Shenanigans in Germany?

Former world title challenger Rafal Jackiewicz (52-26-2, 22 KOs) seemingly won a six round majority decision over Rico Müller (25-4-1, 17 KOs) on Saturday’s Huck-Lewandowski card in Braunlage, Germany. After six rounds, the 43-year-old Jackiewicz was announced as the winner of a majority decision 57-57, 58-56, 58-56.

Müller and his team were very upset by the result and protested the decision to the supervising BDB (German Boxing Commission). That apparently worked as the result has been changed to a no-decision while the commission considers the protest. It is highly unusual that a result would be overturned, so all eyes will be on the BDB’s handling of this situation.

Jackiewicz has also complained about his treatment by the promoters, saying he was close to heading back to Poland before the issues were resolved. He’s open to giving Müller a rematch before he retires in 2021.

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  • I have always felt that matches which are not a unanimous decision, can be reviewed, and maybe some kind of change. In this case, the match was a majority decision. If three judges were to view it on a video, and comeback with a unanimous decision, than I would say okey. But in this case, anything less, it would stay the same. I think they used to do this on Olympic matches, though many throughout the years were very dubious decisions, the worst of course being when Roy Jones lost.

    • A judge’s decision should be final. If scorecards can be tampered with after the fact, they may as well just get rid of judges altogether and go back to the old-school “newspaper decisions.”

  • I for one saw Muller win this fight for a number of reaso
    ns, unfortunally a result can not be changed other than order an immidiate remacth
    in this case the judges should be looked at as i dont see how they can give Muller only two rounds. That is really bed decission

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