Tszyu-Fundora Final Press Conference

Fighters competing on the inaugural PBC Pay-Per-View event available on Prime Video featuring four world title fights went face-to-face on Thursday at the final press conference before they enter the ring this Saturday, March 30 from T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

Tim Tszyu vs. Sebastian Fundora
(WBO/WBC super welterweight titles)

20240328 001 Tszyu Vs Fundora Press Conference Esther Lin 35
Photo: Esther Lin/Premier Boxing Champions

Tim Tszyu: “The show goes on and destiny awaits. Saturday night we get to fight for the belts. It’s all about collecting belts and collecting legacy. We’re going to show that the Tszyu name is the greatest boxing family of all time…of course he’s got height, but we all bleed the same blood. There’s no difference between us. I’m taking inspiration from Mike Tyson and everything he did into this fight…this is step one to where I want to be. There’s plenty of big super fights to be made in the near future.”

Sebastian Fundora: “This is the moment and the time for me to become world champion. My sister did it six months ago, and now it’s my turn…I expect the best from Tim Tszyu. This is the best fight you can make in the division. He’s number one right now and we’ll crown a new champion on Saturday night. ”

Rolly Romero vs. Isaac Cruz
(WBA super lightweight title)

20240328 Tszyu Vs Fundora Final Press Conference Ryan Hafey 38
Photo: Ryan Hafey/Premier Boxing Champions

Rolly Romero: “Everybody thinks this is gonna be a difficult fight, but I think this is gonna be an easy fight. He’s gonna run right into something, because he’s stupid…he’s gonna throw and throw and throw again. He does the same stuff over and over again. I’m ready for it…I’m not giving you the belt, but I can give you the chihuahua chain after the fight.”

Isaac Cruz: “If he thinks I’m stupid, then he’s even stupider. If he thinks I’m just gonna lay down, he’s very mistaken. He’s gonna realize it on Saturday night…Rolly was talking trash during the face off, but his bark is far stronger than his bite. I just want to hit him repeatedly in the face when the time comes…I’m here to wipe Rolly’s smile off his face and take his belt. That’s it. Isaac Cruz is going to be the new world champion.”

Erislandy Lara vs. Michael Zerafa
(WBA middleweight title)

20240328 Tszyu Vs Fundora Final Press Conference Ryan Hafey 31
Photo: Ryan Hafey/Premier Boxing Champions

Erislandy Lara: “I prove my worth inside of the ring and Zerafa will see that on Saturday night. I’m excited to be back, because I feel ready and strong…I’m gonna work hard in the ring and I feel like I’m gonna knock him out. I think it’s gonna happen before the sixth round.”

Michael Zerafa: “Saturday night ends with me as the new WBA world champion. Mark my words. …hopefully we’re coming back to Australia with three world titles, one for myself and two for Tim. Now it’s time to do it.”

Julio Cesar Martinez vs. Angelino Cordova
(WBC flyweight title)

20240328 Tszyu Vs Fundora Final Press Conference Ryan Hafey 29
Photo: Ryan Hafey/Premier Boxing Champions

Julio Cesar Martinez: “I’m ready to face anybody at any time. I say it all the time and I mean it. Everyone will see what I mean on Saturday night…I want to give the fans a great fight. I’m coming out one thousand percent ready and it’s going to be fireworks.

Angelino Cordova: “Whatever Martinez brings, I’ll be ready. I’m very confident in myself and all of the training we’ve done for this fight.”

Goulamirian-Zurdo Final Press Conference
Sebastian Fundora Focused & Ready

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  • Mike Tyson & Tim’s dad are great friends. They went to AA together. I believe Tim’s dad is Mike Tyson’s sponsor. He was also the person who helped Mike Tyson & Teddy Atlas make up.

    Tim is still going to lose this fight.

  • lets see how much that vicous ko loss had on Fundora, plus knowing Tszyu beat the man who laid him out easily, i feel Fundora will control the range for 3 or 4 rds. i know Tszyu will focus mainly to the body and crowd him against the ropes and make it ugly which will wear down Fundora, Tszyu T.K.O. RD. 10

  • Rolly’s like that kid in class that is an idiot, but makes everyone laugh at the expense of the teacher. The Chihuahua bit is kind of funny. His fight with Pitbull is a tough one to call, but it will be “dogfight”.

  • Hopefully Lara vs Zerafa will not ruin the excitement of the other 3 matches.

  • Fundora hides the inside punches by closing the distance and Fundora gets excellent leverage…Fight will depend on Tim overall strategy and definitely Tim’s chin….good fight ahead….Romero needs to get respect from Cruz early… Cruz is a beast on the inside not as athletic….See Cruz crushing Romero….

  • Zarafa is focused, humble in his remarks( a first!) ,seems like Donaire as his trainer might take him to a new level. If he wins , Tszyu wins and Liam Wilson wins it’ll be a good day for Australia.
    Happy and safe Easter everyone !

  • This is a win for boxing. Regardless of who you’re rooting for this is a solid card. The fight I’m most interested in his Cruz vs Romero. I hope Toney Weeks is not the ref. I really want to see Cruz brutalize Romero.

  • >