Tyson Fury aims to win over Mexican fans

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Heavyweight Tyson Fury entered Tuesday’s media workout in a lucha libre wrestling mask and waving a Mexican flag. Fury is set to face unbeaten Swede Otto Wallin Saturday at T-Mobile Arena as part of the Las Vegas’ Mexican Independence Day Weekend festivities.
Fury Vegas Workout04
Fury said, “I wore a traditional Mexican mask because it’s Mexican Independence Day Weekend and the ‘Gypsy King’ is here in Las Vegas to put on a show for all the Mexican fans. Viva Mexico!”

“I can defeat all the heavyweights with one hand. As you saw today, lightning speed, lightning reflexes for a giant. I’m a giant of a heavyweight. There has never been a heavyweight like me. There has never been a man of my size who can move like that. I’m a natural freak of nature. I defy every law of gravity. It shouldn’t be possible for a man of my size or my weight to move like that.”

“I have no interest in future fights. One day at a time in my life. One fight at a time, one hour at a time. ‘Cause that’s all we have. We’re not promised tomorrow, so we live every day like it’s our last as our Lord tells us to.”

“You’re going to see a great fight on Saturday, a real Mexican, 6-foot-9, 260-pound giant.”

“Do I look like I’m enjoying life? One hundred percent. I’m ecstatic to be alive. A true blessing from God. I’m very thankful that I was given this life. I’m thankful to be here in Las Vegas and thankful for all the people that turned out.”

“Otto Wallin is a tall blonde, just the way I like them. We’ll see what he brings on Saturday.”

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  • Fury is padding his record, but it should still be a fun fight. Fury should be able to KO Wallin within 6 rounds. Everything less than that would be a disappointment.

    Upsets happen in boxing but I can’t see one in this fight. Fury is in shape and motivated + at least 2 classes above Wallin. Fury by KO within 4 rounds.

  • he wants to win over the mexican fans?, give me a break, this guy fights nothing like mexican, prances around like a girl and has no power

    • His win against Wlad was an awful fight to watch to be sure and a lot of his fight with Wilder he chose to back away, but his fight with Schwarz looked like a new guy. Maybe getting off the canvas in the 12th against Wilder woke him up and changed him to a more entertaining fighter. Maybe feeling like he was robbed with a draw (I thought it was a fair decision btw) had made him more aggressive. Time wi ll tell, but he is talking the talk.

      Note: I know he’s always talked the talk. In fact, I once said if he fought up to his trash talking he’d be an all time great. I’m hopeful that the largest legitimate Heavyweight finally understands he can walk almost every opponent down.

  • I like this guy. He has a high amount of gratitude for what life has given to him. Also, he is very intelligent. The way he promotes his fights has not parallel in boxing. He knows well that Wallin is not match for him, but shows respect about that by not emphasizing it while promoting the fight, rather he adds some flavor with his antics.
    He looks in better shape in every fight, but he will need more than that when he meets Wilder, he might need a high amount of something called “luck”

    • Luck?? Why would he need luck when he already schooled him for 10 rounds? If anything Wilder already was the lucky one. Anyone with one eye knows Tyson won that fight. Now that he’s in better shape he’s going to make Wilder look like the bum he is in the rematch. But first Wilder has to get past Ortiz who he was losing and almost knocked out by last time.

      • In 36 minutes of fight Wilder has the chance to throw around 400 power punches. Last time out he landed some on Fury, two of them good enough to put him down, the last one, even though didn’t land that flush , had the power to put him flat on his back badly hurt. No, will Fury have the right amount of luck and finish the fight unscathed ?
        I agree he was schooling Wilder, but in very safe way, just paddling him with some miaw punches from a good distance. No knockdowns, he could have won a comfortable UD.
        By fighting Wilder, any fighter, not only Fury is into a task similar to the one performed by a bomb disposal technician. A single mistake, we know what can happen. As I said before, will Fury have the good fortune to perform flawlessly?

        • Well said. I think, given the totality of circumstances and performances, it was a fair decision. Neither fighter did enough to dominate. And it would be hard pressed to give a win to a guy who was knocked down twice while his opponent suffered no knockdown. Especially, hard to argue when that second knockdown nearly ending the fight.

      • The connecting power punch differences between the two were insignificant when compared to how many punches each fighter threw. To win, you have to do more than dance around in a defensive manner and throw a few more shots than your opponent. His defense was good, but his offense was not engaging enough to dominate the fight.

        So given the totality of circumstances and performances, it was a fair decision. Neither fighter did enough to dominate. And it would be hard pressed to give a win to a guy who was knocked down twice while his opponent suffered no knockdowns. And especially hard to argue when that second knockdown nearly ended the fight with Fury flat on his fucking back and his eyes rolled in the back of his head. And the punch that put him down was not even a flush shot. Enough said. Thank you.

  • You don’t “win” us over by carrying a flag and wearing a mask, you win us over by fighting real fights, by not chargeing us for these crap fights!!!

  • Fury is a bit of an enigma. It’s like he took the “Ali” playbook and listened to it while he slept.
    His trash-talking is always entertaining and I think He’s actually a very intelligent person.
    Especially from a business/promotional perspective.
    He’s even apparently, realized the ceiling of his natural knock-out power and has, as a result, turned himself into a very slick and savvy boxer.
    People will argue that He’s fighting “bums” but this is also a guy that weighed 800lbs Two years ago. His story is actually pretty inspiring in terms of resurrection.
    Another poster noted how much more “aggressive” he was against Schwartz. To me, that’s just changing up your game based on the research you’ve done on your opponent.

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