Showtime not cutting boxing in any way

After FOX has recently aired a number of fights featuring Showtime-built boxing stars, Showtime boxing chief Stephen Espinoza says rumors of Showtime pulling an HBO and dropping the sport are greatly exaggerated.

“Don’t worry…Showtime is not cutting boxing in any way, shape or form,” said Espinoza via social media. “Anyone who tells you different doesn’t know what they’re talking about. We are as committed and enthusiastic as ever. Upcoming announcements will make that abundantly clear.”

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  • Mmmmmmm……. well see. In this kind of business nobody wants to admit the ship is sinking until they are all in the lifeboat

    • Mike, I echo your statement. Through my hoa I’m have showtime and stuck with HBO. If showtime drops boxing I’ll be stuck with two networks that I don’t need.

    • I cancelled my showtime subscription because I felt like it wasn’t worth paying an extra $10 a month for their limited boxing events. I’ve been pretty underwhelmed with them lately. Aside from Wilder’s fights, nothing has really impressed me. Yah, they showed Gervonta Davis’ fight, but that was not a competitive fight in the least.

  • Interesting statement from Showtime , on the boxing Schedule only 2 boxing events from Showtime are listed for the rest of the year.

  • You know with this Dazn, ESPN, ESPN+ Fox,and who knows how many boxes channels, they might feel like a 2nd girl friend and find this not to their liking. Truth is HBO was faaaar and above all these 2nd and 3rd rate broadcasts. Everyone thinks they can produce a major boxing event ? Well they cannot, because most of these stations do not have anyone on the level of a Sugar Ray, Ali ,Tyson,Holyfield, HAGLER,CHAVEZ,HEARNS,PRYOR,
    DURAN. So with to many fighters barely fighting even once a year, and having to put up with a Canela, Delaho and several other 2nd tier match makers, maybe Showtime is not making the line they used to make and dealing with all the phony organizations has them thinking that their tired of the WWE clown acts.

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