Fury-Wilder By-The-Numbers

By Karl Freitag

Explore the facts and figures of Fury-Wilder 3.

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According to CompuBox, Fury landed 150 out of 385 punches, while Wilder connected on 72 of 355. Fury had the edge in power shots 114-63.

Tyson Fury Vs Deontay Wilder Knockdowntyson Fury Vs Deontay Wilder Knockdown4 (1)
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At the time of the stoppage, Fury was ahead on the cards 95-92, 94-92, and 95-91.

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Photo: Frank Micelotta / FOX Sports

Attendance at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas was 15,820. The live gate and PPV numbers weren’t available at press time.

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Fury is now 31-0-1, 22 KOs, Wilder is 42-2-1, 41 KOs.

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Photo: Frank Micelotta / FOX Sports

According to numbers filed with the Nevada State Athletic Commission, Fury’s purse was $6 million and Wilder’s purse was $4 million, however, both fighters are reportedly guaranteed many millions more.

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The Fury-Wilder trilogy totaled 30 rounds and 9 knockdowns with Fury going 2-0-1.

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    • Yeah, you’ve got to be hella confident as a European coming to the US to fight an American. If you don’t win by KO, the judges will flip the scoring so badly that you always run a lot of risk. 95-91 seemed reasonable, I can’t even figure out how 95-92 was possible mathematically without a tie round, and 94-92 is just insane. That would have given Wilder 4 rounds of 10 with the KDs equally out. Maybe Wilder takes 1, 4, and 5, but no way he was even close in the others.

  • Wilder doesn’t have enough power to deal with the hardest puncher in the division tyson fury.j

  • Wilder was looking very good in the 1st round jabbing to the body. He should have kept that up the entire fight. Wilder wanted to go out on his shield, and he did.

    • @Gary G Agreed. Also, the straight right to the body was a good idea and was working well. Had Fury thinking a bit. Wilder got away from that a little when he was hit and hurt in the 3rd round.

      • Very true in your statement. Wilder has relied on his power to push him thru the sport of boxing. However, boxing does allow power punchers to be champions even when their boxing IQ is limited. I do feel Wilder did very well in this fight as compared to the second match even though he was KO’d. Wilder is still a deadly opponent in the HW division even when Fury defeated him this past Saturday.

  • Wilder can’t finish. Never had to learn how as he was blasting guys with one shot and that skill (and others) wasn’t there when he needed it. Taking punches and wobbling around is much on the list of skills boxers need.

    • I partially agree. The game changed when he found someone who could eat his power without being knocked cold. He was always a fighter that gave up a lot of rounds. To his credit, he did look like he was moving a lot better early in this fight. It’s really hard to learn on the job against a master who is both technically sound and unorthodox like Fury. Wilder’s camp should’ve let him hone his skills in a couple of warm-up fights before jumping right back to Fury.

  • Wilder gasses out FAST! once he gets to mid rounds his punch output drops if someone is pushing the action and he even begins to look worn out and pushing his punches.

    • In a lot of ways, that’s a big difference between Fury and everyone else. He delivers with such power that he doesn’t ever load up on punches. He just fires them off naturally, often looping punches from weird angles. Most other guys have to sit down on their power, which means you expend a lot of energy whenever you throw big shots. One of Fury’s biggest strengths is that he’s just as big and strong in round 11 as he his at the opening bell.

      • Brainchild: Look at the Fury vs Chisora fight. Also shows what you talk about. Never seen Chisora that badly beaten up.

    • Caligula: And has been gassing out earlier as he has gotten older. The worst in this regard these last two fights.

  • If fury fights anyone with a jab he’ll have problems. That little looping hook wilder uses to set up his power didn’t work and never will. Poor coaching on wilders part. Do away with that fake Jab looping hook it’s not that strong

  • I picked Fury to win but I really thought Wilder would have had a better game plan to deal with Fury’s pressure. He started out okay in rd 1 but as soon as Fury hit him he reverted to his old ways. Great fight, but selecting someone who never trained a fighter before was stupid. Wilder needs someone like Freddie Roach to craft the game plan to have a better chance of beating Fury. But even then I just don’t see him being able to execute the plan for as long as needed to get a victory. Fury for as big as he is actually moves better on his feet than Wilder does.

  • For a guy as sculpted as Wilder is, he showed remarkably poor conditioning throughout the series with Fury – a sign that, yet again, Wilder was counting on his ability to connect big one or two times; and that the idea of winning a 12 round decision never entered his mind.

    Hopefully, the Heavyweight Champion of Alabama simply retires. He’s the 21st century equivalent of Primo Carnera – a beefed up guy who was guided into a title, but couldn’t hold onto it when paired against a guy who could take the shots he delivered and keep coming after him.

    • Have you ever actually seen Primo Carnera fight? He looked more like Nilokai Valuev… slow, lumbering, and more of a bludgeoner. It might be en vouge to bash Wilder off of this loss, but he’s light-years ahead of Carnera. He has skills, it’s just Fury has more and better ones. That’s not a knock on Deontay… he’s tough and knows how to win. It only means Fury is still ahead of him.

  • It looked like the judges were on the way to serve some home cooking. At least they were trying to. Good thing Fury stopped him with a brutal KO.

  • ‘Fury had the edge in power shots 114-63’.

    The edge?, more like doubled his output.

    Lazy journalism there.

  • all this fight proved is that Breland was righ..hes a fortune teller..Somebody give him a job..

  • Tyson Fury cheated has been caught cheating, too many times, and everyone is turning the page.

  • >