes close to the king. Wilder lost the 1st the bum shouldn’t have been give a second or third chance.

    • Slow down buddy. He felt Wilder not a all-time great boxer a great one punch knockout power but not a great boxer so slow down.


      • Agree but you forgot Larry Holmes Kenny Norton Ron Lyle and Mike Tyson all would have beaten Fury plus Hollyfield and Bowe

        • Is that your unbiased opinion? My unbiased opinion tells me that those same champions you mentioned would’ve had a really tough time beating Vitali Klitschko.

          Outside of having being TKO’d by Lewis when his eyelid was very near being torn off in his all-out war with Lewis, I never saw the man knocked down nor even in any trouble in his nearly fifty fights. In the latter part of his career, when he went undefeated as champion, and no one even came close to defeating him. But he’s snubbed off people’s list of all-time greats because he wasn’t American, but one of those eastern Europeans. Furthermore, he relinquished his title to enter into politics in an effort to help his troubled country, and no one was able to TAKE it from him. a truly good man and a great champion — regardless of his many nay-sayers.

          • I say it all the time, Vitali Klitschko was a completely differnt animal compared to the guys Ali fought. He was bigger than anyone Ali ever fought and probably even tougher. He has a chin made of granite. I know its an unpopular opinion but i believe Vitali would have crushed Ali. The size and strength differnce alone would have been insane.

        • No way does Fury beat Ali, he took punches from the biggest punchers of his time, Foreman Frazer Shavers and Liston and don’t tell me Fury could outbox Ali.

      • Clay was the best but I think with the way Tyson grapes with them long arms and how tough he is he would have beat Clay

        • Ali was the Master of the ring,he would never just stand there and punch on,too smart,too fast and Fury would have eaten that left jab all night …….. he would have worn Fury out !

      • Many fighters of recent times would have beaten Fury . But his time is now and he just won. Fighter hype and say things that ok. We know he would not have beaten fellow brit Lennox or Holyfield. In fact he only beaten Wlad and Wilder, so lets not get carried away. But he is one hell of a fighter and will go down as a great I think.

    • “No other … comes close …” How about Wilder himself? Nearly KOd Fury in 2 of 3 matches.

      • Nevertheless, when comparing greatness, “nearly” means little to nothing. It only matters in the moment — not the overall results.

  • Great fight? Far from it. Wilder can’t box. Let’s just be real. He only has the right. That’s not great fighting. Fury also couldn’t put Wilder away until the 11th when he had so many opportunities missed to put in away earlier. He only ended the fight after Wilder’s tank was empty. Wilder needs to learn how to box and step his cardio up. And Fury needs to create more distance and land his own right. This was far from. being a great fight.

    • I don’t know what it would take to impress you. I haven’t seen a guy ever take the punishment that Wilder did and keep on fighting. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a winner get hit as hard as Fury did. If you didn’t enjoy that fight, you must be a really cynicial person.

      • Getting your ass hit is the exact opposite of being a good boxer. Just so’s ya know.

      • It was a very entertaining fight. The problem is we all saw the 2nd fight and we’re just being critical.

      • No, how could you enjoy a happy one-sided fight? Watching a guy, Wilder, who can’t box, get pummeled is not enjoyable. And watching Fury, who can’t put him away until the guy is totally gassed is also not fascinating to watch. What’s enjoyable is watching two men with skills fight. That’s not what we saw.

        • – Unless I was cat-napping, I saw momentum change several times during the fight.
          – I was impressed by the way Wilder came out in Round 1 – jabbing and throwing right hands to Fury’s body and backing him up. Wilder should have kept this up. Fury appeared to be confused by this.
          – I saw Wilder gassed and out on his feet several times, but always manage to come back at Fury (until the KO).
          – I thought that this was a “great” fight, IMO, and I don’t miss-use the word “great” . Full of action, momentum changes, and both fighters hit the deck.
          – What else do you want for a “great” fight? Watching 2 ring technicians try and out-slick each other as we a bored to death ?? No thanx.
          – Take care.

    • Charlo, you’re correct, Wilder has one singular weapon, his right hand. He got lucky in the 4th because Fury assumed he was gone and let his guard down.

    • Okay but does a great fight require there be great technique? Depends on what’s you’re looking for. Extremely dramatic and entertaining fight tonight. If boxing can be a metaphor for life itself, then this Trilogy was three great fights.

      • Yes. It requires it in my book. It was brutal to watch Wilder not know how to move around the ring, not be able to pivot, move backwards with his chin up to get away from Fury’s one-twos, keep his guards down, telegraph his punches, and I can go on. can’t believe this guy was a champ.

    • I agree with you Charlo, it wasn’t a great fight by any standards. A lot of pushing and holding by both fighters. The Joshua Usyk a couple of weeks ago was to my mind a real boxing match between two skillful fighters.

  • Awesome fight, hope this is the last we hear of Wilder, Fury can now move on to bigger and better fights.

    • Why there’s other big fights out there for wilder. Ok fury has his number. So he as to retire now? Come on man. He’s still in the top-five Hemingway out there.

      • Let Wilder tear Andy Ruiz from limb to limb. If Ruiz wins, he’s back. If Wilder wins, he gets a good purse and sets up another money fight. Maybe search out Joshua, or one of the young guns like Joe Joyce, Flip Hrgovic, and Makhmudov. All of those fights have some juice. And if Wilder rattles off a couple in a row, he’s pocketed some money and is right back in the thick of it.

      • There are big fights out there for Wilder? Maybe. One. The fight against Anthony Joshua that couldn’t get done several years ago. Now would be the time to do it. The problem is that the loser of that fight would be finished as anything resembling a contender afterward.

        • Dream on Tommy!!
          Wilder is not Kayoing anyone now, hes finished. AJ has got bigger fish to fry and would still KO Wilder asleep 7 days and twice on a Sunday.

  • This just in: Deontay Wilder has blamed his most recent loss to Tyson Fury on the Bossa Nova. More details on how the Brazilian music style caused the Heavyweight Champion of Alabama to fall down in the ring three times are forthcoming…

  • Both fighters put in maximum effort, but Fury had better punch sequences. Fury’s more polished boxing background and early boxing training allowed him to show a variety of offensive skills. Fury should fight Usyk for all the marbles.

    As for Wilder, he displayed heart. Unfortunately, Wilder was unable to abandon his amateur punching techniques and horrible, defensive hand positioning. Fury’s greater boxing background earned the victory.

    I hope Wilder does not offer any excuses for another loss this time. Not sure what is next for Wilder, but he will probably retire.

    Fight #4…NEGATIVE.

    • Enough of Wilder! Something tell’s me even this 2nd beating won’t silence the loudmouth. I’d pay 3 million not to see Fury vs Wilder 4!

    • I disagree There are some top other heavy weights out there for him to fight that will be compelling fights to make so I think he still a draw.

    • No way did Wilder showed max effort. Fury fought with effort. Wilder fought to survive. Surviving is not effort. Fighting to win is what effort looks like. The little effort he showed was trying to lend that right. That’s not max effort. That’s having one game plan. Furry on the other hand was the one who had plan a, plan b, and plan c.

  • I was hoping Wilder would pull it off, but he wasnt able to, but losing to the best is not a career ender. Fury just has Wilders number and it happens. I know we are only a few comments in, but its great to see so many changing what they said last year. This would be a joke of a rematch, Wilder has nothing left and should retire and all that. This fight was great. Considering Wilder was able to outbox Fury early on shows he can do the basics when he wants. He showed a lot of heart and he gave it everything. A year ago who would have thought Tyson would be coming off the canvas twice in this rematch? This fight kept me wondering and feeling either guy would win at any moment. I dont want to see a fourth, but this was a much better fight than most thought it could be. Now its time for the AJ rematch and if he loses maybe we can get AJ and Wilder in a non title fight while the champions unify. I dont see AJ regaining the titles this time so AJ vs Wilder might be best for them both.

    • “This fight kept me wondering and feeling either guy would win at any moment.”
      – Agreed. I felt that way most of the fight (until the end).

  • no hard feelings to those that chose Wilder. It was great, and Deyontay kicked ass. Great job both guys. Fury is an all time great.

    • In every sport where there is an objective measurement(speed, height, distance. etc.) current champions are better than champions of the past. Why shouldn’t this be true of boxing?

      • It’s because boxing fans always have the most warped sense of nostalgia. You see an old-timer fighting great and you assume he could replicate it today. Times and fighters have changed. George Foreman was 6’4″ 225 in his prime, barely bigger than Usyk who is referred to as a small heavyweight.

  • Great fight…both showed heart….Fury just a very skilled boxer,,, Fury knew to close the distance and throw short punches on the inside….Wilder just cannot fight on the inside….not a technical inside fighter, just comes with experience, Wilder showed plenty of heart…nothing to be embarrassed about….Fury just a good fighter

  • This fight went exactly how I thought it would. I figured Wilder would floor Fury early. I knew Wilder was going to fight aggressively but would be tight with emotion and would hit the wall after 6 rounds. I also anticipated Fury opening up more and more as Wilder’s right hand lost snap. My pick was a ninth round TKO after Fury dropped Wilder twice but I was off by two rounds. I’ll take the 11th round TKO and the 10th and 11th round knockdowns. This fight was very similar to Adonis Creed vs Viktor Drago II. In fact, this whole trilogy has seemed like a Rocky/Creed movie in real life. Great fight tonight!

    • Forgot to add that Wilder would be leading after 6 rounds. That part was correct as well.

    • Anyone else heard that Rocky Balboa (75yo) says that Anthony Joshua has offered him a headline fight before Xmas and that he’s accepting it?

  • Bu i am still curious the result of Wilder vs Joshua, even like that i suggest to wilder just retired, u too old now to fight more

  • You can predict that Wilder’s black racist fans are gonna post YouTube videos later on today saying the 4th round knockdowns were long counts, and wilder actually won .

  • Hey good on wilder for wanting a chance to prove he could be better than the second fight. No doubt he’s got a big heart and real character as far as giving it all he could. It was a fun fight to watch and really exciting in the first half. Fury just has better fundamentals and can hold his stamina better. As the fight wore on the distance between them got further despite wilders impressive will to compete. How can you not like them both for a slugfest like this !

    • Well said, sir. The winner today was the fans. Not too often you can say that about boxing.

  • Great fight! Wilder showed the most heart ive ever seen. Props to the Gypsy King. Time to move on. I would like to see fury fight the Nordic nightmare!

  • An all-time fight for sure, but I think the commentaters and Larry Hazzard gave Wilder a little too much credit. True, Wilder knocked Fury on his ass and had him walking on pot holes, but Fury consistently landed monster bombs all throughout. Wilder was somehow able to answer back and was a constant threat until the end, but was severely outlanded with the more signifigant punches. I thought Fury should have jabbed more and went to the body more. He was very predictable with his two jabs then overhand right. Wilder proved to any doubters that he is/was a legit champion and has a championship heart beyond almost anyone. Never say die! Both men are cut from a different cloth then the rest of us.

  • Saw Frank Warren Al Hayden but did not see. Top Rank announcer Andre Ward seemed to be openly rooting for the PBC fighter Wilder. Every round it seemed that Wilders corner and the commission were all slow getting out of the corner. The ref didn’t do Fury any favors

  • Wilder came out as a wounded tiger and that made the fight. An intense classic.

    Always seen Fury as an extremely talented boxer, now I also see a true fighter, a warrior.

    He´s simply the best. Wilders value increased after this loss.

    Two great hearts, great will-power, only respect, hats off.

  • You guys do realize you dont have to be a great boxer to be a great fighter. You knock Wilder for only having the right hand. Ask yourself how many fighters have deadly power in both hands? Or even in one hand. Now Fury I’ve never seen a guy that big with his skill set. He’s special and its no shame for Wilder to lose to a guy like Fury.

    • Like Wilder and Joshua, Fury is the beneficiary of the state of the division in this era.

    • In a division that has given us Johnson, Dempsey, Louis, Marciano, Ali, Foreman, Holyfield, Tyson, Fury isn’t “special.” He’s a fundamentally sound boxer. What is special is his chin. He can get up from being floored by a KO artist.

      • Good point. But also his sheer size, agility & the fact that has fighting in his DNA factor into his success.

      • Honestly, I think Tyson Fury would beat most of the names you´re mentioning.

        Fury is getting better, the better his opponent is, that quality had Ali too.

        I´m confident Fury will beat both Usyk and Joshua.

        I see Fury losing to someone seen as rather mediocre, a warm up fight, when he can´t absorb the extra brain-energy and motivation he needs.

    • Yeah, Jase. Like The Gypsy King himself stated, “I am the best HW in the world & Wilder is the 2nd best…” Even though Usyk & AJ would have something to say about that assessment.

  • Wilder showed exactly who he is when he left the ring before the winner was announced and when he refused to acknowledge Fury when Fury went over to him after the fight.

    See ya.

    • Yeah I’ve seen fighters with mad beef, but after the fight show true sportsmanship. Even Mike Tyson (Holyfield fight not withstanding) showed grace in defeat. ish. Wilder should take a glance at Ali’s post fight conference after his loss to Frazier.

      • He was advised to immediately go to the hospital. What on Earth did you want him to do? The guy ate punches that might kill a normal person.

  • Moral: At the top of this sport any fighter who doesn’t have a sound jab is going to get battered. All Wilder’s training should have been designed around this criminal deficiency in his style.

    • 100% Slim. A properly thrown jab is the single most important punch in all of Boxing, Bare Knuckle Fighting & just about every type of Combat Sports.

  • What slop. Wilder looks like tough man contest. He got his azz kicked. Great fight? Why, because he may land the right hand? He sucks.

  • Boxing is entertainment and everyone has an opinion so lets look at the average Joe (my family) and see what they had to say…
    The missus said it was a great fight and Fury is a terrible singer. The kids said how can a fat guy (fury) be able to punch anyone when his shorts were falling down (round 6) and Wilder should have given up when he had blood in his mouth.
    For me? Fight of the year without a doubt!

  • How about
    AJ vs Wilder and
    Fury vs Usyk
    And then the winners of both fight each other

    • The next fight I want to see is Fury vs Joshua, in an arena, packed with English fans, singing all night, just for the sake of the party, and the atmosphere, and yes there will be some good boxing too.

      The risk is that a fight between them will lose in value if Usyk defeats Joshua again.

      Wilder has to deserve a fight against Fury, in my eyes he never will, especially not after his statement to Fury directly after the fight, so Wilder is out.

      Finally, Fury vs Usyk, between two special boxers. I think Fury will manage Usyk too, but I also think that Usyk will be tougher to beat than most imagine.

  • More action happened than I anticipated in this fight, but the result was predictable. I didn’t think Wilder could break Fury’s guard, but as pathetic as Fury looked, not surprising Wilder was able to do so and put Fury down. I also didn’t think Fury would get the KO, but win on points. Best fighter won tonight, but I’m not impressed by either.

    Wilder has been exposed again, and at 35, he should retire. This should be the end of the road for him in terms of big money fights. Fury, despite winning, looked like he was 43, not 33. We probably won’t see him in the ring again until 2023, if at all.

    Both are selling hype and entertainment, and they delivered that tonight.

  • Lol just reading comments especially from clueless Europeans, Brits, and White Americans who cheer Fury crack me up. Fury beat Wilder. Should we give him a cookie? Wilder has to be the least skilled boxer to ever “win” a title. This guy has been boxing for what 13 years as a pro and can’t throw a basic punch correct. He has a lot of knockouts because of the extremely low level opposition he faces. Even then besides old Luis Ortiz and not talent Dominic Breazeale every other boxer Wilder stopped was knocked out much easier by tons of other fighters.

    Fury is low, out of shape and his level of opposition is actually worse (with the Exception of Wladimir Klistchko) Fury beat a washed up past his peak timid Wladimir in a boring 12 round fight where Tyson Fury ran and landed only 86 punches. Then Tyson Fury beat Wilder. That is pretty much his career.

    I should also add Tyson Fury stated he hates Jews, Gays, and stated the only place a female belongs is the kitchen and bedroom.

    • My all-time favorite boxers are Lennox Lewis and Muhammad Ali, so I’d hardly bring race into it but I was definitely rooting against Wilder because I think he’s one dimensional and I lost all respect for him after his last loss to Fury. But I also agree with your assessment of Fury. As for Fury’s racist comments, please provide a link or something because I’ve not heard that. But if you know anything about Gypsy culture they definitely have some strange habits and beefs with pretty much everyone who isn’t Gypsy.

    • I’m a Brit and part-gypsy and live in New Zealand.
      And you’re a Jew, non-boxer, and a racist!

  • Wilder ain’t nothing but a whacky, waving inflatable arm tube man with zero skills and a punchers chance. He’s a poor sportsman and got put in his place tonight. Again! I can’t wait not to see part 4.

  • Whatever his accomplishments, Deonte Wilder is now the new Shannon Briggs. I’m not a big fan of a one dimensional fighter who’s full of excuses, but it is kind of a bummer that in a relatively short time span two current era GOATS (Wilder and Joshua) are now also ran’s with minimal legacy. Wilder might retire, Joshua will hang around but the heavyweight division is now pretty much Fury and OPPONENT. And we know how complacent Fury gets when there is no mountain to climb.

  • I fondly remember the all-great Ali-Frazier trilogy, particularly the “Thriller in Manila” which I have always regarded as the best heavyweight title fight I have ever seen.
    Today I saw another GOAT classic heavyweight title fight that rivals the Thriller in Manila.
    I believe that Ali and Frazier’s & Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder’s respective trilogies will always feature them alongside each other right at the top of the pantheon of boxing gods.

    • Don’t even compare these fights it makes you look stupid.. On one hand you’ve got two of the greats knowing how to fight on the other two giants, one clearly faster than the other but both with not so much skills.. Just jab-right hand all night long..

  • Wilder can’t even throw a proper jab, he’s not going to win anymore.. Fury showed the blueprint to beat him.. Not surprised at all and watched it on Youtube, wouldn’t buy it for 5 € ! Poor boxing..

  • No one will beat the big tough fellow for a while if he keeps training he knows how to hassle and tough in his mind if he keeps his mind strong and does not blow it with the temptations of life he will hold the title for a long time all he has got to do is keep away from temptations in life that are bad for you that weaken your mind the big fellow knows what I mean he is very Strong minded and he knows how to use his massive body structure Good luck Big Fellow

    lets see all the Wilder fangirls, PBC,LDBC and Blueblood new excuses will be.

  • Wilder WOULD annihilate AJ within two rounds. Fury outpoints Usyk just.
    That was a better Wilder than the second fight BUT he jabbed for one round and then reverted to type. Again he landed, again Fury went down and again he got up and recovered instantly. A bit like Benn-Barkley, had Fury gone down again in the 4th, it would have been over!! Fury recovered incredibly. He bossed most of the fight and the finish was clinical. The ‘new’ Wilder lasted one round until the fight properly began. By the end of round two he was tired and became reliant on the right but was always in there. Great fight. GOAT? No. A peak Lennox Lewis could be up there with Ali etc BUT evolution is evolution and the truth is the likes of Fury, Klitschkos etc could have given anyone in history problems. Joshua is nowhere near. He was always a very capable boxer but was never, and never will be, great. He never didn’t anything amazingly. Also, ripped physiques do not make great boxing champions…..

  • Fantastic fight from both fighters.
    3 things that no one should question..
    Fury’s chin.
    Fury’s punch power.
    Wilder’s heart.
    It’s very hard to beat a man who refuses to be beaten and that man was Tyson Fury.
    Still think Wilder is too much for Joshua though.
    So,Dillian next for Fury and The Joshua/Usyk rematch.Wilder I guess may fight a Ruiz Jr possibly or Parker and I suppose Joyce might get himself in the mix too.
    To be honest, I’d watch any combination of the above,as long as they all fight each other and we have an undisputed winner at the end.

  • I hate being that guy but outside of the knockdowns what did Wilder do besides taking a beating? I get it, he didn’t quit. But this was not a back and forth slugfest. It was exciting because for a few rounds you felt Wilder still had a puncher’s chance, however this was not Holyfield/Bowe, Ali/Frazier or even Tua/Ibebuchi. Solid fight, but Imo, I think it’s a stretch to call it a classic.

  • Sorry but stop comparing this trilogy with the likes of Ali-Frazier, Holyfield-Bowe etc.. These are two giants ok but Wilder has power but no technique and Fury has will, speed but his technique is awfull too let’s be real.. Wilder has one name on his resume and that’s an old Ortiz and Fury got a win over an old Wlad who had an off night.. AJ’s and Usyk’s resume are still way better.. Don’t forget AJ beat Wlad (an old one who would’ve beat him if they fought 2 or 3 years before), Ruiz (rematch), Povetkin, White, Parker and Takam to name a few.. The new generation is way better, Joyce, Dubois, Hrgovic, Dychko, Makhmudov, Yoka to name a few..
    The HW champs of today are just on borrowed time before the young lions will prevail.. Mark my words..

  • Wilder “looks good” at 230 plus, but clearly can’t carry that much weight. He was completely out of gas by the 5th round despite looking in great shape. Yeah, he was winging shots, but he used to be able to do that without gassing out so quickly. He still probably beats every other Heavyweight out there other than possibly Usyk. (Yes, I think he’d clip AJ).

    He started boxing at 19. One has to wonder who he would have been if he started much earlier. Can you imagine his power with a great jab and even slightly better footwork?

    Props to Fury. He is one tough man! I’m a little sad for England that AJ lost, but Joe Joyce might be a fun match. Dubois should take it slow and iron things out for a few more years.

  • i made a post last week wider would ko fury in the 3rd rd, in the 4th almost was kind of right, almost don’t win fights, what i saw is what boxing longs for, there was a winner and a loser, no two winners sport of boxing also won

  • Wow o Wow, what a great fight! Would love to see a 4th fight but not after they fight somone else, one or two fights then do it again. But if they want to do it a year from now, oh yeah I will pay to watch that again!

  • Tyson fury is just a better fighter plan and simple as that was a great fight

  • Wilder stumbled around for the last 5 or 6 rounds yet still found a way to keep going without falling down. I really was surprised that Wilder was able to get enough energy for sporadic flurries as the fight went on.

    Fury was the stronger man in the last few rounds and wasn’t getting hit flush by the occasional slow and telegraphed right hand from Wilder. Wilder, unfortunately, forgot to use the jab to set up his right hand after the early success. He could have used a consistent jab to rest up for his next flurry.

    It really was a sloppy fight with both fighters gassing out in the middle rounds. Fury did a better job of recovering enough to get the upper hand as the fight went on. His weight really helped out as he leaned on Wilder much more in the later rounds.

    It was a great victory by Fury as he outlasted Wilder. He really is a hard man to beat because of his height, reach, bulk and boxing skills. He can also punch hard when he sets his feet to let his hands go. I don’t see anyone beating him as long as he stays in shape and doesn’t let himself go like he did during his long layoff.

  • Fury only beat wilder.. by leaning on him… oldest trick in the book when the littler fighter gains weight.. I don’t rate fury.. big slob

  • Wow! After such a brutal beating twice, I think it’s fair to say Wilder will fall in line with Mendrick Taylor and Jermain Taylor of his era. Forever damaged!

  • Fury is definitely the better boxer.Wilder is a ” shock” puncher whereas Fury has the heavier hands,everything hurts !!!

  • Pundits are not calling this match the greatest heavyweight fight in history for no reason! There is no reason for a Tyson/Wilder IV… this ain’t a “Rocky” movie!!

  • The two best and both fought their best fight, it was a rarity for the heavyweight division. Wilder showed tremendous heart and Fury showed why he’s the best heavy, period…Usyk ultimately represents an interesting possibility when he exposes AJ again.

  • Wilder made same mistake thrice…
    Depending too much on his careless and killing right sling shot.
    He landed those shots but Fury fell and also refused to stay down. He got up all the times he hit the canvas.

    Wilder should have come in for a good boxing context instead of weilding the right which took him out of oxygen early and made him looked inferior to Fury.

    Good fight tho, it could have gone either ways…

  • Many say Fury got the long count in first fight. I think he did. So he actually lost that one. But the 3rd fight brought the best out a both. Fury just wore Wilder down with hard accurate punches. Wilder didn’t use his left hook enough or go to body enough but he gutted it out. And had Fury in trouble and knocked him down twice in 4th round. Nothing to be ashamed of Deontay you’re a great warrior too!

  • This was such a great rivalry. I haven’t seen a rivalry this good since Jon Jones vs Daniel Comier. No matter what we think about Wilder or Fury, they made the HW division exciting and relevant. Job well done too both of them. They were the perfect dance partners for each other. Fury is light-years ahead of everyone else skill-wise and mental toughness. Wilder has old school warrior mentality. He knew Fury won the first 2 fights but had the iron will to try try again. I would say he’s a defiant warrior. I believe Wilder has accepted defeat and I have a feeling when he cools down, he and Fury will be extremely cordial with each other. I hope Wilder makes peace with Mark Breland. He said some EXTREMELY disrespectful things towards him.

  • Must have been his loaded gloves..lolol..that goes out to all the dumbasses that fell for that lie.

  • If Deontay Wilder wants a fourth
    crack at Tyson Fury let him prove
    himself. Have Deontay Wilder fight
    Dillian Whyte with the Winner getting
    a fight with Fury.

  • To me, it seemed that Wilder did not learn anything from his new trainer. His only weapon was his right hand. No real jab, no hook and he was sucking air after the 4th round. He gave it all when he knocked Fury down 2 times. He did not count on Tyson to get up after that! Other than a few times he did rock Fury, but Wilder was a walking punching bag the rest of the fight and had nothing left! How he managed to absorb that beating he took is beyond me! For him not to show any respect to the better man shows us what he is really like, a spoiled cry baby who did not get his way, conceited big mouth trash talking ghetto rat!

  • Nah, Wilder does not deserve another ‘payday’ courtesy of Fury. If I’m Fury I will make Wilder fight him on YouTube, PBS, QVC, The Oprah channel. The fight will be held at a local recreational center to raise money for the kids in the community. Fury will make money from his sponsorships and BBC. Wilder will get nothing, no purse, no BS. Let’s see if Wilder truly wants a rematch.

  • The problem again is that the Fury count was much too long-The ref took long to start counting!!—Rogan is right

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