Smith-Ryder Scorecard

Smith Ryder Scorecard

Judges Jose Roberto Torres, Terry O’Connor and Francisco Alloza Rosa all gave WBA super middleweight champion Callum Smith five of the first six rounds against challenger John Ryder on Saturday night in Liverpool, England. Many pundits (including®) had Ryder ahead in the fight at the midway point due to his aggression and cleaner punching.

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  • The judges aren’t going to give any round remotely close to a 25:1 underdog against the house fighter in his hometown. They know where their bread is buttered.

  • There is no shame in losing a fight that is judged fairly. I am sure that Mr. Smith is very embarrassed over this. And he should be.

    Mundo, go to your room.

  • Boxing often resembles a lot of 3rd world countries; run by crooks who screw over the hard working common man, giving them little chance of ever bettering themselves, no matter how much they deserve it.

  • 90% of comments on social media Twitter, Facebook, Youtube
    had Ryder winning the fight. Smith is world champion by name only, he is vastly
    overrated. Ryder deserves a rematch British pro boxing is corrupt no wonder the
    Americans don’t want to come here to fight.

  • Almost as if the judges agreed to give away the first 3-4 rounds to the hometown hero. There’s no way Ryder lost those rounds. No way at all. Pro boxing is in serious need of a cleanup crew to drain this swamp. Hint: If you think protecting your bread and butter takes priority over the honor of the sport YOU are the swamp creature.

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