Tank: I knew he was hurt bad

Sho Davis V Hector Garcia Dc Fight Night Westcott 102
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“I was a little surprised he didn’t come out,” said WBA ‘regular’ lightweight champion Gervonta “Tank” Davis after his ninth round stoppage of WBA super featherweight champion Hector Luis Garcia on Saturday night in Washington, D.C. “I knew he was hurt bad but he’s a fighter and he didn’t want to show it. I knew he was hurt though.

“I wasn’t throwing a lot of shots in the beginning because I was trying to beat him mentally. I was trying to trick him with my hands and my eyes and things like that because he’s a tough fighter. I had to bait him.

“God willing I’m ready for the fight with Ryan Garcia. It’s scheduled for April. I’m here. He’s been training. He’s been talking. And let’s see who’s really about that.”

* * *

Garcia stated, “When I got the shot to my head in the final round, that’s when I couldn’t see from my eye. I didn’t know where I was when he hit me with that shot. My vision is back but my head still hurts. I couldn’t see from my right eye. It was going well up until that point. I was picking my shots.”

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  • i had garcia ahead that fight was B.S!! Tank was awful!! I wouldnt be surprise that he wouldn’t survive Ryan garcia!! ryan garcia could probably beat tank right now.

    • You’re talking a bunch of malarkey. I agree Garcia was ahead but what difference did it make? Garcia quit on his stool. You make it seem like Garcia was on the receiving end of a bad decision. Ryan Garcia pulled out of his January fight so what makes you think he’s NOT going to pull out with a showdown with Tank? Tank showed up but Ryan didn’t. Ryan Garcia didn’t have the balls to show up to the Tanks fight to promote their supposed April shown. Do you know why? Because Ryan has no intentions of fighting Tank. He calls out big names for attention and he doesn’t fight them.

  • Hector Garcia was looking good until he started trading shots with Tank and when he got hurt he should of waited for the full minute of rest to see how he felt but he got scared and quit as soon as he sat down, he’s not a warrior, I’ve been watching boxing and did some boxing as a young person and I’ve seen fighters hurt real bad and come out the next round and box until they recuperated but Hector bitched out, too bad for Dominicans showing Hector no heart at all.

    • Haha you equate your 1 or 2 sparing matches with that of a professional fighter and have the nerve to say Garcia is “not a warrior” and he “bitched out.” No, you’re “not a warrior” and you “bitched out.” Garcia and Tank box at the highest level and yet you didn’t continue boxing. Tank’s power is real and Garcia said he couldn’t see out of his right eye so WHY would he continue fighting and risk permanent blindness? He put up a gallant effort that will raise his stock but he wasn’t good enough.

  • Easy KO for tank once he figures Ryan out. He”ll step with the fool on his way out and a HUGE KO will follow. 9 rounds max.

  • I don’t dislike Kingry, but I don’t see how he keeps away from Tank’s power through 12 rounds. No doubt it will be a good fight though. I hope it happens.

    • Easy, jab, jab, jab. Stay on the back foot. Don’t follow tank around. Force tank to make the mistakes by trying to get in punching range then catch him with straight right, or left hook/upper on the way in. If tank gets inside just tie him up and hold until the ref separates.

      The only way Ryan Garcia loses is if he chases Tank around the ring and gets caught.

      I think a lot of people will be surprised how easy of a fight it will be for Ryan Garcia. But his size and length will just be too much for Tank to overcome.

      And no I’m not a garcia fan. I usually root for the little guys but honestly this fight will be no different then Haney and Loma.

      Loma is just too small for Haney. Sit back, jab, wash rinse repeat. Easy unanimous decisions.

  • Garcia got dropped by Luke Campbell, if Tank lands the same shot on him it’s nite nite. Will be as embarrassing as those chest tatts

  • Come on man. Fight someone on the same level then if you make him quit or KO him then you can talk all the trash you want

  • This was a good win for Tank against a tough opponent. Tank is incredibly smart in the ring, in a natural way, similar to Floyd Mayweather. Hard to beat a man in the ring who is naturally gifted, has natural fighting ability and smarts. Tank is tough, gritty, hungry, and has a chip on his shoulder. He has the ability to adjust to any situation. Tank also brings immense power, since like all the great punchers in the history of the sport, he knows how to get tremendous leverage on his shots. Ryan Garcia is in for a rude awakening.

    I have never been a fan of, or impressed by Ryan Garcia. He prances around like a pretty boy, screaming for attention, and he gets that attention too, even though he fights infrequently. He’s a media darling. He simply doesn’t have the substance, character, are smarts that Tank has. It will be interesting to see how he responds. His big mouth, seeking that big payday, has got him in position to either step up or be exposed. I expect the latter to happen.

    • Ryan Garcia has looked better and better lately. I’m still not a fan of his and never will be, he’s just a dork. However, although he’s scored knockouts, Tank hasn’t looked like anything special in his last few fights. I haven’t been impressed. Garcia also has power. I’m going to take Garcia in this fight, maybe even by KO. I used to think Tank would walk right through him.

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