Shawn Porter returns Aug 22

By Gabriel F. Cordero

Still waiting for confirmation on when boxing is returning to the FOX network. It looks like FOX will air a fight between former world champion “Showtime” Shawn Porter and Sebastian Formella on August 22 in Los Angeles. It was Formella’s promoter Erol Ceylan/EC Boxing who made the announcement.

“This is the Champions League of boxing,” said Ceylan. “Since Sebastian has been under contract with us, we have worked towards this goal. Winning the IBO world championship last year was a big highlight, but this is the next level.”

Formella, who is currently in Istanbul, stated “When my promoter Erol Ceylan called me, I said yes immediately – without knowing the details. Porter is one of the best in the world and I have great respect for him, but I’m not flying to the USA to lose!”

Formella’s IBO title will not be on the line.

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  • Porter is a strong pressure fighter with amazing natural athleticism. I have always struggled to warm up to liking his style of fighting, but I guess it works for him. Porter has a bad habit of smothering himself when he is on the offense. Porter has had his moments in boxing and deserves some recognition as a decent fighter.

  • Formella isn’t a threat for Porter, before 7 rounds Porter should be back on the dressing making plans for a future opponent. To shake any rust and go back in action, Formella is a fine matchup. Porter is a fighter with an incredible fortitude, who I would love to see against Terence Crawford or testing the real potential of Vergil Ortiz.

  • Folks can say what they want about Porter’s boxing style, but he is a blunt instrument, honey badger from hell who gives all 147 pounders a difficult day/night in the squared circle.

  • I used to think Porter was more brawler than boxer, but he’s showed much more nuisance lately. He can still get rough, but if you think you can stay outside and out box him, then you might be surprised. No matter who his opponent is, they’d better bring their A game, because Porter always comes prepared.

  • Say what you want about Porter but there are two thing you must agree with. He always puts on exciting fights and he always pushes his opponent no matter who they are to the limit. Its time to see Crawford step it up again a guy like him. What about Pacquioa vs Porter (instead of predictable win against Garcia).

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