Terence “Bud” Crawford Exclusive Interview

By Jeff Zimmerman

Fightnews.com® caught up with pound-for-pound great and welterweight champ Terence “Bud” Crawford at the Media Workout for Vergil Ortiz Jr who takes on Michael McKinson this Sat at Dickie’s Arena in Fort Worth, TX and streamed live on DAZN.

Crawford talked about UFC 277 in Dallas last weekend, an update on his mega fight for undisputed with Errol “The Truth” Spence Jr., thoughts on Ortiz Jr and a potential move to fight Jermell Charlo at 154 in this exclusive interview.


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    • You sound dumb. He’s at the gym you idiot. He’s the best in the game. Errol keeps ducking him. Now he he has to move up to fight Charlotte. Chicken shi# boxers.

      • Get your facts right!!! Spence never ducked no one!! And that’s facts!!!

        • The only way to know is head to head in the ring can’t dress it up no other way

  • Crawford vs Spence and Crawford vs Charlo are exceptional fights and this is what Boxing is all about. This is why I can’t stand the gimmick that is Jake Paul.

    • I am with ya brother. Jake Paul is a good salesman that caters to a cult following of brainwashed Youtubers and gamers. I have yet to spend a dime on anything Jake Paul has promoted for his checkbook.

    • There is an unfortunate upside to Jake Paul: bringing new fans to boxing. As long as he’s making noise, more people will watch the entire card and will have a decent diet of fisticuffs. However, he needs to stick to fighting tomato cans because as soon as he steps up, the game is over.

  • Looking forward to your next fight in about another year or two, Bud.

  • Crawford seems to say he will get a win over either Spence or Ortiz, then move up. If he fought and beat both, if he moved up in the middle of 2023, maybe Charlo won’t be the man at 154 anymore. He might fight one of the Charlo brothers in mid to late 2023. Really can’t see Bud fighting over 152 lbs. catchweight, which makes Thurman (if he is still moving up) more likely. Danny Garcia still needs another win or 2 before ready for Thurman rematch or Bud.

    • Garcia would have to work much overtime in the ring to beat the elusive Crawford. Garcia’s flat-footed stance and frequent predictable combinations would be target practice for Crawford. Crawford would beat Garcia in my opinion in a one-sided victory.

  • I think, ideally, Crawford is looking at a scenario where he could fight Spence and then Charlo at 154. If he were to win both of those fights (and Charlo manages to hold on to all of those belts until the fight) he’d end up as three time undisputed champion in the four belt era which is absolutely ridiculous. I think he may have the talent to do it, but with his schedule he is surely running out of time – he’ll be 35 at the end of September.

  • Can’t believe Crawford he flip flops to much,he say he wants the fight,they been negotiating since April,Spence has agreed,Bud trying to make up for lost pay,fighting those hand picked fights,now he got a real challenge,he back pedaling,scared money don’t make money!!

  • If he can’t make the fight with Spence, What makes him think he can get a fight with Charlo they’re in the same stable? I like Crawford but it sounds like a bunch of gibberish / BS to me.

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