Trimble expects Kownacki will avenge loss

“Adam knows what to do to beat Helenius. I’m confident he will!”

By Przemek Garczarczyk

“At the end of the day, if Adam can fight more under control, not let the emotions get the best of him, I honestly believe he will get redemption and walk out with his hand raised,” says Adam Kownacki trainer Keith Trimble, who also commented on what went wrong in Kownacki’s first fight with Robert Helenius and what should happen in their rematch tonight.


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  • Kowanacki disrespects boxing by coming in FAT and droopy. Hope he gets clocked again.

    • No worse than Andy Ruiz and Arreola. They can get down in weight but will never be body beautiful. Buster Douglas Greg Page and Tony Tubbs always looked out of shape but had pretty good stamina even going all the way back to Two Ton Tony. Tyson Fury looks pretty soft himself at 277

      • Two ton tony actually had some skill and could hit, read a story about an older Jack Dempsey attempt ing to manage Tony..don’t forget about the Buster Mathis, Jr and Sr in this group

        • Good call on Mathis Jr Sr I forgot about them. Does James Broad count? I was at the fight when Witherspoon knocked him out in the 2nd I believe. In Buffalo. Tubbs Page was the main event.

      • Buster Douglas looked extremely good for the Tyson fight. Guess you forgot that one…

  • You can’t teach speed and helenius is faster and a better boxer than kownacki, I give kownacki a punchers chance that’s it

    • Personally think Kownacki a stone cold lock in this fight and laying minus 200 is a gift but I thought Jerry Quarry had a heck of a shot in his rematch with Ali

  • I have a feeling the Nordic nightmare will get into trouble the timer to in this photo, but I believe he will be coming out in Victor in the end once again.

  • Kownacki needs some serious training in defensive skills. His lack of head movement and simply walking in does nothing but set himself up for a defeat against a skilled fighter fighting on the outside.

  • Ridiculous coming in thaaaat out of shape against a monster like helenius!! He got karma for not taking training serious. You better be in great freaking condition if you’re going to fight that beast. Viking boi hits hard AF!!! Fury next

  • >