Shields-Marshall postponed by BBBoC

New tentative date: October 15

Official BOXXER announcement: As a mark of respect following the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, the British Boxing Board of Control has made the decision to postpone Saturday’s event, BOXXER: LEGACY – Shields vs Marshall.

Our sincere thoughts are with His Majesty King Charles III and the Royal Family during this profoundly somber time.

We are working with all parties to provisionally reschedule for Saturday, 15th October, at The 02 in London.

All tickets purchased for tomorrow’s Saturday 10 September event will remain valid for the rescheduled date. All existing ticket holders will be able to attend the newly-rescheduled event with their existing tickets.

Further updates on the new date will be made at the earliest opportunity.

Bbboc Postponement

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  • Do they also plan on reimbursing training and travel expenses to all the fighters, families, and fans as a mark of respect?

    Or did a 96 year old dying catch them by surprise?

  • I saw that all the soccer games had been put off this weekend and knew the fight was doomed. Oh well, see them in October.

  • So the passing of a self consumed, coffin dodger, haggard biddy that thought she was better than all will stop everything in it’s tracks? Talk about working from beyond the grave! She controlled people enough as it was. She disappeared all those native school kids in Canada didn’t she? It’s kinda on record I think.

    • If you don’t like my statement you’re clearly more concerned about being fake virtuous than boxing and shouldn’t be here.. that’s just truth

      • Lol you preaching about people not being concerned with boxing and shouldn’t be here, yet your comments had literally nothing to do with boxing. Talk about a lack of self awareness.

      • Well, clown, some of us actually care about our Queen. I don’t know who you are or where you are from (I don’t care), but some of us are not being “fake virtuous”. News flash: There are other opinions outside of yours.

  • Interesting….with sympathy/respect for the deceased and respect for cultural differences,…in the boxing community…..usually a moment of silence with a ten bell count salute…but the event/activity…still goes on….

  • It’s only pushed back a month. IMO I think it should have continued. A lot of people think the queen was evil to the core. But that is how life works pay your respect.

    • A lot of people? You took a poll and weighing up all the sides, and finding percentages, you got “a lot of people”?

  • If you’re a boxing fan and you’re ok with this.. and even take offense youre a virtue signaller. Go be virtuous and leave boxing to real enthusiasts.

    • Well even without boxing this is pretty stupid. The “Queen” was just a regular human being that other sad human beings looked up too. It is kind of like looking up to the Pope. If a person on TV died do you think anybody would care? Do you think they would cancel a boxing match or anything else? But because a fake “Queen” died people should care?

      • If Obama died they would cancel NBA and NFL games guaranteed even though he is an A$$hole

      • Fake Queen? Harry you saw George Floyd die on the T.V and everybody cared, even though he was a lifetime criminal. Show some respect.

        • I didn’t care about George Floyd and I agree he was a criminal, but too much had been invested in the event to cancel at the last minute. After all, we are all going to die. It is a natural process.

  • I’m actually surprised that Britain still even acknowledges the Royal Family considering how much they hate white people. Nonetheless, it seems quite imperialistic for this family to still wield so much power and for the British citizenry to hold them in such high regard that they allow them to control their existence. It’s why I’ve never considered Britain to be a European country.

    • You have made a number of idiotic statements in the past, but brother, this one tops them all. The fact that you are surprised shows just ignorant you really are, but then racists and ignorance always go hand-in-hand.

      • Well since I’m white and a Polish American I need you to explain to me how I was being racist. You can’t, so STFU. Name one good thing internationally that the royal family has ever done in history, except for Britain? The royal family couldn’t save Britain in World War II, that was Poland and the United States that did that. I can also tell you that the contribution that my ancestors homeland has done for your country has been paid back by massive mistreatment and discrimination of Polish immigrants in Britain. So bleep you and your queen.

  • Just to stop the entire event…a day before the fight…for something that did not occur to the participants…Tickets were purchased.,.including airline tickets…rooms reserved…several events/things took place that can’t be reimbursed or replaced…several workers and vendors were seeking income from those…many making tips and minimum wage….again sympathies and respect for the situation but in simple terms the cancellation due to the death of the queen is just not a good look…gives an elitest … more worthy than thou appeal…not a good look at all

    • No NFL players were in the Twin Towers but they pushed back the start of the NFL season and the Hopkins vs Trinidad fight.

      • The Hopkins vs Trinidad fight was to be held in New York City. There was a national security threat at the time from a terrorist attack that eviscerated 3,000 people. It’s not anywhere near the same thing as this.

  • Totally foolish. A last ditch effort by the Monarchy and it’s supports to keep themselves relevant in an era where their popularity is in decline and their relevancy is at a multi-century low point. Irony may be that taking sport from the people only hastens their ultimate demise. At the end of the day, you can’t force people to mourn you can only force cancellations.

  • Pathetic. After a long camp and weight prep. To cancel at this time and expect these girls to pick up were they left off for another 6 weeks is disgraceful.

  • Unlike most of the posters on here it’s totally appropriate for a postponement too occur. A great many events more important that this fight are being postponed as a mark of respect. Millions of people in the UK don’t feel like attend fun events like football or boxing this weekend. The Queen was widely respected and loved by millions. You may not be one of those who loved her but the fact remains she transcended British life.

    • Respecting your opinion and British cultures….there are two cultures here and millions of Americans fans as well as others from other countries..that should be respected also,..maybe could have found a middle ground to appease everyone but no one tried..we do that in America all the time..recognize countless number of significant people passing from other countries here in America …during all kind of sporting events with a moment of silence….respect for the deceased is in the recognition as minimum as it is …not the cancellation of an entire event,…


    • Show respect, but it is wrong to idolize the queen as a God. Too much training and preparation went into that event to cancel at the last minute. It’s just plain narcissistic. No one person should have that much power. It is dangerous.

  • I was always a fan of Queen Elizabeth, may she Rest In Peace. However, it is no reason to cancel an event of this magnitude where two combatants and their teams put in such hard work to prepare for it. It’s in bad taste and off putting. They wouldn’t even cancel the event if one of the fighters died. They would find a replacement and move on. Ridiculous.

  • This is ridiculous. Almost as bad as that royal chump Harry coming to the United States to live for a few days and criticizing our country. Toll the bell for the traditional 10 count as a sign of respect and get on with it. Working class people are losing money because of this. Now I have to wait longer to see if Marshall can shut that big mouth Shields up by ko.

    • The Queen’s dying saved you from a weekend of heartbreak, because Claressa Shield will beat Savannah Marshall. I do have respect for Savannah Marshall, because it took years of dedication and training to get to this level, but I think Shield is better skilled.

  • Probably now have to take out insurance if you fighting there on a fight card…just in case member of the Royal Family dies….then at least you can recover some of your expenses

  • What is interesting is that Fightnews has allowed some really offensive comments to stand but deleted the angry responses. That makes it very one-sided. So as long as I get in first with disgusting comments it will stand! Not cool.

    • Colson… is not fair.
      But as my old man told me…a fair is where pigs go to win ribbons.
      So, stop letting words upset you dude. It’s the internet. People get to be mean here. Lol

      • For me it’s not about fair or unfair and more about the ‘right of reply’. If someone makes an offensive comment others should be given the opportunity to respond. I don’t care one bit about the monarchy. Yet Fightnews is happy to post the derogatory stuff but not the responses! It’s actually an invitation for disgusting hate-filled comments.

  • Some of you hurt so bad that you would like to punish yourself with postponing a fight feeling virtuous for sticking up for the dead lizard. Grow up man, seriously. Take your false outrage somewhere else you’re not virtuous you’re annoying.

  • Let me get this straight…you’re going to postpone a career-defining fight between two fighters, as well as the undercard fighters, all of whom have been training their asses off for months and are in need of this payday to live, for the passing of a ninety-six year old codger who had a life well lived and died in a comfy bed with three thousand thread count sheets in some posh castle with millions of pounds worth of jewels and clothes? That’s wack and unjust to an egregious level, IMO.

  • The fight should have gone on. Dim the lights, do the 10 count, whatever but this shouldnt be postponed. What happened to all this equality stuff and that one person isnt more important than the next?

    • Exactly, since the royal family has done nothing to preserve the British middle class and sold the country out to the globalists. Now all of a sudden British tradition is just soooo important. Hypocrites. Prince, I mean King, Charles is just going to run it into the ground now anyway. Woke prick

  • An absolute farce. No way should this have been postponed. One of the most rediculent decisions I’ve heard of regarding boxing for ages. BBBofC have been disgraceful on this occasion.
    I really feel for the boxers who have gone through so much physically and emotionally over the past few days and weeks

  • Hahaha so many slaty liberal degenerate scumbags in the comments. Upset because they can’t watch WOMENS boxing lol!!! Boring ass two minute rounds. It’s about as exciting as the WNBA, which isn’t exciting at all. Actually, basketball as a whole sucks. Anyways, long live the Queen and European imperialism!!!!

  • I am sure that many still would have gone to the fight. A 10 count would have been alright. If a killing of a royal had happened, then that would have been understandable. Her death is not something tragic, death comes to us all, and she lived a long life. But all the effort it takes these boxers to get ready to box, and then to have it cancelled, because of this? Yes maybe soccer matches were cancelled, but he very next week they will be playing, not that great a disruption.

  • I have never liked loud mouth athletes who lack respect and humility. As I get older, this distaste grows especially when they sound like they’re from the street, embrace that hip hop, rap lingo, and try to act like rappers. Shields lost me a long time ago, when she decided that acting like this was the way she wanted to hype her fights. I don’t care to watch her, listen to her interviews or watch her fights. I would never pay money to see her fight, and wouldn’t go across the street to see her fight. I’d like to see her lose, but wouldn’t pay for the chance to see it. It will be a good day when someone knocks her senseless and makes her eat humble pie, and if she keeps fighting, that day will come. She has no class or substance. She’s no Katie Taylor. Best of luck to Marshall.

  • If I was shields, I’d cancel the fight and demand another date when Marshall actually wants to fight. I never heard a person talk like they really want this fight but uses any excuse to not actually fight.

  • Oh so now it’s culture being used as the excuse to not fight according to the contract. This is a world’s championship event, not the UK. As I said, if I was Shields, I’d take Marshall’s opportunity away and fight better opponents who want to actually fight.

  • its a fight i want to see shields looks bigger and fatter but marshall can fight and has speed this could be an interesting fight i think shields is a a light heavy

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