Suspended Cuadras enters rehab

Former WBC flyweight champion Carlos Cuadras has been temporarily suspended by the WBC and has entered a rehabilitation program for drug and alcohol abuse. Cuadras has voluntarily entered the program with the intention to eradicate once and for all his unfortunate addiction to certain unnamed recreational drugs and alcohol.

Mauricio Sulaiman, WBC President spoke at length with Cuadras and expressed the WBC’s absolute support during this process. “Carlos Cuadras admitted that fame, glory and money, which come from success in the ring, haunted him and he slowly became weak to the temptations and peer pressure from his pseudo friends,” he said.

Cuadras stated, “I am convinced that I will win this battle. I have a wife and a son to support and I represent my country, I need to find the strength with the help of God to find a cure to this horrible nightmare as I have lived in hell, but I am a champion and will be victorious.

“I never failed a test in boxing, respected the sport but my usage in my private life, between fights, certainly affected my career in the sport I love. I am very thankful to those who have supported me during the difficult times. I am embarrassed and apologize to the public and to the sport but beg you to give me one last opportunity.”

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