Munguia-Coria Final Press Conference

Photo: Zanfer

WBO #1 middleweight Jaime Munguia (40-0, 32 KOs) and Gonzalo “El Mago” Coria (21-5, 8 KOs) faced off at the final press conference for their ten-rounder on DAZN and TV Azteca this Saturday from Arena Astros in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Jaime Munguia: “I am very excited to be in Guadalajara! We are ready to bring a show to the fans here. In boxing, there are no simple opponents, and Coria is no exception. We hope that once we pass this hurdle, we are set for a big fight in 2023.”

Gonzalo Coria: “I am excited for the opportunity to showcase my talent against a great champion like Jaime. We have trained hard, and come Saturday the fans are in for a treat.”

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  • What an absolute DUD!! Stay busy fight perhaps! Can’t believe Charlo and his team couldn’t agree on fighting Munguia?! On that note, where the hell is Jermall these days?? He stuck in boxing purgatory. Hasn’t fought anyone credible @60, yet he talks smack about the guys @68 in a division he hasn’t even tested??!!

    • Yes, this matchup is nothing more than paycheck for a sparring match. Each of them probably needed Christmas money for gifts this year. You have to love how the promotors elevate these fights up through their marketing tactics acting like this fight will be a war and a risky venue for spotlight fighter. LOL, yet it’s smoke and mirrors to buy tickets so their paychecks are to be deposited in the bank.

      • I can’t help but wonder if munguia will go as Ramirez did the other weekend scoob ? Building a big record but avoids the real challenges of his division tells me his managers are trying to have a big profit built up before they have to face the music.

    • You blame team Charlo for Munguia refusing to make good fights? How long has Munguia been in the mandatory spot? Alimkhanuly had to take his mandatory spot because Munguia sat waiting for an easy fight. WBO ordered Munguia vs Alimkhanuly and how did that turn out?
      Charlo had nothing to do with this article or Munguia’s career choices.

  • Cant believe Munguia is calling this fight a hurdle to move on to bigger things LMAO! You have been mandatory for how long and not taken the fight>?
    You refuse to fight guys with a heartbeat. Bitch plz

  • Golden Boy have a sweet gem in Munguia to keep the Mexican festival/party going and milk the loyal Mexican fans out of their money. The best thing about Munguia is his walk out to the ring, the Mariachi band playing, and the drunken fans celebrating. Smoke & mirrors.
    But I aint mad at it. This is what keeps the doors open for GBP. Munguia fans dont demand much from him so why take the risk?

  • >