Smith demolishes Eubank in four

Manc Eubankjrvsmith 37
Photo: Lawrence Lustig / BOXXER

In a bitter middleweight grudge match, former 154lb world champion Liam “Beefy” Smith (33-3-1, 20 KOs) scored an explosive fourth round knockout over WBC #2, WBO #2, WBA #5 Chris Eubank Jr (32-3, 23 KOs) on Saturday night at the AO Arena in Manchester, England. After three close rounds, Smith dropped Eubank with a barrage of punches in round four. Eubank got up very wobbly. Smith jumped on Eubank and blasted him to the canvas again to end it. Time was 1:09. Eubank was a 3:1 favorite. There is a rematch clause on Eubank’s side, if he wants it.

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  • Shouldnt have been fighting at 160. Always bites fighters in the ass when they move down in weight.

      • Moving up a fair bit easier on the body that boiling down in weight. I by chance saw the weigh in and immediately knew Eubank was in trouble. He looked awful.

    • No excuses. Smith would have won at 160 or 190, it’s clear that Smith has Eubanks number

    • But Eubank said he only needed to be 50 percent beat Liam. Liam is class! A likeable bloke who dealt Eubank what he had coming.. hopefully he’ll be more humble now but I doubt it

      • Liam is class? Egging the guy on to tell everyone that he’s gay because he’s never been seen with a woman, like it matters anyway. He may of won the fight but he’s a shit bloke.

  • Good little fight! Man, us fans needed a little action.Smith landed every shot on that wicked combination he threw before the first knockdown.

  • Congrats Smith….knew Smith would bring the fight…Smith took some shots in the beginning….Smith stayed discipline….though not as athletic as Eubank.,.showed good timing… ultimately throwing…what appeared to be a right hand…to hurt Eubank and finish the fight…quick note…DAZN what is up with the replays of the knockdown? Appears that Eubank was the house fighter cause…the ending seemed rushed with no replay..both came to fight…but credit to Smith being professional in the ring…prepared and discipline while displaying a good chin…. Good Stuff!!!

  • Eubank is fighting at the wrong weight. Looked nervous at all shots coming at him. His resistance has been lessened for sure.
    Having said that Liam is an excellent fighter who somehow curiously looks less impressive than he really is sometimes. Not tonight though

  • I honestly saw this coming. Eubank is very limited skillwise. Foolishly, I didn’t look at the odds.

  • This may be the end for Eubank Jr. Maybe calling out his sexuality in front of the world messed with his head.

  • Eubank has 2 options: retire or go back 168. But that was a nasty TKO. He should consider hanging em up but I doubt he will. I stated that his 50% comment was possibly a bs excuse in case he lost. He probably knew the weight cut was too much. Smith is still just-good-enough to make you pay if you’re not ready.

  • Christ ‘the one who very speaks O V E R
    C O N F I D E N T and improperly taught’ Eubank Jr. Roy Jones is imbuing a style on said pupil that is based on youthful reflexes. Chris’ Jab is mostly dropped to the waist. That is not supervised properly during camp. Thus, is a part of negative combat reflexes. Roy doesn’t N O T teach Boxiana Science because RJJ refused said science during his time. Roy does not teach a Pugilist said science, wherein incorporates one to travail through all combat temperatures and stages of bodily age. Roy is a former boxer that has popularity and a collection of acronym ‘belts.’ These do not make one an educator in the gladiatorial realm. Liam Smith came to N O T be part of the Juan Urango ‘glad to be here award.’ Treated Eubank rough for Chris’ pre fight misappropriation verbiage and arrogance.
    ©️Coach Hilario 2023

  • Eubank mistrained by RJJ. RJJ was unbeatable for years due to freaky athleticism and excellent power despite very low guard and sloppy balance. Eubank realy looked to me like he tried chanelling RJJ. Huge size and reach advantage. Smith looks more like a welter and Eubank big rangy muscular super middlle. Comparing size reach amd muscularity it just looked like a mismatch so hats of to Smith!

  • Eubank went from contender to pretender in 4 rounds hes done now will only go as far as gate keeper or journeyman its tough to live up to a world champion father

  • I expected Smith to start slowly, then ramp up his work rate in the second half of the fight. He did start slowly and had trouble finding Eubank with his shots. Eubank was doing a great job of using his long reach and moving away from Smith’s attacks.

    That all ended suddenly with a barrage of punches while he had Eubank backed up against a corner of the ring. Smith landed a great right hand followed by a left hook among other shots and Eubank was down and basically out. His legs were gone.

    It was an unexpectedly quick ending but I did expect Smith to win in the late rounds. He just seems to get better as the fight goes along. This time, he didn’t need to go overtime to get the win.

    Great win for Smith. I would like to see him in against Triple G. That would be an attractive fight with a diminished Golovkin and a resurgent Smith.

  • Eubank exposed in this fight. He’s got tremendous limitations. Kudos to Smith for showing Eubank what it’s all about.

  • What a shot and a shocker!!
    Didnt see that coming, like to see Smith fight Triple GGG, that would be a great fight.
    Smith is on the up and Triple G is on a slight decline, great match up.

  • Hopefully he ends his carreer after that because he’s not going to be a true world champion like his father..

  • Wow! The outcome was surprising but the combo wasn’t a fluke. I’m pretty shocked! I wouldn’t mind seeing it happen again.

  • Chris Eubank stop trying to be a poor copy of Roy Jones in his prime-Roy Jones is a disaster as a coach for taking you in that direction-get back with your Dad an ex Champ and be yourself-You have really deteriorated to a pedestrian fighter whereas you used to look dangerous at one time -Get rid of Roy he is not a good coach-BE YOURSELF!!

  • Hahahaha! Being overhyped and cocky as fuck did nothing for Eubank. He will never be on the same level as Beefy. Eubank will never win a world title with his hands low acting like a poor man’s Roy Jones Jr. The better fighter won.

  • WTF! I never in a million years would have seen that comin’. Good on you Beefy!

  • If you think this beating was bad, wait till Delaware Joe gets whipped later this year. Then he can drive in his corvette, minus his unsecured documents, into the sunset. Chris Eubank will comeback tough.

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