Badou Jack stops Makabu for WBC cruiser title

Photo: Skill Challenge Entertainment

39-year-old former two-division world champion Badou Jack “The Ripper” (28-3-3, 17 KOs) outboxed, battered and dethroned WBC cruiserweight champion Junior Makabu (29-3, 25 KOs) getting a twelfth round TKO on Sunday night at the Diriyah Arena in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Jack dropped Makabu in round four and continually beat Makabu to the punch. Jack dropped Makabu again in round eleven and finished him with a barrage of punches in round twelve. Time was :54. Jack is now a three-division world champion.

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    • Yeah, I was having issues, too. I managed to catch the important parts, but I had to restart it a bunch of times

    • Bonehead comment. What is your claim to fame Darin? Wait I know the answer… Arm chair 12 pack warrior…

      • Doesn’t matter what my claim to fame is sport. In fact I hope Badou wins the Bridgerweight title next so I can call him the weakest 4 division champion this side of Adrian Broner

        • regardless hes a 3 weight division World Champion theres been alot worse world champions then this guy

  • Not bad – A three-division world champion and maybe you can call that a hat trick.

    The better boxer won.

    Well done Badou Jack. Hats off!

  • I live in Sweden, i will let the world know, before this fight, there was not 1 line written about this match in all the national papers. 5 mins. after he won, he is now being recognized as Swedish in the Expressen.. Although he was Born and raised in Stockholm and has a Swedish mother.

  • Never would have thought that the guy who got destroyed in one round by Derek Edwards would end up three time, three weight world champion like Jack has. A wonderful career he has had.
    ….anyone else constantly make the mistake of calling Badou ‘Beau Jack’ or just me?????

    • well thats part of the problem with todays fans and fighters just because you lose doesnt mean you cant come back and be a champion this is why todays fighters dont want to take risk because they want to protect their records

  • The day is drawing near where the highest majority of pugilists called ‘multi-division world champion’ will be recognized as acronym ‘belt collectors.’ Whereupon, their feats will be as important as [ in Boxiana ] as a cassette player in vehicles today or Bernie Madoff to investment securities. Additionally, the 12Rounds era will looked upon and reminiscent of a time when Fistiana was abandoned on a mountain top [ by notable Pugilists and longstanding invested insiders ] awaiting for Gladiatorial integrity and honour ], to properly airlift Fistiana from such a nonsensical duration.
    ©️Coach Hilario 2023

  • Thought this guy was done years ago, not bad still managing to win titles at 39. Remember that forehead cut, bout as nasty as it gets

  • I’ll give Badou Jack credit, he put on a solid performance, but Makabu shouldn’t have even been champion, as Thabiso Mchunu was robbed against him last January.

  • I believe Jack is the only fighter to win major world titles at super middleweight, light heavyweight, and cruiserweight. That’s not a bad distinction at all.

  • Makabu is a nice guy but he was the weakest Champion at Cruiserweight and a very vulnerable fighter.

  • So Richard Rivera (Popeye The Sailor Man) gave Badou a tougher fight than the champion, Makabu, even though Popeye had to come up from 175 to 195 for that Badou fight.

  • James Toney won major world titles at super middleweight and cruiserweight but not at light heavyweight (unless you want to count the WBU strap he won by stopping Earl Butler).

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