Taylor defeats Serrano by split decision

Taylor Serrano07

Photos: Emily Harney

In a long-awaited female super fight from the sold out Madison Square Garden in New York City, undisputed lightweight champion Katie Taylor (21-0, 6 KOs) took the women’s pound-for-pound recognition from Amanda Serrano (42-2-1, 30 KOs) with a split decision on Saturday night. Taylor fought in quick flurries. Serrano pressed the action and landed the more damaging shots. Taylor took major damage in round five. Serrano inexplicably took her foot off the pedal from rounds seven to nine. Round ten was toe-to-toe. Scores were 96-94 Serrano, 97-93, 96-93 Taylor.

All three judges scored the last three rounds for Taylor.

“What a fighter Amanda Serrano is,” said Taylor afterward. “I think we are both great fighters. Look what we have just done, selling out Madison Square Garden, the biggest venue in boxing history.

“Both of us have broken so many barriers in her careers. It feels great to be in this position really! Amazing fight. What a night!

“I knew exactly how deep I had to dig in this fight. I knew going into it that I was going to be in the trenches at some stage. She’s a phenomenal fighter and a great, great person.”


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    • Taylor won’t want it. Amanda needed to cut her head off and still two judges wouldn’t put her winning.

      • Totally agree. The two losses on Serrano’s record remain 2 of the biggest robberies in boxing history!

        • Cmon. I could’ve easily given Serrano the win, but it was at least close. This doesn’t even rank among worst decisions of 2022 so far.

          • Agree close fight brazor thin rounds to score no robbery at all people be crazy

        • Watch the fight correctly and you will see that Katie won the fight, Amanda didn’t do enough after her massive rounds 5&6. Great fight needs to happen again

          • did you watch the fight at all? Serrano dominated Taylor from bell to bell she pressed the entire fight threw more punches landed more punches landed the harder punches had here dazed in rounds 3,5,6, and 7 and almost had her KOd in 5 and 6 had her busted up from punches and bleeding from round 4 til the end i mean damn and heres a little gem for those who didnt know….Serrano requested 12-3 minutes rounds just like the mens side but of course Taylor declined its easy and clear to see if your a real boing fan Serrano won this fight hands down 7 rounds with 3 swing rounds that you could give Taylor at NO point did Taylor look like she was winning Serranos down fall is having that idiot youtuber on her side

          • You’re in denial! Serrano was the better technician but took the pedal off after softening Taylor up in rounds 5 & 6. Taylor made some adjustments and could have been given the last 4 rounds. Basically, Serrano let it slip while Taylor showed great heart and determination. While a draw would have an acceptable result to suggest Amanda dominated the fight is a poor show.

          • then you absolutely did not watch the fight, Taylor made zero adjustments as her face told the story she ran, held, threw amatuer punch flurries trying to steal rounds but nothing could stop Serranos assault now ill give her only thing and she did show heart taking that ass whipping like a champ im sure she is now thanking uncle Eddie for the gift i bet she didnt realize she only had to go the distance to get the W you fanboys along with these idiot youtubers and corrupt promoters,judges and officials are what has killed Boxing good job

          • Taylor boxed smart early rounds, Serrano took the middle rounds, Taylor took 8,9,10. I had a draw, so a close decision either way was ok in my book. Serrano had her chance and ran out of gas in 8,9,10. Taylor coming back as she did was phenomenal. Great fight, two great fighters, respect.

    • Trilogy????

      What are you talking about? They have never fought before. You are extremely confused between AMANDA SERRANO (2022) and CINDY Serrano (2018). Get your facts straight.

  • Great fight, reminiscent of Christy Martin, close fight but I believe Taylor got the hometown decision.

    • you actually thought Taylor won? did you watch the fight or listen only to the commentators? hell it was Serranos hometown and they failed her

    • Home town decision hahaha She is Irish and the fight was in the States.

    • Hometown for Taylor in Bray in Ireland.. how tf can she get a hometown in America? #dim.wit

    • An Irish woman got a hometown decision in New York, where Serrano lives!!

  • I really wish they would get rid of Chris Mannix. He’s a horrible combination of arrogant and not very knowledgable. He’s also a terrible judge. He scored many of the early rounds wrong, and he claimed that the latter rounds were swing rounds, when they were not, and this is not an isolated incident. He often screws up when judging. He’s also not at all likable. There are really no redeeming qualities there.

    • He then compared the fight to hagler Leonard ..Leonard had beaten Duran and hearns meanwhile he said similar because they needed each other like hagler needed Leonard

    • Mannix is God awful, it’s like the man has zero clue about boxing. It’s crazy

    • agreed…he really is disrespectful to Sergio and kind of has a temper tantrum when someone disagrees with him then goes around finding someone to agree with him then says see i told you so kinda thing ,I wish they would bring back Teddy Atlas or Al Bernstein or Brian Kenny.

  • ROBBERY ROBBERY ROBBERY, Amanda Serrano beat her ass. She should of gotten a 10-8 in the 6 because Taylor was out on her feet, and Taylor was buckled again in the 12th round. Boxing sucks..!!! Fucking Robbery plain and simple..!!!

    • I did not see it but the 12th round?????? Only 10 rounds. Sort of makes BigO not credible although I did love him on the Cinn. Royals. I’m that old. Boxing continues to have judging controversies!!

    • Boxing is full of controversial decisions.

      Canelo Golovkin 1 was a ROBBERY ROBBERY ROBBERY. Boxing sucks….!!! Fucking Robberyplain and simple…!!!

      • That’s not correct. You can win a round10-8 without a knockdown

      • No! You can score a 10-8 round if one fighter is beating the other pillar to post as Serrano did in round 5

    • Round 10, Katie won look at the stats, Katie landed 32 out of the 55 hits that landed in that round. Watch the fight

  • Good fight…action packed Serrano had that Hagler style….pressure…willing to trade punches …looking to out willed …over power Taylor…Serrano just didn’t have that finishing stuff…Taylor short punched.,quick…close but thought Serrano won…at best a draw…Good card tonight ..

  • I believe it was a great fight but the 97-93 was ridiculous in Taylor’s favor, when she was almost knocked out a couple of times! SMH

    • Your comment lacks logic. If Taylor was almost ko’d twice, that is 2 rounds to Serrano. What about the other 4 rounds that she needs to win a decision? I had it a draw with Serrano winning the rounds from 3-6. Taylor had round 1 and rounds 7-9. Rounds 2 and 10 were key in scoring the fight.

  • Great fight a draw would had been Fair
    95-94 Serrano but Guess what that’s just my opinion rematch would be the best thing for serrano not taking away nothing from Katie Taylor she’s a warrior

  • The steal serrano fight if you see the compubox amanda connect hits more all three judes com from europe.

    • And Latin American judges would have been any fairer?

      I’ve seen dozens of absolutely terrible decisions from Latin American judges in Latin America against non-Latin fighters.

    • Compubox stats for amateur fights. Like Harold Lederman would say, effective punching and defense, ring generalship, there are no qualifications to be a boxing judge. It shows. A re match is in order and would pay the ladies.

    • Two of the judges were from the USA and one was from Italy. Nice try though

      • Aww please you’ve going to hurt my feelings, it’s boxing not hopscotch moron.

  • What a fight! Taylor edged it, fair enough. But there must be a return.

    • You must’ve been be smoking crack through the fight if you think Taylor won! She won 2 rounds at best and I’m being generous.

      • I had it 95all. I considered giving 10-8 to Serrano in the 5th but didn’t. Had that been 10-8, I’d have had it to Serrano. Serrano seemed out of gas and lost the last three rounds to get Taylor the draw.

        Great fight though. It certainly got interesting after a couple of feeling out rounds.

      • You have to hit the other person, Katie won the first 3 rounds and the last 3 correct, 6 rounds to 4. Forget the idiot commentator judge it truthfully yourself

      • Taylor won 2 rounds at west. I’m keen to know what you are smoking.

    • did you watch the fight? theres NO way in hell she won more than 3 rounds and those were swing rds

  • I thought Taylor won, I thought she won 7-10 and earlier rounds. Amanda was swinging wildly form 7-9, just as the announcing team said. close fight

  • Second time they rob Serrano from a victory. She was robbed right in her hometown. It seems like she needs to take the head off of her opponent to get the win.

  • Serrano lost the fight, period. Its true she had a great 5th round and land the hardest punches, but there weren’t a lot beyond that round, Taylor in the other hand landed a lots of punches from the 6th on and his conditions were much better. This fights reminded me the one of Alexis Arguello vs Ernesto “ñato” Marcel, where Alexis had a great round, I think was the 10th, but was outclassed by the great skills of Marcel

    • hey you do realize Serrano outpunched her by a large margin dont you? Taylor in no way was even close to winning this fight this robbery ruined the biggest female fight in boxing history great job idiot Hearns your british trash

  • Serrano won 6 to 4, she made the fight so she took all of the close rounds and you could make a point for a 2 point round for her as she battered Taylor from post to post…..

  • Many will disagree. I agree with the decision. Yes Serrano had the better moments and yes she hurt Taylor real bad in round 5 where Taylor never seemed to hurt Serrano at all. However boxing matches are scored round by round and I feel Taylor won more rounds then Serrano. I think a fair assessment maybe that Taylor won the boxing match but Serrano got the better of the fight. Remember there were no knockdowns and even if one were to score round 5 10 – 8 Serrano…it is still only one round. I believe people may feel Serrano won because she had the more memorable moments…but that is not how boxing is scored.If this were a street fight I can see someone saying Serrano won…but not in a round by round 10 point must system imo.

    • Wish I would seen this before I posted. I agree 100%. Not sure if people know what a robbery is anymore. Bradley/Pacquiao 1 was a robbery. This wasn’t that at all.

      • Bradley/Pacquiao 1 was easily one of the worst decisions in boxing history. This (Taylor-Serrano) was an obvious close fight and definitely not a robbery. Amanda was in control and let it slip.

  • Why do people holler robbery when a fight is close???? A close can be seen either way. I personally thought Katey won the first 3 rounds , Amanda won the middle rounds and Katey won 7-10, with 7 & 10 being a swing rounds. Serrano won her rounds BIGGER, but that doesn’t matter on the score cards. 10-9 is 10-9 regardless.

    • It does matter on proper score cards. You score points and close rounds go to the person with harder effective punches and aggression.

    • This throwing this out there, but I’ve always thought the 10-point system is absurd. Barring a knockdown, every round gets scored 10-9 (obviously, it *could* theoretically be different, but it’s extremely rare). As a result, if you beat you opponent ever so slightly, or bust in their face, the round is scored the same. It’s like a baseball game when an inning where no runs are scored but one pitcher gets more strikeouts, so it gets scored 1-0. But if an innings ends with a team getting two grand slams, it still gets scored 1-0. It doesn’t make any sense.

  • Joe-basic unbiased American dude thought that Taylor eked it out. I agree with whomever called for a trilogy. This was some good shit. I’d watch more. DAZN thinks Ima pay-per-view for more though, they can’t eat a bag of dicks. That has to stop. Lol, I will watch next week. Hating myself though…

  • The fight was close. Clearly Amanda is a much heavier puncher. I’d love to see them run it back but I’m not sure Katie wants another dose. Big respect if she does! Great fight!

  • And there you got it…Katie won & Serrano will be back too…rematch before Xmas

    • Spectacular fight…watch the replay…watch Serrano’s footwork and boxing skills….Taylor was short quick punches…great fight

  • Fantastic fight and credit to both fighters…absolute warriors!
    Good decision,I think 96-93 was about right.
    Katie took the first 2/3 rounds on boxing, quick in and out accurate flurries and Amanda took the middle rounds when Katie got drawn into a brawl.
    Katie then went back to her boxing and made it look relatively easy in the latter rounds as Serrano was tiring.
    Amazing night,amazing crowd and I hope they do do it again… I’d def be up for the trilogy!

  • the biggest robbery in boxing not only this year but in this decade Serrano dominated this fight ffrom bell to bell pressing the action she landed clearly the cleaner more effective blows she also was way more active in punch volume had Taylor almost KOd in rd 5 and rocked her in rds 3,5,6, and 7 busted up her face looked more fresh at the end as oppose to Taylor who looked defeated until they announced she was the winner and looked suprised clearly the biggest fight in womens boings history was a disaster congrats to Hearns for stealing it and trashing the sport oh and for ALL the Puerto Ricans that didnt show in support of Serrano in her hometown you to failed her now way in hell should there have been that many irish or english supporters in MSG

  • Robbery. Amanda won that fight. She was the aggressor the entire fight and hurt Taylor.

  • Serrano did not do much after round 6 probably a draw was the correct outcome

  • Excellent fight. Taylor adjusted well but the fight could have gone either way. It was a world class event and I was quite surprised. Props to both pugilists!!

  • When the winner is whomever hits the the hardest and more frequent the fist of the opponent with their faces!

  • Serrano got robbed big time.. the fight was easily 7-3 if anything.. those judges need to get investigated asap

  • Great fight and props to both fighters.Thought Serrano won by 2 or 3 rounds. Her punches were harder, more effective and she pressed and made the action.

  • There were no losers in this magnificent fight. Katie edged it out though in a gutsy performance. I agree with the judges. Both great fighters I have a lot of respect for.

    Who the hell needs a gimmicky clown like that lousy-looking, overrated Tyson Fury? He shames the sport. These two women honor the dignified majestic history of the Sweet Science.

  • I think Serrano won by 1 or 2 points. Rematch? I would love it!!

  • The biggest rip off in the latest fights. Serrano swallowed like a professional because this things happened, but everybody knows She is the Real Deal and the Real Champion

    • Agree a 100%. Not only that the other loss on Serranos’s record was an even bigger robbery and I believe it was in Ireland. In that fight Serrano beat the crap of the other fighter all night long and they still stole the fight from her. The only problem with Serrano is that she’s too damn humble. She needs to become more vocal and defend her victories

  • Just shows you how subjective boxing is. I thought it was close. Down the stretch Taylor neutralized Serrano’s aggression with good movement. Aggression doesn’t equal victory great fight.

  • It should’ve been a 12-round fight. Does anyone know why women’s title fights are only 10 rounds? After all, a women’s marathon race is 26 miles just like the men’s; and women also have to clock in for an 8-hour work day and do not leave two hours before the men.

  • This is why I wouldn’t make a good judge. 97-93 means Serrano won three rounds on that card. I thought Serrano won the fight, but seemed to slow down after she about knocked Katie out. Still even slowing down she seemed to do more, but there was some close rounds.

  • I had it as Serrano winning or a draw at the most even though I dislike Jake Paul. Taylor seems to get wins in close fights. Unfortunately Serrano needed to knock her out in order to get the W and take the judges out of it. Looking forward to the rematch.

  • I had Amanda winning 6rds to Katie winning 4rds. Taylor was out on her feet for almost 3rds. Taylor has more of an olympic style (fast pitter pat punching) while Serrano has the pro style ( hard blows that cause damage). Amanda won and she was gracious in defeat, knowing she deserved the win.

  • I thought Serrano won almost every round. I gave Katie three rounds, but Serrano was the aggressor from start to finish, landed the better shots and came out ahead on all the exchanges. If you watch the fight with the though that the Champion should win all the rounds that she was not completely dominated then Serrano only one three, but thats not how you score boxing. I dont like the word robbery being used just because I dont like the outcome, but I think if there was a poll Serrano would be picked by at least 80%.

  • I don’t feel it was a robbery, I scored the fight a draw. I have a major problem with Taylor being ahead by 4 and 3 points respectively on the scorecards. Taylor boxed nicely and made a valiant comeback after being beaten from pillar to post in the 5th Round, but Serrano won her share of rounds as well. The other thing I don’t get is all of the people who gave the 10th to Taylor. It was a close round in which they were both throwing down, but Taylor was clearly wobbled once, and maybe even twice (I’d have to go back and see for sure). Serrano I feel had to have been given the 12th.
    However, Serrano did not follow up as she should have immediately after the 5th, and it cost her.

  • Not the first gift decision to Katie Taylor. Her two encounters with Delfine Persoon turned out the same way.

  • That 5 round could’ve easily been scored a 10-8 as Serrano hand Taylor reeling! Basically had her out on her feet! Kudos to Taylor for staying upright and recovering. Amanda took the following round off because she gassed a bit. Unfortunately she took the round after that off as well! While I had Serrano winning by 1 round, could’ve easily been a DRAW! That way stage would have been set for rematch in Ireland and another great payday for both! Great fight though!!!!!

    • I see no reason why the stage still isn’t set for a rematch. This was a razor-thin, action fight that had the MSG fans on their feet. It realistically could have gone either way, and I scored it a draw. The fight would sell itself because of how good the 1st one was.

  • Taylor won the fight. What does Jake Paul know? He will die when he fights Iron Mike. I bet he’ll retire after that.

  • You mean to say a ladies match sold out the Garden? What’s this world (of boxing) coming to?

  • I just want to know if Jake Paul paid the 1 million side bet to Hearn?

  • COMPUBOX doesn’t lie, in boxing the one who throws more and gives more and puts the pressure on the fight always wins. When you don’t win it’s called stealing. Another thing Taylor fights dirty, she always squeezed Amanda’s neck and weighed her down to tire her out.

  • I don’t know what fight these judges were watching because Amanda serrano won 1st 2 rounds 145 and 6 and 19 and 10 so I don’t know what fight they were looking at I horrible horrible horrible she had her hurt in 2 rounds 2 rounds only 3 rounds 4 ,5 and 6 as ridiculous what a disgrace And look back at the fight where Kenny Taylor’s punches were landing either on the backyard head or Amanda serrano’s shoulders or arms or missing or missing .

  • I would love for someone to look back in the video even Katie Taylor even his her team was surprised that they won are you serious because let me tell you something if you were that confident that you won this fight you would have been really really really jumping for joy before before the announcement.

  • The punch stats say a little different, rounds 1-3 could have easily went to Amanda due to work rate and effective aggression but those were close rounds. Katie was clearly out landed in round ten. I actually had the fight 96/94 for Amanda but I would not have been mad at a draw. the 97-93 card was bogus anyway you look at it and is the stain on what a great fight this was.

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