Fury: Wilder is just a sore loser

WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury says archrival Deontay Wilder refused to shake his hand after their fight Saturday night in Las Vegas.

“I went over to shake his hand and say ‘well done,’ and he was like ‘no, I don’t respect you.’

“I was like ‘How can you say I cheated when you know in your heart and your whole team knows you got beat fair and square?’ He’s just a sore loser. I’m sure he won’t be the first one and he won’t be the last one.”

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      • I know you’re racist because you brought up color “white”, but I see Wilder behaving this way against anyone that beats him.

  • Please, can we move on since the fight is over and quit with the juvenile antics from both fighters for media attention?

    • I agree, dude. Like talking smack against your ex or something. Just throwing negativity out in the universe- which always seems to find its way back to you…. I’m simply going to remember this night as a great night with my mates- ribs and a few too many IPAs- but we don’t get these nights back. Peace, Scoob- always appreciate your good vibes and keen boxing insight.

    • Agree Scooby….just getting outrageous ly juvenile.,Congrats on a decent fight ….viewers actually received the value of the cost of the PPV.. definitely worth it…moving on to the next opponents for both in determining the future of this division

  • Winder’s very low class and a one trick pony. He has no peace. If he can’t humble himself after being beaten to bits there isnt a decent person dwelling inside that body.

    • Fury went above and beyond normal words and insults during the buildup. Fury is the best heavyweight in the world by far, yet is a classless ashole at the same time.

      • The fight wasn’t selling. It’s called trying to sell it since wilder was silent the whole time.

  • I mean I would be a bit pissed off if I was Wilder also. My head almost bounced off the canvas for a KO and you come over and say well done. Wilder probably needs a few weeks to get over this and probably a few easy KO’s.

    • He’ll likely need 10 years to get over this. Wilder reminds me a lot of Ronda Rousey; both of them have a fragile psyche and can’t deal with losing.

      • Well-said. How an individual takes losing tells a whole lot more about the person than winning. To disrespect your opponent — whether winning or losing, is to exhibit low self-respect.

  • Wilder wins without the two long counts Fury got after the knockdown. One was about 15 seconds the other a second or two longer

  • Many times, after a losing fighter’s TKO or KO recovery in the ring, I have seen the recovered fighter provide a solid acknowledgment(s) to the winning fighter.

    I will give Wilder a few weeks to collect his thoughts and actions before rendering judgment. I will take another look at both fighters’ post-fight actions in the ring. If the allegations are true, then shame on Wilder.

  • Wilder’s top body is impressively muscular but his legs are thin. Fury leaned on him all night long. The referee also gave Tyson two slow counts.

    • Yeah, Wilder’s legs look like a glaring deficiency. As for the long counts, the ref was consistent in using long breaks after KDs. It didn’t favor either guy. Each knockdown resulted in a 15-20 stop in action. I actually quite like that approach.

    • Wilder maybe a sore loser, arrogant, narcissistic, but I never heard him saying anything that would make me think he’s a racist. He’s a very proud black man and takes a strong pro black stance, but that does not make him a racist.

  • I hope we have seen the last of that despicable moron. Nobody else ever seems to bring it up or remember it, but i remember how, on a Spanish language tv show, he hauled off and sucker punched a small actor in a costume – who might even have been a girl for all he knew – with all his might. I’ve never seen any follow up and for all i know the actor or actress in the costume may have been permanently injured or even killed and his or her family given hush money by Wilder’s handlers.

  • Sportsmanship is the best part of any sport. Very disappointing about Wilder, which is why he is the loser in this entire trilogy. No class, character, integrity, respect, humility, or depth. You worked hard in preparation, did your best, lost – so congratulate your opponent, give him credit, and go back to the drawing board. Wilder’s reaction no surprise to me.

  • I’m no Wilder fan but no athlete is at their best physically or emotionally after a been-to-hell-and -back ass whipping as that. Now after the passage of a few days and there’s no acknowledgement then I’d have no issue calling Wilder a piece of uneducated garbage.

  • Wilder may be his own worst enemy. To his credit he put up a great fight and has kept himself relevant in boxing terms for the right reasons.
    I can’t help thinking that he has alienated so many fans by the way he conducts himself and could/should have been a much bigger star.
    We’ve not seen Fury lose so can’t definitively say he’d react with class but Wilder certainly did not after his first defeat and so far hasn’t after this one.
    I hope now that Dillian Whyte finally gets his opportunity although something tells me that Fury will prepare much better for that fight.

    • Charley says he already beat Wilder so why would he give him a rematch? I don’t think they had a rematch clause in their contract.

      Where is that nut anyway? I haven’t heard about him lately.

  • Wilder is a black supremacist; his ego can’t take he got beat by a white man. Just like Bernard Hopkins who told Joe Calzaghe ‘no cracker is ever going to beat me’.

  • Hats of to both fighters. They showed a level of bravery that went beyond the call of duty. Fury has Wilders number, and will always have. The Gypsy King is an extraordinary fighter, with an iron will to win. A motivated Fury is hard til beat …
    I praise Wilder for his all – out effort.
    I predicted a Fury win, but also wrote that there is more than just revenge on the line for Wilder. He was fighting for fistic relevance. A poor performance from the Bronx Bomber, would have severely damaged his reputation, but his actions were applaudable. He proved that he still is in the top 4 in the division and the fact that he got up twice shows what he is made of. Fury however is the wrong opponent for him.
    Deontay: Give Tyson credit for his win(-s) and rebuild. Pray that Joshua wins the rematch against Usyk (however unlikely). I always liked your chances against AJ

  • The fight was lost by Wilder before the fight even took place.. Never was and never will be a fan of Wilder and his poor sportmanship.. Fury is the type of guy i’d love to have for friend.. Fun and entertaining are the words that come to my mind when i think about Fury.

  • While wilder is a pretty good heavyweight hes just not used to adversity.i remember when he was fighting in showtime it was fight after fight easy ko after another against really bad opposition.i remember watching him doing those wild swings trying to get dudes out of there quick.once that didnt work it just looked like he ran out of options.dont get me wrong fight was great but overall it was a very sloppy fight with 2 huge dudes gased out for most of the fight.

  • No, some people need to be called out on their lack of values, morals, and character.

    This is part of the reason why we are divided today, no one wants to hear the truth anymore and what is right is wrong and wrong is right.

  • Wilder should be a sore loser. With all the clobbering he took his head will be sore for a week.

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