Tank and Kingry to collide in early 2023

Ryan Garcia: I’m so pumped this fight is finally in place — I want it more than anything right now. I’ve put in the work, I’m at the prime of my career, and I know I’m going to be the biggest boxer in the world. That legacy starts today.

Gervonta Davis: I’ll be back in the ring Jan 7 stay tuned for more details! After that it’s me and Ryan signed sealed delivered…done deal!

Showtime has confirmed the news released by the fighters earlier today that Tank Davis vs. Ryan Garcia is set for a date to be announced in the first half of 2023. The venue and date are to be announced, but reportedly the date will be April 15 with a 136lb catch weight.

Stephen Espinoza, President, Showtime Sports: “Tank Davis vs. Ryan Garcia is one of the biggest and most exciting fights that can be made in boxing. We have two supremely talented boxers, both in their prime, who have amassed huge fanbases, meeting in a career defining fight. This is the epitome of a crossover boxing event. All credit to Tank and Ryan for staying the course and giving the fans the fight they want. Showtime has delivered the three biggest pay-per-view events in television history and we are thrilled to add this marquee event to our list of culture-moving matchups.”

Oscar De La Hoya: The fans have been crystal clear that the fight they want is Ryan versus Tank. Golden Boy Promotions and I are proud to be leading the drive to get this fight signed and are excited to get a deal finalized ASAP. It’s high time that those outside the ring stop getting in the way of those who want nothing more than to get into the ring and fight. Our motto has always been that the fans come first, and this is just another example of how we’re leading by example.

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  • Just as Spence and Crawford were to collide in 2022 and it never happened, I wont get excited for this fight until I see both fighters sign the contract. Tank by knockout…

    • Fake News! No Date, No Venue, No Purse Info, No Undercard Details, No Official quotes from the fighters…

  • Tank’s counter punching will wake Kingry up and realize the importance of head movement with great defense. The problem? Kingry does not move his head enough and that will be Tank’s counter punching target. Tank TKO.

    • Not only that, he (Kingry) fights with his chin up in the air, pulls straight back (see his knockdown fight), has no fluid lateral movement, and does not develop angles in his fights. Tank is far superior.. Davis KO 4

  • Dang, I will hold off on this one until I see an actual date because this will gradually increase my anticipation.

    Meanwhile, I am taking a close look at Garcia’s height, long range, long jab, combination punching, pop and body punching (on a smaller/short range Davis). Garcia better work on his head movements.

    Can Davis get in range to deliver his power shots on Garcia or will Garcia’s size, range and offensive weapons limit Davis’ offensive plans for a Garcia victory?.

    • Dude you just called out all the reasons why Tank will lose. It’s all there. Garcia by KO. Fight will NOT be made.

  • I’ll believe it when I see it. Been let down too many times anticipating great matchups!

  • Nope, it ain’t happening! It’s all bullisssh! Either queenry will have a mental breakdown, a sudden hands injury, ir a last minute covid infection! It ain’t happening!

    • You already know. He’s doing this for PR. Ryan knows better. Tank already beat a dude bigger than Ryan.

  • If in fact tis fight were to happens, I can see the referee with one knee on the canvas waiving the fight off. Gervonta is more professional and skilled, a boxer that knows how to set up traps, like the one to Rolando Romero for instance, but Garcia is perhaps more lethal when lands, this combined make this fight hard to predict, furthermore very interesting

      • Why have a weight one pound over the lightweight limit? Maybe this will be the next new division.

        • So Tank is not risking his WBA lightweight belt. No world title on the line. I expect the WBC to deftly swoop in with the highly treasured diamond belt to remedy that situation.

        • Charley Burley was one of the greatest fighters who never got a title shot. At 145 pounds, he had to fight, at times light heavy and heavy weights. There were no catchweights. The only catching going on was his opponents catching hell. Look him up on YouTube.

  • If Ryan wants to finish the fight awake, he NEEDS to use those legs and keep the fight on the outside using reach and counters as his main tools. Move to his left and make serious use of his hooks as Tank takes the bait for counters.

    Tank is dangerous, especially on the inside. He doesn’t like to overextend himself while firing, which is an excellent habit to have. But once Tank gets in on Garcia, especially on the ropes, it can end very early.

    BUT, I highly doubt my views on the fight will be proven right or wrong with boxing’s track record of finalizing meaningful bouts.

    • I think the fight will happen. I think your assessment is correct of the issues for both sides in the fight.

  • Won’t happen, two days ago a story ran about Oscar going to spill the goods on Haymen because he’s blocking this fight. Isn’t Tank on trial right now?

  • This is BS! Ryan will find a way out after his next easy fight. Why announce a fight thats not yet made? Its obvious Golden Boy is obsessed with Tank and cant ever talk without mentioning his name. And not hardly interested in giving the fights that the fans want.
    Haney left Garcia in the dust and they’re not sure what to do to do about Garcia not having the stomach for the tougher fights.
    I predict Garcia will be back to having a mental breakdown very soon.

  • Y’all are trippin.

    I’m not even a fan of garcia but his length will make this a very easy decision.

    Gervonta is just too small, much like loma.

    Garcia will win pretty much win every round.

    Davis struggled with the length and size of romero until he got romero to make amateur move and rush in. Go back and watch the first 5 rds though or whatever. It’s Very similar to loma against teo. Size is just tough to overcome.

    Garcia will sit back, jab and make Davis come forward and take all of the risks. This is boxing 101.

    Davis has the power to hurt garcia, but only if garcia gets reckless like romero did. but it’s just not happening.

    You people need to look at these more objectively and not with your hearts.

    I’m personally am hoping Davis will be a significant favorite at the bookies so I can place a large wager on garcia by UD.

    • True points SteveG, but Ry is fundamentally unsound and his game is deeply flawed. Ry relies solely on his speed. He aint Roy Jones. The chin up in the air, pulling straight back, no circling, no inside game, inconsistent jab, hands at the midsection approach won’t cut it with a keen finisher like Tank. Those are all weaknesses that Tank knows how to exploit. He is smaller than Ry but his ring savvy and explovesness mitigate his size disadvantage. Ry does not appear to be a natural fighter, you can see him think in the ring. You point out Romero and Teo but they are much better fundamentally than Garcia. Both of those fighters circle at a controlled distance, have inside prowess, and know how to fight with their back on the ropes.. Ry exhibits none of that stuff so far. Tank has learned patience and he is a master opportunist against larger/longer guys. Ry pulls up when opponents move in, therein lies his demise as he will not like Tanks body punches and will either pull up and away or bend over.. Tank KO 4

      • You make some valid points. Garcia does make a lot of mistakes especially against guys he doesn’t respect their firepower. But in garcia’s last fight he actually respected his opponent’s power and fought a far more disciplined fight behind the jab. His mistakes you mention are mostly correctable just by being patient and rushing forward/smothering his own punches and exposing himself.

        He will definitely respect tanks power and therefore fight behind a stiff jab making this fight easy.

        Tank is definitely the more skilled technician. But good big man beats great little man more often than not. I’m a Davis fan. I always appreciate the shorter fighter that has to work twice as hard to get his shots off. But it is a bad matchup. Garcia likely has the faster hands as well. And his power is excellent too.

        Tank will find it very difficult getting in range even using feints and lateral movement. His lateral movement is the reason i predict a decision and not a ko.

        garcia’s jab and patient style will be the difference tho. And if davis gets desperate to get inside, Ryan’s hook will be the difference maker.

        Length and patience win.

        Garcia doesn’t have to move laterally he just needs to pivot like teo did against loma.

        Now Loma did figure teo out after 6 rds and was picking him apart over the last half of that fight. But I just don’t see how Davis gets in range without sustaining a lot of damage because he’s not faster and not big enough to bully garcia.

        Btw you mention Roy Jones and he was the king of relying on his natural reflexes and speed but he never learned fundamentals and when he those reflexes and speed slowed down he got exposed later in his career.

        Garcia’s jab wins this fight.

    • Betting on live underdogs is good but this wouldn’t be one of them. Davis would be a big favorite for a reason.

    • Valid points. Problem is that Ryan gets hit quite a bit and he lacks head movement and Tank is quick with his counters. It’s a hard fight to call but Tank is the more polished of the two and likely more capable of landing his Big punches in this particular matchup as compared with Ryan.

    • Did you not see Tank destroy the lengthier Mario Bario? Size has never been an issue for Tank, only for you.

      You should go and watch the Romero fight. Tank has the only equalizer that he needs to overcome whatever obstacles he has with size. He has the great eraser (POWER)

      Garcia can’t take strong shots. You seen how Ryan reacted when he got rocked. His guard is low and he’s thinking offense. Tank would have stopped him.

  • Tanks had hand picked opponents. This kids Gonna crack him like he’s never been hit. Same goes for Garcia but I just think the speed difference and skill set goes to Garcia, even if tank comes to run like he did with Rolly. Rolly had like running like a hooker from the cops.

    • Tank has great timing. He has alot of real issues but power and timing are not his issue. Many of his fights he is behind in the scoring, then he gets the shot in. Not luck but it is taking a chance. That is in his personality. Taking chances. Ryan is not a trench fighter and is a fundamental fighter only. He doesn’t improvise, just the 1-2-3. Jab cross hook. Jumps back, holds. He keeps his chin up and thinks his speed of hand makes up for his chin , and Amir proves that adichie . Tank in seven, in a good fight.

  • this gives six months for Ryan to find an excuse to why no way in hell he is going to fight Gervonta..

  • I don’t believe it until I see it. Ryan will claim “covid” or “mental health” issues again. We’ll see.

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