Stevenson wins WBC lightweight title

Shakur Stevenson Vs Edwin De Los Santos Action11
Photo: Mikey Williams/Top Rank

Two-weight world champion Shakur Stevenson (21-0, 10 KOs) outpointed knockout artist Edwin De Los Santos (16-2, 14 KOs) over twelve rounds to claim the vacant WBC lightweight world title on Thursday night at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. It was a slow-paced tactical fight with not much action that brought boos from the crowd. Scores were 115-113, 116-112, 116-112.

Over the twelve rounds, Stevenson landed just 19 power punches, De Los Santos landed 14.

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  • what a waste of time this guy shakur is. First time ever i take the time to watch a fight of his and nothing but disappointment. lame. lame. lame.

  • What did I just watch???? That was NOT boxing. That clown is the poorest excuse for a boxer I have ever seen. They should call him Boring Buckwheat. As for the scoring, De Los Santos clearly won simply by making the fight. I had him up 8-4 but of course they are going to give it this louse that ESPN and Top Rank are trying to turn into a “star”. Count me out. I will never ever watch that bum again. What a black eye for boxing.

    • De Los Santos did nothing to make the fight-both looked afraid to throw anything.

    • USS, there is a word: BORING!

      However, anybody that thought Shakur lost is crazy. For De Los Santos to suggest that Shakur was there just to run is the pot calling the kettle black. At the end of the day, this is probably the worst title fight I’ve ever watched in over 40 years of fandom.

  • SHA~Tird looked like a fighter that will never be the A side of a PPV. Nobody will pay for that type of S***..At least Haney has a little dog in hiz azz

  • A good boxer should k is how to cut the ring not just live in ultra defensive boxing style
    Shakur is cocky and always says he is the best pound for pound but he can’t prove it
    I don’t think he will be a PPV star someday

    I wonder how the judges score this fight???
    Based on hugs???

    Most of the rounds should be 9-9 because nobody cause damage to the other

    That’s the problem when your boxing style is so dynamic with lot of physique but zero heart

    I miss Mike Tyson ….

    Good night everybody I’m sleepy


  • Shakur is a skilled fighter, however he fights scared. Boring fighter, this fight did not do him justice.

    • I wouldn’t call that, scary but skillfully, he outpointed a man with knock out power , kept him off-balance with a straight jab.

      • Finally someone that knows what they are talking about, Thank You! Imagine what he would of done to that boy with two hands, he took everything away from him with one hand. Know he was hurt but want to hate, better go back & watch his fights if you’ve never seen them. Look at what he did to one of them already, Oscar Valdez & that boy is good. Want them to sleep on Shakur get comfortable…. Any real fighter is going to see what others don’t. Ask yourselves why do you think that one of if not the greatest fighters of our generation hands down the best BUD is right next to that boy the whole way. FACTS! Thank you again John keep schooling these people.

  • 40 punches? Excuses….
    Shame; not really interested…
    Not interested in this guy no more.

  • Shakur Stevenson stunk the place out so bad, the doors to the arena will have to remain open for a week to air out the stench!

  • One came to fight, while the other guy was terrified of standing toe to toe. Most boring fight of 2023. Shakur is extremely talented but he’s too pretty to engage in a slugfest. he’s looked great against lesser opponents, but when Shakur gets a hard puncher with talent and skills, he rather stay away as far as possible. if this fight was boring, never and I mean never think about buying a Shakur PPV event.

  • I think everybody can see now what kind of fighter Stevenson is. A BORING one, and also one that fights SCARED. He was scared of de los Santos, and that is why he was running all night, literally running. He should be embarrassed of fighting the way he did. If he really was as good as he thinks he is, he would’ve gotten de los santos out of there. Forget about him ever headlining a ppv. Whoever buys it better be a fan of marathons, because that’s all you’re getting for your money.

  • Shakur wants to be a PPV star. He’s got a better chance of selling some sort of sleep deprivation remedy to the public on that performance.

  • And by the way, Tim Bradley is the worst ever calling fights. I know he’s supposed to cheer for the promoter fighter, but he couldn’t find but excuses to justify Stevenson. Just called the fight like it was and put the blame on who deserves it.

      • I miss Larry Merchant. He wasn’t afraid to speak his mind and share his opinion, even if it went against the house fighter.

    • Tim Bradley was obviously given the task of being Stevenson’s hype man. The joke was on him.., you can’t hype a guy that stinks out fights. This is one of those fights where judges have nothing to look at, so they score based on defense in favor of the guy at least trying to fight. Shame on everyone involved in this fight. There’s a reason why this was on a Thursday.

  • The ESPN commentators were mentioning how Shakur was “dominating” the fight with his jab, while a graphic on the screen was showing one guy averaging something like 4 landed jabs a round, while the other guy was averaging about 3 landed…with neither guy really landing any power punches. Kind of annoying from Tim & Joe, but not surprising.

    On the other hand, Navarette and Conceicao put on a great show. Conceicao looked done at the end of the 11th, and came back and gutted out the 12th to salvage a Draw. Stevenson, by contrast, did almost nothing for 11 rounds, and came out running in the 12th. Wish it was possible to take a percentage of the purses from Stevenson/De Los Santos, and give it to Navarette & Conceicao who did so much more to earn it.

  • Floyd should retract any offer he gave prior to this fight..if he’s as good as they say, he’d stop these c level fighters ..mayweather was stopping Diego corrales n Ricky Hatton ..thjs guy is less of an attraction than Paulie least Paulie exchanged

    • Talking about Mayweather, he was also involved in some pretty boring fights, but I think everyone will agree that he never and I repeat, never fought SCARED. The reason for him on being boring was that for the most part, he was way better than the opponent. And don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t a fan of Mayweather. But regardless of the level of how good the opponent, I never saw fear in him.

      • Boxingfan66,

        Floyd was so scared to fight Pacquiao that he avoided him for 5 years. Floyd only got the courage to face him after Pac got knocked the f out.

        Go back and watch Floyd vs Marquez. Floyd was like 2 divisions heavier and didn’t even bother to make the catch weight. I thought for once we would finally see Floyd go in there and press the action to take out the smaller fighter.. well in that fight he actually did step on the gas and got aggressive and was dominating, that is until ONE big counter punch by Marquez and that was enough for Floyd to go back into his shell and revert to fighting for a decision instead. One counter punch made him that concerned that he was content to let the little fighter go the distance.

  • I knew De Los Santos would have been a tough task for Stevenson because their reflexes nearly mirror each other, but De Los Santos can naturally crack (Stevenson has stinging punches that drains a fighter).

    Tough fight to watch though PERO if fans love to see two (2) fighters with fast reflexes, fast movements and fast hands – this fight was for somebody to love.

    De Los Santos tried to hit Stevenson, but Stevenson was not there to get hit. De Los Santos, for an unknown reason(s), failed to build enough pressure on Stevenson; De Los Santos also failed to go for broke with a high punch volume – however, things are easier said than done against Stevenson.

    Who is next for Stevenson? Maybe Zepeda or Cruz because they have high pressure styles that will keep fans focused, shouting and excited.

    • That’s the problem if you think you are a complete boxer you should be able to handle any style not just those whom will come to attack you

      If shakur sleeperson was in a main show with lot of things been said about him then he should for the action get some balls and attack de los Santos not being afraid of get ko

      Shakur does not attack or cut the ring …he is good only if the rival is smaller or attacking him open wide

  • It was a stinker but that’s what happens with two left-handed counterpunchers. Compubox had 19 power punches to 14 in favor of Shakur, so clearly it was a chess match. If De Los Santos was the only guy willing to fight him & barely touched him, why won’t Tank, Haney, Loma, & all of the other lightweights fight him? Most fans love KOs but don’t appreciate ring generalship, controlling of distance, & a good jab.

    • C’mon I have seen hundreds of great fights of two left handers and they did great
      Shakur sleeperson was afraid to get ko that’s why he ran all night even de Los santos mocked him in front of everybody

      • 100’s? 10% of ppl & athletes are leftys? No credibility to what you said. Name 1. Left-handers are so rare because of the balance between cooperation & competition in human evolution. So the 9-1 ratio is right in line with what I said. I get it, stand on a line & I hit you, then you hit me.

      • You said you’ve seen 100’s of fights between southpaws. I’m still waiting for you to name just 1, or were you just taking out the side of your neck? Put up or Shut TFU.

  • I agree with Jody Partin, dos Santos wins the fight simply by pressing Shakur, who ran all night. No way it should have been anything more than a draw if dos Santos doesn’t win. Another thing, I’m thinking about quitting watching boxing on espn because of the cheerleaders announcing the cards. Tonight was the very worst I’ve seen it, but it’s always that way to an extent. Tessatore is the worst of them all, and he even had Tim Bradley pulling for Shakur tonight. He’s usually pretty straight. This is possibly the worst fight I’ve ever seen, at least with two supposedly good fighters in there. They should have been embarrassed to call Shakur the “winner”.

    • Totally agree on Tessatore & Bradley. They said on several occasions that Shakur was dominating, which just isn’t possible when you have two dudes landing 5 or less punches (mostly jabs) a round most of the time. Nothing new for them to treat the house fighter this way, but they were shockingly blatant with it tonight. I wonder who they think they’re fooling with that crap.

  • Shakur is more effective than Xanax. ESPN invested in a sleep aid! The commentators trying to pimp this “safety first” wimp off as a pound for pound is hilarious! De Los Santos WON that fight! Anybody agree with me?

  • 19 punches by shakur? That’s disgusting. Dude is terrified of being hit. There should be a mandatory amount of punches that must be landed by each fighters. Cant blame Santos if shakurry just ran all night. #SHAKURPOOF

    • Not even a Uber driver would land that few punches in a main event fight in Las Vegas

  • This is my last comment

    Shakur is afraid to lose the undefeated
    But what’s the point to be fake/false o empty undefeated ????

    He thinks being undefeated means to be the best

    And sometimes it’s not true

    You can lose couple fights and still bring the best or the number one

    You don’t need to be undefeated

    You just need to be real , legit , and solid fighter not fake undefeated

    • The problem is judges who give rounds to guy who run. If nothing is happening in a round- y’know, like all 12 rounds of this fight- at least give the round to the guy trying to fight. A couple jabs each round isn’t boxing.

  • Stevenson is too full of himself. You need to have a few major fight wins under your belt to have to his level of arrogance. At this point in time, Davis beats him.

  • Lightweight title, hell their pay should be held for the fewest punches thrown in a title bout period!

  • It’s been a bad past few weeks for Top Rank stars; first, Tyson Fury puts on a pathetic performance against a novice making his pro debut; then rising heavyweight Jared Anderson decides to drink & get high and drive; and now Shakur Stevenson cements himself as the most boring lightweight champion in history! I sure miss the days of Alexis Arguello & Ray “Boom Boom” Mancini!!!

  • This was a horrible fight and very bad for boxing. 2 fighters who don’t fight. This is why younger fans are choosing MMA over boxing. Technical defense first boxers are killing the sport

  • I’m late to the party, but that was….bad. Having an off night is ok, especially when styles do not mesh well, however, this was on another level. They played pitty-pat for 12 rounds like first graders.

    It looked like a deal was made behind closed doors.

    Maybe this is Shakur’s ultimate master plan so he can get Tank Davis in the ring. (I’m FOS of course).

  • Shakur Stevenson is a mediocre fighter. He has zero power. The man has a 2.1 KO ratio lmfao. He can’t hurt or stand toe to toe without getting knocked out by stronger opponents. The only way he can win fights is to out point his opponent and he wont be able to do that against everyone. Edwin De Los Santos is technically a nobody and Shakur looked bad against a lesser opponent. I don’t care how hard they try Shakur will never be a star in Boxing. I would actually like to see him fight somebody good or elite and not keep fighting mediocre fighters. Of course you’ll remain undefeated or look good when you don’t fight anyone. The man is 26-years old he should be fighting bigger and better competition. Canelo fought Mayweather at 23. Another problem is that there aren’t really many great fighters in and around his weight class..

    • Mark my words.. Stevenson will NEVER fight outside the US. Never. If he can’t get judges who reward non-fighting, he can’t win. Most other countries wouldnt score rounds for a guy that fights that kind of stinky style. Even Winky Wright would see this and say “damn, that’s boring.”

  • They self proclaimed boogey man failed to show that he is an elite fighter, They are good in choosing the right fighters to fight and avoid the top contenders.

  • Was really looking forward to a good night of fights ! First fight was a good one ! Main event was awful . Stevenson is the most boring fighter out there ! What a waste of Time !

  • I’m really thankful for the Navarette fight prior to this one. Sometimes 1 good match on a card helps cancel out the lack of action in the headliner. I hope that Stevenson steps up and proves he is more than just a fast defensive fighter. Some fights he shows a better arsenal (still he’s no big puncher, just fast and accurate). I suppose if I had watched Edwin vs most other fighters who engage we would be entertained. But he fought Shakur.. On to the next one.

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