Spong fails drug test; Usyk to get new foe

Promoter Eddie Hearn has announced that heavyweight Tyrone Spong is out as Oleksandr Usyk’s opponent this Saturday night at the Wintrust Arena in Chicago. “We have been contacted by VADA to inform us that there has been an adverse finding in Tyrone Spong’s test,” Hearn announced on social media. “It has been sent to the State of Illinois Commission and further information will be released in the morning. We have reserve opponents standing by.”

  • Former undisputed cruiserweight champ Usyk (16-0, 12 KOs) will be making his heavyweight debut.
  • Spong reportedly tested positive for the banned substance clomiphene.
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  • “That’s another thing I’ll tell you right now, I know all the fighters and they are all on steroids. All you motherfuckers are on steroids” Nick “Diablo” Diaz!!

    • You’re probably right. It’s easy to get away with. Most fighters could probably do a cycle or 2 then wait a couple weeks or less and pass a test. Almost everyone getting busted is getting busted with masking agents or recovery drugs like this one. No man would take this unless they were in roids. There are legal test boosters you can take.

  • Oooops! Sounds like someone just finished their cycle on Steroids. Glad Floyd Mayweather really brought more awareness to the sport. It was def needed and is still a huge problem.

  • Uhhhhhh……………why?
    Why is this medication prescribed?
    Clomiphene is used to induce ovulation (egg production) in women who do not produce ova (eggs) but wish to become pregnant (infertility). Clomiphene is in a class of medications called ovulatory stimulants. It works similarly to estrogen, a female hormone that causes eggs to develop in the ovaries and be released.

    • well the news over at the scene was that it was being used as a masking agent, but damn! Couldn’t he use something else? Maybe he would have pulled an Oliver McCall and started weeping in the ring with Usyk. Nobody wants to see that, glad they pulled him.

    • In men, clomiphene can alter testosterone levels by interfering with the negative feedback loop of the hypothalamic–pituitary–gonadal axis

  • Well, there you go. I’m not sure what can be done about drug cheats. This guy was caught but there is a high probability that there are many more just like him who have been able to pass the drug test because their pharmacist is able to stay ahead of the drug agencies. When there is so much money that can be made the motivation to cheat is very high.

  • They must’ve got this drug wrong cause it’s for woman. Unless they meant Clomid for men which is used when a low sperm count is caused by low testosterone levels.

    Either way, come on man!

    Maybe they should lighten up one certain drugs and just fine them, unless the drug is for enhancement disadvantages. Just saying.

    • It’s not just for women. It acts as a testosterone boost to counter act the side effects of steroids. I think it’s called a SEM or something like that. Basically prevents man boobs. No man would take this without doing steroids.

    • Well it was being used as a masking agent, so there is no telling what this f***** was on.

  • Funny Sh*t……………LOL! Anavar is a good one. Not harsh on your system and its half life is rather brief. I could see them getting on that for a short period and then getting off it in time for competition.
    Clomid (Clomiphene Citrate) Along with Nolvadex, Clomid is one of the two principal SERMs (selective estrogen receptor modulators) used for enhanced recovery of testosterone production after anabolic steroid cycles.

    To understand how Clomid can aid this process, let’s look at how natural testosterone production is regulated.

    Testosterone production is regulated by a feedback loop which senses not only testosterone or other androgen levels, but also estrogen levels. This feedback loop includes the hypothalamus, the pituitary, and the testes (often referred to as the HPTA, or hypothalamic-pituitary-testicular axis.)

    When the hypothalamus senses low estrogen levels and does not sense high androgen levels, it’s stimulated to signal the pituitary by producing more LHRH, which stands for LH releasing hormone. On receiving this signal, the pituitary produces more LH (luteinizing hormone) which in turn signals the testes to produce more testosterone.

    During an anabolic steroid cycle, high androgen levels shut this process down entirely. If this is for only a relatively short period such as 8 weeks, this is not a real issue. Over a longer period of time, testicular atrophy might occur, however. That can be avoided with HCG usage. Something that cannot be avoided, however, is that the hypothalamus and pituitary respond not only according to the hormone levels which they sense at a given moment, but are affected in their response by their recent exposure. When that exposure has been an extended period of anabolic steroid use, responsiveness typically is poor even after anabolic steroid use has ceased.

    Clomid, as does Nolvadex, works by occupying the binding sites of estrogen receptors of cells, without activating the receptors. This reduces the extent to which estradiol can activate these receptors. In the case of the hypothalamus, this leads to the hypothalamus “concluding” that estrogen levels are low. If androgen levels are not elevated, as indeed they should not be after an anabolic steroid cycle, the hypothalamus is then stimulated to produce LHRH. This will act to increase LH and restart natural testosterone production.

    Clomid ordinarily is dosed at 50 mg/day. However, it’s important to note that clomiphene has a long half life. Where this has relevance is that when a daily dose is taken, the body will have not only that dose in it, but also an accumulated amount of about five days’ worth of previous doses as well. That’s fine: it results in correct blood levels. Where there can be a problem is when first starting use. If simply taking 50 mg/day from the beginning, there is no such buildup and levels will be low.

    To account for this, 300 mg is taken on the first day, as three doses of 100 mg, or optionally six doses of 50 mg. This immediately gets levels to where they should be. Ongoing 50 mg/day dosing will maintain this level.

    After day 1, doses of more than 50 mg are not needed and are not recommended. They will not improve results, but may increase adverse side effects.

    Adverse side effects of Clomid can include increased emotionalism or vision disturbance. If vision disturbance is experienced, Clomid should be discontinued immediately.

    Clomid rarely leads to libido issues, which can be a problem with Nolvadex. For this reason some prefer it to Nolvadex. Others, who do not have that issue with Nolvadex, may prefer that drug. Both are effective for restoring natural testosterone production. I have a slightly better opinion of Clomid for effectiveness, but where a person dislikes Clomid for emotional effects, or prefers Nolvadex for any reason, Nolvadex is a perfectly acceptable substitute.

    Clomid differs from Nolvadex in that while SERMs are always anti-estrogenic in some tissues, they are estrogenic in others. Fortunately, both Clomid and Nolvadex are anti-estrogenic in the hypothalamus, making them useful for post-cycle therapy (PCT), and anti-estrogenic in breast tissue, making them useful as anti-gyno agents. Clomid however is estrogenic in the pituitary, which in some instances may even enhance its value for PCT. It’s likely estrogenic to at least some other neurons in the brain as well, causing increased emotionality. With regard to body fat and muscle, or any observable physical property, Clomid and Nolvadex have no other adverse estrogenic effects, but instead are useful anti-estrogens.

    • You copied and pasted everything from an article about this after “in time for competition”. Didn’t you? It’s okay though, it still provided good information.

      • Yeah your right………..lol! I’ve juiced in the past when I was in my 20s. I’m much older now. The stuff works especially the orals with injectables. Always had to cut it short though my anxiety went through the roof. Aggression was over the top. If it was sport legal. Fck. Trenbolone and Testosterone together you would be tearing people up.

  • How are they going to find an opponent with the extensive qualifications of Spong on such short notice?!!! Does anybody still have Monte Barrets or Tye Fields number? Hey Chicago native Fres Oquendo is prolly waiting by the phone looking to stay busy before his next well deserved title shot against a guy nobody even knew was a champion to begin with. There are a couple former Eastern European former heavyweight contenders that are recently out of their comas that might be ready to go!

  • Clomid isnt a “masking Agent”. That’s what an idiot would say. Clomid is from coming off a cycle go get natural test production working again as quick as possible keep your gains from your cycle. It’s a recovery drug post cycle, not a “masking Agent”. That guy would have gotten his ass beaten apart if he is still on Clomid as it literally turns you into a little bitch while your on it. You get emotional and some guys even cry while taking it. Awful.

    • @Caligula-I’m quite sure Spong would have gotten his ass beaten apart regardless of what he was taking, or if he was taking nothing at all. Also-how does everybody on this sight know so much about steroids???

      • What I’m asking. I was just going by what I read in the article but a lot of the guys on here seem to know this s*** from experience.

        • I didn’t realize that it was Clomid. Didn’t recognize the full chemical name. Essentially your nuts shut off and Clomid turns them back on. They didn’t have any of that in Arnolds day.
          10. Frans Botha (48-5-3, 29 KO’s)
          Accomplishments: Former WBF Heavyweight Champion
          Drug of choice: Nandrolone
          Remarks: Botha defeated Axel Schulz for the IBF heavyweight title in 1995, but was stripped of the title after testing positive for steroids.

          Tommy Morrison Mugshot9. Tommy Morrison (48-3-1, 42 KO’s)
          Accomplishments: Former WBO Heavyweight Champion
          Drug of choice: Steroids/HIV Cocktails
          Remarks: Officially, the only thing Morrison ever tested positive for was HIV. In 2006, Morrison claimed his 1996 HIV test was a false positive caused by steroid usage. Morrison may have watched too many Star Trek re-runs, as he also said he could teleport himself.

          8. Ivan Drago (53-1, 46 KO’s)
          Accomplishments: Killed Apollo Creed
          Drug of choice: Anabolic Steroids
          Remarks: We’ve all seen the tape of Vitali Klitschko’s half brother Drago shooting up ‘roids. I don’t know what’s worse losing the biggest fight of your life or losing your wife to Flavor Flav?

          7. Vitali Klitschko (42-2, 39 KO’s)
          Accomplishments: Brother of unified heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko
          Drug of choice: Steroids
          Remarks: Thrown off the Ukrainian Olympic boxing team in 1996 after testing positive for a banned substance. Klitschko admitted in his autobiography that he used steroids to deal with a leg injury.

          6. James Toney (73-6-3, 44 KO’s)
          Accomplishments: 4-division champion/Current IBA Heavyweight Champion
          Drug of choice: Nandrolone/Boldenone/Stanazolol
          Remarks: The number of world titles he has won is just as long as the number of steroids he has taken. Toney is one of the toughest SOBs to ever enter the ring and yet he failed two post-fight drug tests. Toney tested positive for steroids after winning the WBA heavyweight title from John Ruiz in 2005. And failed yet another drug test in 2007 following his victory against fellow steroid juicer Danny Batchelder. Despite using steroids, Toney’s pudgy physique remained the same.

          5. Ricardo Mayorga (29-8-1, 23 KO’s)
          Accomplishments: Former unified welterweight champion
          Drug of choice: Furosemide
          Remarks: Mayorga failed his post-fight drug test following his knockout loss to Oscar De La Hoya in 2006. Furosemide is a banned diuretic used to either lose weight in a short amount of time or mask steroid usage. In this case, I bet Mayorga was constipated.

          4. Fernando Vargas (26-5, 22 KO’s)
          Accomplishments: Co-starred along side Justin Timberlake in Alpha Dog
          Drug of choice: Stanozolol (Winstrol)
          Remarks: The 2-time junior middleweight champion is a prime example of how steroids don’t stop you from getting knocked out. Thanks to his Winstrol fueled performance, Vargas was able to bully Oscar De La Hoya for much of their 2002 title unification fight. As Vargas repeatedly assaulted De La Hoya, HBO blow-by-blow announcer Jim Lampley remarked how Vargas had “seemingly super natural strength for a one-hundred-fifty-four pounder.” And as it turned out, he sure did.

          3. Shane Mosley (46-7-1, 39 KO’s)
          Accomplishments: Passed all his blood doping tests prior to fighting Floyd Mayweather Jr.
          Drug of choice: The Cream/The Clear/EPO
          Remarks: Mosley was the second of three known opponents to use performance enhancers against Oscar De La Hoya. Mosley went on the Barry Bonds BALCO diet for his 2003 rematch against De La Hoya. And unlike Vargas and Mayorga, Mosley’s BALCO products carried him to a close controversial win.

          2. Roy Jones Jr. (54-8, 40 KO’s)
          Accomplishments: Avoided any brain numbing knockouts through his first 50 professional fights
          Drug of choice: Androstenedione
          Remarks: Jones tested positive for PED’s after his 2000 win over Richard Hall. According to Jones, the over-the-counter product Ripped Fuel —which contains androstenedione– was responsible for his failed drug test. Androstenedione was on the IBF’s banned substance list.

          1. Evander Holyfield (44-10-2, 29 KO’s)
          Accomplishments: Managed to father at least 11 children despite suffering from hypo-gonadism (shrunken balls)
          Drug of choice: Testosterone/Saizen (HGH)/Glukor (treatment for impotence)
          Remarks: Federal documents say Holyfield received packages containing human growth hormones in 2004. The packages were addressed to an “Evan Fields,” but Holyfield’s PED usage could have possibly started in 1988 during his jump up to heavyweight. According to Dr. Margaret Goodman, Holyfield was questioned by the Nevada State Athletic Commission about HGH usage following his 1994 loss to Michael Moorer. After the fight Holyfield encountered heart problems that could have been caused by growth hormone usage.

  • Spong tested positive for Clomiphene? Perhaps, he had a hard time ovulating and wants to become pregnant…

  • Short notice clear and clean opponent on hand…….his last name is…….Miller

  • It’s amazing that we’ve gotten to a place where you need reserve fighters on stand by. FIGHTERS…PLURAL!!! Maybe they’ve always had one on stand by in case of illness or injury, but I think we all know that what this really means is that the promoters are not only aware of the drug use, but are prepared just in case someone gets caught.

    I don’t see this problem going away anytime soon either. How many main events has it already affected? People complain about Wilder’s resume, but for a while there everyone he was supposed to fight was popping. We now have a Champion because of it. I respect a good upset and maybe Ruiz is all wrong for Joshua, but preparing for Miller is definitely different than preparing for Ruiz.

  • Eddie was not that quick coming out about Dillian whytes failed test pre his fight…………!!

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