Tszyu: Castaño won, I’ll stop him

By Ray Wheatley – World of Boxing

WBO #1 light middleweight Tim Tszyu was a keen observer of the 154-pound title unification bout between Jermell Charlo and Brian Castaño, and he’s looking forward to WBO champion Castaño defending the title against him later in 2021.

“I thought Castaño won, but that fight is over now and I know I have the style to beat him. Like I said, I’m ready when he is and I believe I’ll stop him – he’s tailor-made for me,” Tszyu told commentator Ben Damon.

“As for Charlo, I honestly don’t know if we see him again at super welterweight. It’s a big risk that he will lose again so maybe he’s better off getting out of the division.”

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  • I don’t think tim is ready yet…….. he will be but not yet. needs to fight a good fighter in his next fight

  • I prefer fighters who do their talking in the ring. When outside of the ring, be humble, show respect for other fighters and the sport. Tszyu apparently missed that crucial lesson on how to be a professional. He doesn’t appear to have the pedigree to be called champion, and with this loudmouth claim, he certainly doesn’t have my respect.

    • For a guy with such a modest resume, he does an awful lot of boasting it seems. If a Charlo-Castano rematch can’t be made immediately, wouldn’t mind seeing Castano-Tszyu. The style match-up would make for a great fight. Tim’s stamina, chin, and durability would be tested in that fight. I’m not sure Tszyu is quite ready for that, but since he’s certain of victory….

    • Look ..all Tszyu is doing is calling Castano out to get a fight with him.. he is not being disrespectful..Tszyu feels he is ready..I don’t know what you know about Tszyu ..but he is very respectful & believes in his skills..All I know is it be a hell of a fight.I like both fighters. Let them bang.

      • EXACTLY MIKE !* * * * *
        Zero disrespect in an age when disrespect is so common!
        Calling out another Boxer is business*
        Paul D’

        • Kostya was a respectful classy fighter and I see no difference with Tim . I’ve been watching Tim develop and he’s quite good but this is the test he needs to get the big fights sooner rather than later.

  • Tszyu will stop castano. Just watch and see. Castaño doesn’t have the fire power to Back tszyu off all night and if they keep waiting tszyu is getting better and better. His progression is scary. Castaño is a great fighter but tszyu is special. Have to wait and see

    • I lean that way..although Castano is tough as nails…he is tailor-made for Tszyu. Tim has precision & lands heavy shots ..Castano likes to come forward..damn interesting fight.

    • You are dreaming ! No way ! Castano will walk him down and tko him after 8 or 10 rounds..

      • Look..What you are saying is very possible…Castano will come forward & may be to much for Tszyu to handle… In my opinion the keys to the fight for Tim is can he stand ..not back up…. control Brian with his jab…Tszyu has solid fundamentals & is very hard to get off his game plan..both guys have solid chins…Tim’s body shots will slow Brian down & stop him late.. my 2 cents

        I respect the hell out of both fighters..all I know is ..it is a fascinating fight…We as fans are the real winners seeing these two guys bang.

  • If Tsyzu feels that confident, why doesnt he go after Charlo first? After that, he can pick up Castano and unify. I believe its all talk as of now. I do however the kid has the skills, these two are jus on a different level right now. Tsyzu needs a few more fights with top opposition and then challenge for those titles

  • I actually like Tszyu.. people forget his dad was confident too. He was like a boogeyman at one point because of his power. Tszyu hasn’t fought any great fighters yet but his confidence is making people want to watch. Look at the comments here for instance.. a few people already don’t like his cockiness because of his record but he talks like he fought them all. Some people will want to watch him win some will want to watch him lose.. but they all want to “watch”.. it’s fun. I think it’s entertaining when fighters express how they believe in themselves with some confidence. It’s risky but that’s what makes it interesting. He needs some more defense skills but he does make me want to watch him fight. He just has to keep winning

    • I really don’t know enough about him to have an opinion one way or the other. I kind of get the feeling though that as long as Tim Tszyu is around, there’ll be at least one person deeply in love with Tim Tszyu. I guess he’s decided to put himself amongst the elite after defeating Denis Hogan.

  • Why was Tim Tszyu calling out Danny Garcia? Danny is 33, a career 140 and 147 lbs fighter. Maybe Danny is ready to move up to 154 if he wants to fight 2 or 3 more fights.
    These are a couple of fighters Tszyu could fight if Castano doesn’t give him a title fight next.
    2 Magomed Kurbanov (International) RUS, 3 Bakhram Murtazaliev RUS, 4 Patrick Teixeira BRA
    5 Liam Smith UK,7 Takeshi Inoue (Asia Pacific) JPN
    8 Sergio Garcia SPN, 11 Carlos Ocampo MEX
    12 Charles Conwell USA

    • Well, if Brian doesn’t give him a shot at the title, he will be stripped. It seems that hardly anybody posting on this article actually read it. Tim is the number one contender in the WBO, so he should be and has every right to be calling Castano out.

  • Bullshit you are going to do shit on Castano, he’s an Argentinean bull with a monstruous chin Soro ans Charlo couldn’t crack.. And he’s so relentless you gonna end exhausted and tkoed like most of his opponents..

  • I think he’ll do what his old man did to another Argentinian in Ismael Chavez and roll straight over the top of him. How is he being disrespectful? He thought Castano won the fight. He thinks he can beat Castano. Broner humping people is disrespectful, Tszyu saying he can win is not. He’s looking at Castano and not Charlo because Charlo flat out said he has no intention of fighting Tszyu. No disrespect and no ducking. If he asked to fight a tomato can, people would moan. He’s looking for top opposition and people are moaning. Ridiculous. He tried Zerafa but he pulled out, leaving nothing else for him in Australia. He’s not going to America to fight bums. I’m not comparing fighters, merely pointing out that he disposed of Horn in roughly the same time it took Crawford. People mock Hogan but conveniently forget Hogan touched up Munguia, only to be robbed. Get the fight on, and if Tszyu gets done over, I’ll be humble. But I expect the same from the moaners if not

  • Tim should have at least 1 more fight with a genuine world class super welterweight maybe even 2 fights he needs some hard long fights in his legs to beat Brian

  • Tim is talking a lot of trash for someone who hasn’t done anything. Who has he beaten? All of his fighters are far gone conclusions. Come to the show first, then talk trash. He needs to fight in the United States to test himself.

  • Make this fight. Tzsyu is in no way a trash talker. He’s a true pro and this makes for a good fight.
    Let’s see Charlo had no interest in the rematch when asked.

  • Yes I think the whole boxing world was shocked with the decision with the charlo fight I think Tszyu uppercut will cause some problems for castano

  • Tszyu, you are just like every other fighter. You fight all the amatures to make you look good. If your that confident, go straight to the Top. There’s two(2) you guys that would Stop you, especially Davies for 1.

  • I had Charlo 7-5 Unfortunately Charlos career promised so much but stopped getting better three years ago. I like Tim but he still leaves his chin out there. The welters are coming.

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