Bradley on media, officiating, getting it right

By Boxing Bob Newman

Hall of Fame former champ and current ESPN boxing analyst Timothy Bradley spoke with® regarding his views on a meeting of the minds of the media, ring officials and the fans, in hopes of getting everyone on the same page!


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    • Actually…after following Tim’s pre and after fight analogy…I have had a change of thought on Tim as an announcer…. ESPN got it right…I know that this statement is and will not be a popular statement….

      Tim position is to bring the fans boxing perspective from the mind of a fighter that completed at the highest level…Just being honest with what I have seen…Tim can and has analyzed fights providing excellent direction on fighters weakness and strengths and what to expect in the ring…During real time analysis of several fights Tim predictions were on point and accurate…what Tim stated actually happened in the ring….not basic foreseeable strengths and weaknesses of different fighters…but complicated things that an experienced fighter at the highest level can see…Bradley’s job is to relay this to the viewers..
      .Case and point…i.e…Bradley told the “real big baby” Anderson his weaknesses before Anderson fought Martin…Anderson was offended called Bradley horrible… exactly…an as Bradley called it Anderson almost got stopped by Martin..on the flaws that Bradley pointed out.. Anderson immediately got back into the ring to continue to work on his craft.. Bradley is very good at breaking down fighters and predicting fights during real time analysis…..His articulation has to get better and it will…

      • Sean,
        That’s a very balanced take on Bradley.. good insight.. I don’t care for him but I still recognize the value he presents. If he would just stop his occasional over adrenalized Stephen A Smith act.. it’s boxing not wrestling Timmy.

        • And his Teddy Atlas-ism is nauseating!! Just stop with the ridiculous metaphors already!!

        • That is exactly why they keep him for theatrics. Tim brings value but sometimes he’s can be a bit much.

      • Ward won’t t play the game according to their rules and that makes him a better commentator alone besides his own wealth of knowledge from being one of the best to do it.

  • They need to bring back Ward. Bradley isn’t a good commentator IMO. Besides, dude shouldn’t be in the Hall of Fame.

  • Bradley catching the same energy he did for his win over Pacman. Which is ironic. Neither the decision win of the fight or the dismissal of Ward was in his control. He just shows up and gives his best effort. Can’t fault a man for that. Like him or hate him, the man is real.

  • Bradley is terrible he babbles hes biased and has shown at times he suffers PTSD from the ass whoopings Manny and Provodnikov gave him he should have been axed instead of Ward

  • Hold up…did I hear Tim say the judges sacrifice as much as the fighters or something along those lines? Fighters go through rigorous training camps away from their families for weeks or months at a time, often sustain permanent damage in sparring and during fights, urinate blood for days after a fight, and usually receive crappy purses save the elite fighters. But yeah, the judges sacrifice just as much taking some seminars and spending some time away from their families and regular jobs. Sorry but I’m not buying what Tim is trying to sell here. All he had to say is judging isn’t as easy as I thought before attending this event, and I have a better perspective on scoring fights having spoken with some officials. That’s it. Instead, I feel he’s trying to bullshit us somewhat here while pushing some wacky “boxing isn’t corrupt” agenda. Puh-leez!

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