Soliman has world title belt stolen

By Ray Wheatley – World of Boxing

Former IBF middleweight champion Sam “King” Soliman talked to® to advise that his treasured IBF world title belt had been stolen. “My IBF belt was in my car when it was stolen,” said Soliman. “I was devastated when it happened but have been in contact with Australia’s IBF representative Ben Keilty and he has reassured me he has been in contact with the IBF Head Office in New Jersey so I can purchase another IBF world title belt.”

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    • Are we sure that Joel Camilleri wasn’t collecting his side bet winnings from the 12/09/2022 fight?

  • Well, if Pacquiao would fight Soliman instead of Mundine, if Soliman did well, the IBF may not make him pay for them to produce another belt for him. (Jeff Harding keeps his 2 WBC belts in a safe for his twin daughters to get when he’s gone).

  • Soliman forgot to mentionn that he left the car with a sign and a arrow pointing where the belt was

    • Well it is treasured, although he could go to the dollar store and get another one.

  • Let’s keep it real. He smoked his belt! Just kidding. But why in the world would you leave that in your car? I wouldn’t even leave my phone in my car.

  • Purchase? Typical greed in this sport. They should deliver to your door with a thank you.

  • Jaime Garza WBC Super Bantam Weight World Champ 1983-1984 has had his Belt Stolen too.

  • The difference between Soliman and the piece of crap that posses the belt now are the Soliman is one of the rare humans able to put in the blood sweat and tears and had the talent to EAR the belt, while this scumbag simply stole it with no regard to how meaningful that belt was to Soliman. Why Soliman chose to leave it in his car is a different story.

    • They used to use Ring Magazine’s monthly ratings with one champion and the top ten contenders in each division. Not sure why they got away from that and let these multiple corrupt organizations take over.

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