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    • if you read my post before the fight i said wilder by ko in the 3rd was almost right, the knockdowns happen at the end of the round, both fighters showed incredible heart and will , i can’t see any hw beating fury or wilder if this fight didn’t damage his psyche, i think only usyk could trouble him but nobody else could beat wilder, but fury is something special, boxing also won saturday night

      • Wilders knockdowns we’re in the 4th but Wilder really got his ass beat the whole fight except the 1st round and the 4th which was the round he scored his 2 knockdowns. Other than that it was all Fury according to all 3 of the judges scorecards till Fury put Wilders lights out for good. I could assure you there’s no one in the heavyweight division that could beat Fury anytime soon.

  • I can train Wilder to beat the beast Fury I know exactly what he’s doing I can definitely get a Knock out victory for Mr Wilder

  • Within the next two (2) months, let’s hope Wilder does not develop any subsequent excuses for his loss. This will become Wilder’s “character check period.”

  • I still say if Wilder had not broken his main weapon he would have caught Fury again and again until he finished the job-Bad luck indeed and great respect for both fighters-Great fight

  • Wilder is full of excuses and a real sore loser . Fury not only won all 3 fights but really beat his ass in the rematch and trilogy .

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