Tommy Fury derails Jake Paul train

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YouTube boxer Jake Paul (6-1, 4 KOs) finally faced a “real boxer” for the first time and came up short against undefeated Tommy “TNT” Fury (9-0, 4 KOs), losing by eight round split decision on Sunday night at the Diriyah Arena in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Fury stayed at long range and utilized the jab. Paul concentrated on power shots, often missing wildly. When in close, the fighters usually clinched. Paul was deducted a point in round five for hitting behind the head. Fury was deducted a point for holding in round six. Paul dropped Fury with a jab in round eight, but it was too little too late. Scores were 75-74 Paul, 76-73, 76-73 Fury.

With the win, Fury earned a WBC ranking in the cruiserweight division. Paul has a rematch clause and he stated after the fight that he will 100% use it.

After the fight, Paul explained “I felt flat, I got sick twice in this camp and injured my arm. It wasn’t my best performance, but I’m not making excuses and I’ll come back stronger.”

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  • First of all, these commentators and one judge are really bad. Boxing has no real experts in the mainstream at this point. Fury CLEARLY won the fight. If you think the fight was close, you don’t know boxing. The 76-73 cards were appropriate, and that was with an off-balance, but unfortunately legit knockdown and a point against Fury.

    All this being said, neither guy has ANY business at the higher ends of this game. These guys are really average at best.

    • I totally agree. I am disappointed in Shawn Porter. I always respected him but his announcing job today was so biased. I picked Paul but I did not give him a round other then the 8th when he scored a flash knockdown. Otherwise he even lost that round. It makes me angry when they insult our intelligence as boxing fans. This fight was not close. Paul landed the odd good shot but it was not close. Great atmosphere which made it entertaining even though there was a lot of grabbing. Ref was way too involved…neither point deduction was correct. At least the right man won.

      • Shawn has been one of Jake’s biggest critics. Good to see him finally come around. Paul won imo

        • Well it’s a good thing you aren’t a boxing judge. Paul in no way won that fight if you have any judging ability.

          • As a matter of fact, I’ve actually gone through and passed ABC boxing judges training. It’s not bias if you simply know what you’re talking about. You can say 2 and 2 is 5, and I can say 4. I’m not biased. It’s just a fact. No responsible judge should score that fight for Paul. Just look at the punch stats. The only way it would work if you’re severely outlanded, is if you’re landing far harder shots. That didn’t happen. The very clear bias was that in favor of Jake Paul.

    • Good points and well said.
      On a side note, all the hype-talk and promoting by Paul’s group may have sold tickets, but Paul’s performance did not live up to the pre-fight garbage talk. Some of Paul’s camp was saying his power improved leading up to the fight, but I did not see any demonstration of improved power. It’s all hype.

      • Agreed.

        It is the exact reason why ppl hate Floyd mayweather. He talked like he was gonna kill his opponent, then sat back and threw just enough punches to eek out rounds. the schtick got old quickly.

  • Man, those commentators were hard to handle. Paul lost almost every round. Decent little fight.

  • Life goes on..
    A couple of novices drawing interest to the sport, making some money, and having some fun.
    I would say a success.

    • More like a couple of clowns embarrassing and delegitimizing the sport even more.

      • Sold more tickets than Mayweather fighting in front of empty arena in UK. How does Tommy delegitimize when he is professional boxer. This was a massive event with celebrities and boxing stars and media there, including Tyson, Holyfield Shawn Porter, the King of Saudi Arabia and 7 million dollar payday for Tommy. Maybe Tommy should go back to legitimate boxing and making 600 bucks.

      • Yeah, I’m not sure this is helping the sport. Maybe it’s neutral, but I don’t see any results in the rest of the sport that indicate this sort of thing is helping.

    • I’ll tell you what isn’t cool though. The fact that the winner got a WBC ranking. That’s so unfair.

    • Interestingly….as strange as it seems and is…I agree…. probably softening as I age….

    • Keeping it real by crying after beating a YouTuber? Yeah sure. Can’t have it both ways.

      • This is the worst part of all of this nonsense. This clown Jake Paul is making huge paydays when legitimate fighters have to til for years and never make paydays like this idiot. Please stop calling this crap real boxing. It is not!

        • Well maybe…we should take a page from Jake Paul and learn from this….if legitimate fighters..sign and fight who boxing fans and the public demands…then maybe just …maybe .,..the huge paydays and purses will increase..point… instead of all this criticism,….”legitimate” fighters should examine this and determine what can be done to increase paydays…quick suggestion…best fight the best…with very competitive undercards


  • Well the real boxer wasn’t that great,and the “you tube” boxer lasted 8 rounds and lost on points. Hats off to you Jake Paul, you might have lost but you’ve got my respect. As for the other bloke,,,,he won’t last long…..

  • I was slightly interested in this fight but I don’t want to see a rematch. Also Fury crying like he just won the fight …. LMAO

  • Commentators were paid by MVP Promotions. Ref needs to get another job. Fury clearly won. Even after the flash knockdown, he whooped Paul’s ass. Good for you Tommy Fury!

  • For me there were only two clear rounds for Jake Paul the 3rd and the last round because of the knockdown.

  • Easy Fury victory. I had to hold my nose to give Paul 10-8 in the final round despite losing 2 minutes and 59 seconds of the round. But all in all, a decent fight between 2 young pros. An apprpopriate opening bout for a Shobox telecast.
    The on the ground announce team were horrible. Radio Raheem is an imbecile.

    • Lol that isn’t how boxing works little kid. Jake Paul lost the round but got a flash knock down making it a 9-9 round. A 10-8 round means Paul won and the round and got a knocked down.

    • I was right -I said in the section where ‘the colonel’ tipped Jake Paul to win that Fury would win-Jake is exposed -He is pedestrian at best and no future in Boxing!

  • I don’t know why everyone is hating on JP. The guy could’ve just continued fighting complete bums but instead decided to improve and face better opposition. Meanwhile we have highly skilled fighters who have a track record for avoiding guys at their level and milking the system to no end facing cab drivers elevated to no. 1 ranked by the corrupt sanctioning bodies and no one bats an eye.

  • I’m guessing the Saudis threatened Shawn Porter and the other commentators with 100 lashings unless they tried hard to make it sound like Paul was winning the fight while in reality he was getting outclassed. Pathetic commentating job. Sounded more like an infomercial for the Paul brand.

  • This was jake paul official boxing debut and lost to the weakest guy on the very bottom of the division! Jake has invested so much money on training camps and best trainers to better himself skillswise but, still no improvement! This dude its just not made to be a boxer, period!

  • Clown Show or not he is selling tickets and PPV while legit boxers can’t sell tickets? Gotta learn something from Jake. Boxing suffers from one sided set up fights nobody wants to see. Nobody wants to see Canelo beat up what’s his name cuz everybody knows the outcome. Good fights sell like Tank-Ryan Canelo-Benavidez

  • In the battle of losers Jake comes out looking better. Yeah he lost but at least he was swinging, the other bum who is referred to as a ‘REAL BOXER’ fought on the backfoot, never tried to hurt his opponent or knock him out. And real boxer wouldn’t be afraid to trade with a novice.

    • Jake was obviously comfortable throwing wild, winging shots(rarely connecting) and Fury was throwing more combinations(sometimes sloppily) but at least he was throwing more than 1 or 2 shots at a time. At the end of the day, they both looked very amateurish at times as was to be expected based on their experience so far. Grazie.

  • The right guy won the fight. I thought Jake would win based on how the two looked in other fights, but I was wrong. Neither guy looked great, but Jake still looked pretty good for a guy who just got into boxing. Did anyone understand the ref taking points away? One round he warned Fury for a rabbit punch then the next round takes a point from Jake? The ref was way too involved for this fight and I don’t think either should have lost a point. I dont think it was as one sided as those who picked Fury thought it was going to be.

  • The sport of Boxiana needed this type of evidence. That no human can debase that Boxing Science is a noble study, a gladiatorial endeavor with gladiatorial temperatures that must be taught as a universitarian syllabi.
    Mr. Paul is not an exception. Thank you Mr. Fury. There was too much prima donna on Paul’s part and N O T enough, if any respect to the [ learning processes of the Science of Boxing ]. Even the lifelong dedication that true fighters go through to finally excel on the top levels [ were momentarily lost in translation ]. Until tonight.
    HalleluYAH To The Christ.
    ©️Coach Hilario 2023

    • Let’s not be rude. This was better than many Showbox fights. Which is what it was. An overpaid Showbox fight.

  • I think it was a great win for both fighters.

    Tommy Fury proved he is no longer JUST Tyson’s little brother. Jake Paul proved he is a real professional boxer, capable of displaying good work.

    I think both men deserve applauds and each guy should feel very good about himself.

    A+ to both of them.

    Jake, you did well in defeat. You proved you are not a fake. Congratulations.

  • Credit to Fury for taking this one. He didn’t have the power to take out Paul, but he did have the ability to outbox the amateurish Paul, who could only search for haymakers. Paul was sucking air by round 4. Watching Paul in the ring was like watching the Lon Cheney Jr’s Wolf Man (1941) fighting. Paul continues to be boxing’s biggest farce, and I agree with this result.

  • Both were bad in there but Tommy looked more like a boxer with better combinations. Jake doesnt seem to know how to throw a straight right hand. All these looping shots with his head down is a joke. Take the rematch, make some more money, and move on to something else…maybe mma.

    I really thought they were going to give Jake the 1 pt victory after hearing the first score card.

  • Fury schooled Paul in everyway the biased as usual commentators are paid to influence which if you watched it didnt help, Fury out punched out landed and showed ring generalship, Fury had the way better jab way better combination punching and obviously landed the cleaner shots almost a shutout until the slip/punch knockdown

  • Why is everybody hating on Jake Paul????
    He only has 8 fights!! EX Olympians go 15-20 fights, fighting worse fighters!
    the difference is that Jake knows how to make millions!
    He has done nothing different than most top fighters do in the beginning of there careers as pros.
    Give the guy a break already!!

    • Yeah I mean he clearly lost, but he’s almost on the same level as Fury. So, the only person who should be ashamed is Fury. Neither guy has any business being a high level boxer, but Paul came to this very late, and he never really had designs on that.

    • If the narcissistic Paul pounds his chest and says, in essence, look at me, I’m boxing – at every opportunity, he might not have as many people dislike him. He inflates his boxing IQ to sound like he is better than he actually is. Every fighter gets criticized…even the greats.

  • Matias vs Ponce two top 10 fighters had only a handful of comments yesterday it was a jem and fight of the year candidate. Over 50 comments and houndreds of replies and likes for this fight. Sad indeed.

  • Why are we wasting our time watching YouTube stars fighting? Attention to this is a waste of time. What are they going to put in the ring next: circus clowns?

  • At least Jake Paul & Tommy Fury fought each other. Whereas talented champions like Spence & Crawford will never fight each other, and Canelo & Benavidez will never fight each other, either!

  • Definition of over hyped prize fighting, can’t blame Paul for marketing himself for publicity’s sake and the $$$$$$$$, but both he and Fury look very amateurish and unskilled, hardly PPV worthy.

  • I know purist fans are not pro-Jake Paul but he is doing one thing for the sport that top stars such as Canelo, Spence, Crawford, etc have failed to do. He’s bringing in new sets of eyes to the sport. It really hit me, when a dude I know said there is “a boxing match tonight.” At first, I was annoyed because this is a joke of a fight but then I realized, the average person I encounter knows nothing about boxing or follows it but they may be aware that Jake Paul is boxing. This is an opportunity for other boxers on a Jake Paul card or in general to get a net set of eyes on them. Boxing is not exactly as mainstream as it once was. It really depends on how you look at it.

    As for this fight, the outcome is as it should have been. Purists knew, as soon as he fought an actual boxer and not an MMA fighter past their prime, he’d lose.

    • you got that wrong he hasnt brought new eyes just his youtube fan club when hes done so will they if anybody is too blame its the boxing organizations for selling out and allowing this circus but hey its business right

      • You just contradicted yourself. “He hasn’t brought new eyes just his YouTube fan club.” Those are new eyes. You do realize his “fan club” consists of millions of followers. With a straight face do you honestly believe most of them know anything about boxing? If not, they’re new eyes. Who do you think is going to bring new eyes to boxing Canelo lol? He doesn’t have crossover appeal at that level. If I were a pro boxer, I’d want to be on a Jake Paul card. Boxers are hating on this man but not realizing this is an opportunity for more exposure. Fury certainly capitalized on it and got his biggest payday ever. Thanks to that “fan club.”


  • Not one of these guy’s will ever be a world champ.. Jake Paul picked boxing too late and Tommy Fury lacks the talent needed to do so..

  • So here’s my take . I don’t think Fury deserves a ranking not by a long shot for fighting a you-tube fighter that never faced a pro boxer . I also won’t be watching the rematch . Fury got knocked down from a jab and J Paul and Fury are equally as bad ! They both cashed in on the Fury name . I hope thay throw a bone to Tyson . Its a shame how they are making a circus out of the sweet science but hey , money is money … what a joke. Neither one of them are going anywhere as boxers , you have bad and worse . Please don’t dona rematch ! Nobody cares

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