Tszyu-Horn negotiations hit a snag

By Ray Wheatley – World of Boxing

The promoters of former WBO welterweight champion Jeff Horn and IBF #7, WBO #9 light middleweight Tim Tszyu met today but negotiations have hit a snag that could prevent an agreement for the biggest names in Australian boxing to clash in April.

Horn’s promoter Dean Lonergan says Tszyu’s promoter Matt Rose will not agree to two points. The Horn camp wants the fight to be contested over ten rounds, while the Tszyu camp insists on a twelve round bout. Secondly, the Tszyu team will not agree to a rematch clause.

“They want the fight over 12 rounds, we want it over 10 and we’re not moving,” Lonergan said. “There will be no fight without a rematch clause and we’re adamant on that. Matt got very heated in the debate. He said ‘we’re not going to have that, if we win this we’re onto a world title.’

“I personally think they’re kidding themselves because I know the landscape backwards. A world title at the back of this is not a possibility.

“It might be for Jeff Horn, but not for Tim Tszyu. Jeff Horn has got a much bigger name than Tim Tszyu.

“Right now, the fight absolutely hangs in the balance and they’re very aggressive on these points which I find fascinating. It got very heated.

“We’re probably going to give ourselves seven days to do it. If they can’t concede to it, I struggle to see it going ahead.”

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  • Fk me dead, Horn is a chicken shit pussy! How can you only want to fight 10 rounds? Yet you says your the more seasoned fighter. Not just that u want a rematch cluse? Tszyu might as well walk,

    • Whatever Horn is, not a good skilled boxer, not this, not that, he has shown his guts, unfortunately absorbing too much punishment along the way.

    • Ten rounds used to be standard for non title fights which this is unless they make up a title for this bout. Shouldn’t be that big of a deal since Tszyu probably wins by KO. Should give in on this and not agree to the rematch.

    • Yes sir RWB.. this is pre fight Hype to start controversy and get people involved cuz they know how boring Horn really is lmao. C’mon now. That deal is already done. No-ones buying this “controversy”. Jus shutup and fight already

      • I agree this fight has been signed for a while. Horn commentating tszyu’s fights and bagging him out, all part of the bullspit hype boxing has become. Just fight already

  • It’s laughable Horn is arguing for 10rnds. I’m almost waiting for that to be a typo. Plus a rematch clause? It seems as though the Horn camp is pretty scared. I think I remember them saying Horn would destroy Zu.

  • Not wanting to fight 12 rounds is equally as stupid as not agreeing on a rematch clause. This isn’t a big enough or important enough fight to be crying about this.

  • Horn should have the leverage here. Horn could make a fight for money with many other fighters at this point. Tszyu is still being cuddled.

    • I’m sure they are reading the comment sections waiting for a dude named Clyde to post his thoughts and they’ll do exactly what he says 😉

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