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  • This is because Vargas has been a welterweight for a long time now, and Mikey is a beefed up 130 lbs fighter; though he can’t come close to making 130 anymore, he could still make 140.

    • Maybe even 135, but carelessness about weight runs in Robert Garcia’s gym. Brandon Rios is the same case.

    • You’re absolutely right. It’s why Mikey hasn’t got the same power coming up as he always did. He is a smaller man. I personally would prefer he be at 140 since it looks like he can’t make 135 any more. Still a talented fighter but he will not be dominant at 145.

  • I actually believe Vargas is gonna beat Garcia. He’s still dangerous and he can take a good punch.
    Vargas with an upset…

    • I agree. If Garcia would be the same size in anatomical dimensions, I would say his style would beat Vargas due to Garcia’s sharp counter punching. However, I admire Garcia for his courage and confidence in moving up the scale. His smaller size and lack of “crack” in this weight class will pose problems for him. Vargas has a big heart and always pushes on no matter the circumstances. That being said, Garcia will have his hands full.

    • You may be right. Mikey hasn’t displayed the same power even at 140 that he always carried at 135 . Vargas is the naturally bigger guy and a very good fighter. I like Mikey at 140 where I still see him as a dominant fighter. I believe he made a mistake disagreeing with his Dad and brother going against Spence who had the same great skill set but was bigger , stronger , more powerful.

  • I’m a big Garcia fan…. this kid can fight and comes from an unbelievable boxing heritage and family… I’ll take Mikey in this one….

    • Then what the hell happened in the Spence fight?!? I was hoping he wouldve put up a better fight than that..I think he’s a great fighter too but lacks the heart of other Mexican warriors ie Barrera, Morales, Marquez etc

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