Toney-Williams clash Oct 29

Bluemoon Entertainment will stream its first live boxing card on October 29 from Aquaclientes, Mexico, headlined by an exhibition between future Hall-of-Famer James Toney and former contender Jeremy Williams. However, unlike the recent rash of celebrity boxing events, Toney-Williams won’t be a pay-per-view “cash grab.” You can see the stream free of charge by registering at

Beginning November 12, the BlueMoon platform will carry ESPN KnockOut, one of the most popular boxing shows across Latin America, as part of a content and sponsorship deal with the program’s lead promoter BxStrs Promotions. The partnership will carry a total of 48 fight cards over 24 months, the opening November 12 card in Puerto Vallarta will be followed by shows from Tijuana on November 26 and La Paz on December 17.

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  • Jeremy Williams. Hadn’t heard that name in awhile. His fight with Ko Yo-Da in the amateurs was a great fight. I don’t watch much amateur boxing, but that one’s worth a look. It’s on YouTube. Not super interested in seeing him or Toney now though.

    • Yeah, I don’t know how interested I am in watching these two fight now, but Toney was always a pleasure to watch with his boxing mastery. He was a bit psycho, but he always had full command in the ring. Jeremy Williams was always exciting as well, whether he was the deliverer or recipient of a brutal KO. He has the quickest KO I’ve ever seen; Tuesday Night Fights in 1995 I believe. He KO’d a journeyman named Arthur Weathers in like 19 seconds. The bell rang, the two fighters met in the center of the ring, and BLAM!!! A vicious one punch uppercut put Weathers to sleep…that’s how I recall it anyway.

      • @Kris Yep. I was watching the night Williams knocked out Weathers, and it was about 19 seconds. Quick, brutal KO. I saw Weathers drop South African Heavyweight Corrie Sanders hard in the opening seconds of their fight. Sanders came back and stopped him in the first round though.

        Check out Williams vs. Ko Yo-Da though. One of maybe a handful of amateur fights I’d recommend. Great fight.

        • A few months after Williams crushed Weathers, he himself was crushed in the 3rd round by 6’7″ Henry Akiwande, who wasn’t generally known as a big puncher.

          • Probably the one thing Akinwande ever accomplished other than magically getting #1 mandatory challenger opportunities. By an astonishing coincidence, he was managed by Don King.

  • Toney was an exceptional fighter in the 1990s. Excellent counter-punching skills and great head movement. Unfortunately, time catches all of us in life. Today, Toney is not the same Toney from the 1990s. Toney is very overweight now and his cognitive skills appear very sluggish suggestive of CTE due to chronic punches to the head. So sad to see him even fight again. Jeremy Williams was seriously KO’d by Samuel Peters back in the heyday. I am shocked Williams even recovered from that tremendous hook! You talk about serious KO, it was there.

    • Omg I forgot all about that. Prob one of the nastiest kos I’ve seen. A close to mercer vs morrison

    • Yeah, I remeber Williams wasn’t very complimentary of Peter in the post fight interview. A surprislingly clear headed, yet dejected Wiliams said something to the effect of-“If I can’t beat this guy (said with more than a hint of disparagement) I should no longer be boxing”

  • Toney couldn’t talk w/o slurring 10 years ago. For Christ sakes when will this stop? Somebody gonna end up in a coma or worse.

  • Both of these guys in their prime better than Usyk. Toney an extremely angry guy but could be personable and friendly. Williams almost ran me over in his 100,000 Mercedes and was a total jerk.

  • James Toney is my second (2nd) favorite fighter. Toney was a master inside fighter with sharp combination/counter punching skills (in the pocket). Toney also had a competitive mean streak in the ring, and a great chin. I wish Toney was able to maintain his weight and conditioning, but he was a pleasure to watch in the ring.

    I hope Toney stays out of the ring because he clearly suffers from too many head shots.

  • If Toney had lost to Michael Nunn or Reggie Johnson i wonder if he would have even stayed relevant or he would have been another fighter that loses a big fight and is never really heard from again

  • There’s a reason why this is taking place out of the country! No respectable commission would allow this. James can barely communicate these days…So sad, but he’s a grown man. If this is how he wants to go out then so be it

    • Florida let Holyfield fight, and the dangerously incompetent commissioner Patrick Cunningham somehow still has his job.

  • Toney can barely speak, how can someone allow him to fight once more ?! It’s criminal, those crooks should be send in jail.. His health is on the line this time..

  • Toney can speak just fine. You have to catch him when he doesn’t have a six pack of 40 ounce old English 800 under his belt.

  • Nobody wants to see fat old retiree’s fight! They had their day in the sun, get a life!

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