Mikey Garcia: I want to pursue big fights

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Former world champion Mikey Garcia (40-1 30 KOs) makes a welcome return to action in a catchweight clash at 145lbs against Sandor Martin (38-2 13 KOs) on Saturday night at Chukchansi Park in Fresno, CA, live worldwide on DAZN. When Garcia steps through the ropes, it will be 596 days since his last fight against Jessie Vargas.

“It’s been a year and a half since my last fight, so I am excited to get back in there,” said Garcia. “I am looking forward to giving my fans a chance to see me again, especially here in Cali, it’s my home state but I haven’t fought much here.

“I want to pursue big fights, title fights, and be recognized as one of the best fighters in the world once again. This is another step in that direction.

“I was interested in Manny and Regis, but we weren’t able to get those fights and we landed on Sandor Martin, and he is a very good fighter. He’s a southpaw, he’s relatively unknown in America but worldwide and in the sport, people know him. He’s got a great record at 38-2, he’s hungry for a big opportunity like this and wants to capitalize on it.

“Sandor knows a win on Saturday would catapult his name into the mix for the fights that I want. I don’t think it’s going to be an easy night at all, but I am planning on fighting the very best Sandor Martin and I am going to show all my skills and show that I am a force to be reckoned with.

“I’ve experienced so many styles in my career, I’ve boxed several southpaws and sparred countless lefties. He’s a tricky one, he uses his height and reach, so I must be prepared to overcome those strengths he has – a good jab, good straight left, his ring generalship is good – so I need to be able to attack properly but also be wary in defense.

“I don’t experience pressure. No matter who I fight I am there to do my job and that’s it – I have already won the fight multiple times in my head and that’s it. You only feel pressure if you are unsure of yourself and I’ve never felt that, so I am confident I will win and look good doing it.”

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  • The Prograis fight would have been excellent if it came off in my opinion. My they can get it back together at some point.

  • If Mikey gets a big fight sometime, I’ll probably watch it. This fight? Nah.

  • Garcia should have been a big star but promotional problems have really derailed what he could have been. I think Garcia thought he was worth alot more than reality and it cost him.

    • Agreed. He lost valuable years on his career and really hasn’t capitalized on his opportunities since the court ruling. Shame.

    • Do you know how much more money Garcia made leaving Arum? Check the stats. The only thing that derailed him was him fighting Spence when he is not a welterweight.

      • People who knew boxing knew he wasn’t going to win that fight. Staying inactive is what derailed him.

      • Spot on!! Folks don’t realize how much Mikey has made! Just putting this in perspective, between Spence and Jessie Vargas he made about $15 mil!! His recent inactivity has been his worse enemy

  • Really mikey Sandor Martin how the hell is this guy I never hear about him other package,

  • I hope Manny comes out of retirement for one (1) more fight against Garcia. Anyhow, how about Mikey vs. Danny Garcia??

  • I like Mikey but these fights do absolutely nothing for him but pad his record with predictable wins. Mikey is insulting the intelligence of those out there who know that he’s talking some lame ass shit trying to hype his opponent as a very good fighter. With that said I hope after this fight that the cherry picking stops and he takes on Regis or someone of that level. It’s clear that he chickened out of the Regis fight because he expected an enormous payday like he received against Vargas.

  • Garcia had a chance at fighting Prograis, definitely a big fight and turned it down so pardon me for finding your statement of “wanting big fights” as malarkey…

  • We know how the “pursue big fights” thing goes with Mikey.

    Errol Spence fight ring a bell?

    Not falling for that again.

  • Mikey was over here a while back trying to generate interest in a fight with Max Holloway. Like that would have done anything for his career was once a pound for pound type fighter but not anymore.

  • Mikey Garcia such a great talent, such a great boxing family wasted by inactivity will never achieve what he could have. Also seems like a very nice and polite gentleman.

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