Sanchez, Helenius, Anderson triumph

Frank Sanchez W10 Efe Egjaba
Robert Helenius TKO6 Adam Kownacki
Jared Anderson TKO2 Vladamir Tereshkin

By Miguel Maravilla at ringside

Efe Ajagba Vs Frank Sanchez 10.09.21 10 09 2021 Fight Ryan Hafey Premier Boxing Champions
Photo: Ryan Hafey / Premier Boxing Champions

In the co-feature bout of the evening, Cuban heavyweight Frank Sanchez (19-0, 13 KO’s) handed Efe Egjaba (15-1, 12 KOs) of Nigeria his first defeat in winning a unanimous decision. It was fast-paced round, Sanchez connecting with the fast solid punches as Agjaba pressed and returned the favor attacking. Extending the jab in round two, Sanchez popped Agjaba and later in the round followed up with a solid right. Sanchez continued to stay busy in the third boxing well and connecting on Agjaba. In the fourth, Agjaba began to let loose but Sanchez continued to land solid punches and box effectively. Attacking in the fifth, Agjaba began to back Sanchez who continued to box.

* * *

Halfway through in the sixth, Agjaba stalked as the Cuban Sanchez kept his distance popping the jab from the outside, the Nigerian began to follow up with the right hand. In the seventh, Sanchez was spot on with the right hand connecting Agjaba and following up with a left uppercut sending him to the canvas. Sanchez was on his feet jabbing circling the ring but followed up with the chopping right as he tagged Agjaba late in the fight. Fighting confidently in the ninth, Sanchez paced and was selective as Agjaba stalked and appeared to be looking for the big punch. The tenth and final round, Sanchez fought conservatively connecting with big punches as Agjaba sensed the urgency.

After ten full rounds, the judges scored the bout 98-91, 98-91, and 97-92

* * *

Robert Helenius Vs Adam Kownacki 10.09.21 10 09 2021 Fight Ryan Hafey Premier Boxing Champions
Photo: Ryan Hafey / Premier Boxing Champions

In a heavyweight rematch, Robert Helenius (31-3, 19 KOs) of Finland proved the first time was not a fluke as he defeated Poland’s Adam Kownacki (20-2, 15 KOs) again. Helenius got to work right away pounding away on Kownacki as he backed him to the ropes in the opening round. The height and reach were obvious for Helenius as he connected with solid punches in round three and followed up with the uppercut. In the final seconds of the round, Kownacki landed a low blow. Kownacki’s face was a mess heading into the fourth, Helenius continued to box and pound away. The referee deducted a point from Kownacki in the fifth as the Nordic Nightmare continued to punish the Polish heavyweight. In round six, the referee decided to stop the fight at 2:38.

* * *

Jared Anderson Vs Vladimir Tereshkin 10.09.21 10 09 2021 Fight Ryan Hafey Premier Boxing Champions
Photo: Ryan Hafey / Premier Boxing Champions

Heavyweight Jared “The Real Big Baby” Anderson (10-0, 10 KOs) stopped Vladamir Tereshkin (22-1-1, 12 KOs) in round two. It was a slow start as Anderson and Tereshkin measured with the jab. However, in the second round, Anderson cornered Tereshkin as he finished him off with a series of unanswered punches. referee Kenny Bayless stepped in to stop the fight at 2:51 of the second. Anderson wins the NABF heavyweight title.

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  • Jared was fighting a big baby, 2yrs between fights and prime candidate to be knocked out quick

    • They wanted to make it it an all HW PPV but shoulda put this on the prelim because the Berlnaga fight was a great fight. Not hating on Jared but he has not had to break a sweat as pro.

  • Helenius looked calm and confident in the ring. Helenius set the mood early by firing off hard shots. Nice job tonight, Helenius!!

    Not sure if Kownacki will ever bounce back from this DQ (“TKO”) loss.

  • Best fight card in many years! 80 bux was worth it! This is why boxing is better then MMA

  • Adam just got the style what suits perfectly for Robert. Those first round punches where the key punches where Adam lost his new game plan (if there was one) and deja vu the nightmare is BACK for Adam..Adam did awake the hidden urge himself to feel those big nordic balls after the battery.
    Gongrats Robert , mahtava esitys !!!

  • I thought Kownaki was a stone cold lock but he should really get out. As for Helenius I can’t see getting kod early if he fights a world class fighter which Kownacki obviously isn’t

  • Sanchez seems to be the Cuban quality fighter of what everyone thought Odlanier Solis was expected to be, but wasn’t.

  • Correction: ajagba got tagged solid and went to take a knee and caught a hook as he was taking the knee.

    • Caligula: Yep, that was an illegal punch no matter how one argues it. Roy Jones Jr got disqualified for that. Glad that did not happen in this fight, but just saying.

    • Not the first time he went down hard. He did hit the canvas against Lago Kiladze. They need to teach these power punchers some defense and boxing tactics. Punching power can only get so far now days.

  • Guess it is over for kornicki, had no defense, can’t take a shot from everyone. Looked kind of good at a certain point.

    • That’s how Lewis actually pronounces his own name. Kenny asked him about it during a broadcast.

      • americans are so stupid, we think anything is wrong if it isn’t what we think. Kenney is a pus, and he is next to a true killer in Lennox and people think he is fuxing with him or is too stupid to pronounce it. #merica!

  • Sanchez v ajagba uninspiring fight, two men who will never win a title, but both in it for a buck

  • Fury ring entry AC/DC “You shook me all night long” wearing a Spartan costume and helmet

  • Kownacki can still make money fighting the right opponents, which Helenius ain’t. Sanchez waits to pick shots, but looks good when he does. Berlanga is a hype job waiting to be exposed, and always did look that way to aficianados. Can you believe Fat man Rafael saying that this clown is the guy to beat Conelo? The NABE has ruined boxing.

    • His only chance was in the 4th but he cannot keep the gypsy king down. Fury just got behind his boxing in the 5th and it’s been a clinic ever since. Usyk schools both of these clowns though.

  • God lord..that was low quality out of shape boxing but the ENTERTAINMENT VALUE WAS PRICELESS for main event !!

    • “God lord..that was low quality out of shape boxing…”
      – What card were u watching ??

      • Main event as i wrote if u can read that far? It was high quality for u Gary G(oodridge)? If so you must be from Alabama

        • – I am from Alabama?
          – Now that’s funny.
          – South Phila is far away from Alabama.

      • Boxing shape is not looking good shape. Muscles do not mean anything in boxing or MMA.

  • Kowinaki is as stupid as Andy Ruiz. ANY fighter who is fat is simply disrespecting boxing and themselves. Claiming they care about their families is crap. Ruiz has a 100000 dollar AR chunk of dumb gold around his neck like he did anything except land a desperation punch on AJ who we just learned is a nub. Areola was life and death. Areola. Yuck, oh yeah another fat guy. Ray Mercer where are you.

  • I thought Frank Sanchez had too much for Ahagba, but I expected it to be a little more competitive. I will say that Sanchez looked good at 240. Unlike Wilder, he seems to be the same athletic guy. Unfortunately, he has the Cuban ability to stink out the place. Looking at future opponents, there aren’t many guys beyond the very top who might be able to make him engage.

  • Helenius what a surprise after all these years…I would match h
    Whyte or Someine like, zliie zhang.or Birmaine Stiverne to continue .

  • Night of upsets on the undercard. Jared Anderson did what he was suppose to do Against Tereshkin, but the other so call prospects, Efe Egjaba, & Adam Kownacki, got outhustled and outsmarted by their not so impresive opponents.

    • Helenius was the only upset Sanchez a more then 2-1 favorite and Anderson a huge favorite

  • Efe Egjaba had no Plan B when his Plan A was failing big time. He looked sooooo confused. Hopefully, he learns from this and moves on. I was impressed with Frank Sanchez, who I have never seen before. He needs to throw more punches.

  • >