Teofimo Lopez named WBO super champion

The WBO Championship Committee has elevated WBO super lightweight champion Teofimo Lopez to super champion status. The super champion designation grants Lopez extra benefits, such as 1) Extension of time for mandatory title defense, 2) Eligibility to be considered for designation as mandatory challenger in higher or lower divisions, 3) More favorable splits in purse bids.

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  • If he isn’t going to move up and fight Crawford (by Valentines Day, 5 months from now), who really cares what the WBO calls him at 140? He has to fight 1 of these guys in a defense in the next 6 months (unless injured):
    or who cares about him anymore?
    Arnold Barboza
    Jose Ramirez
    Shohjahon Ergashev
    Liam Paro

  • Don’t understand this. Lopez retired and there has not been any statement ( that I know of) made by him of coming out of retirement. Seems like another example of the bullshit these boxing organisations are good at !!

      • I am now proclaiming myself the Super Champion Emeritus at Recess. Do not challenge me with your puny recess skills.

        This stuff gets really silly, doesn’t it Michael? I have to joke about it.

  • Soon, these alphabet soup baboons will start hyphenating the titles with Marvel Universe terminology like Ultimate etc…

  • Not sure where I heard it from but it was a televised boxing event in where they announced that a Lopez vs Ramirez fight was likely the next bout to be made by Top Rank

  • It’s funny that no one mentions that on this forum we are somehow for some reason being ranked…I see some ranked as interim champion and others as super champion…funny to read complaints about actual title recognitions that people don’t like yet here on fight need forum they follow those same rankings…just an observation

  • Until the broadcast and streaming services wake up to see how the moronic sanctioning body system destroyed boxing, there is no hope. Truly sad and pathetic that these sanctioning body clowns dictate to brave boxers and legit promoters.

  • Just what boxing needs another title. This is sickening. If you’re unable to defend your title or “retired” give up the belt and when you return you should be granted a title shot or a tune-up then a title shot.

  • This should only be for unified champions. They’re the only ones that deserve extensions for mandatories.

  • He’s a super champion because he won a title ? Coming off a dreadful performance..he lost prior to That..make me understand

  • What was the purpose for forming the WBO in 1988? Boxing already had the WBA, WBC & IBF.

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