Mike Tyson, 54, says training is ‘really painful’

Former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson appeared on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to talk his return to the boxing ring after 15 years.  “Iron Mike” is facing Roy Jones Jr. in a PPV exhibition on September 12.

On his comeback

“I’m back, man, I’m back. I don’t know how come it came back. I started training. I’m back in shape. I’m 228. And I’ve been boxing. Doing what I can. I can’t believe this either, man. It’s just — I don’t believe in the Fountain of Youth, but something just came over me, and I’m back, man.”

On facing Roy Jones Jr.

“Oh, man, I’m so happy. Yeah, man. It’s gonna be so awesome. I’m so happy to be coming back into the ring and facing Roy Jones on September 12th. It’s gonna be so awesome…he’s the greatest fighter of his generation. I’m the greatest fighter of my generation, and it’s just a no-brainer that we should clash together.”

On training at age 54

“Well, it’s really painful. Really painful. And from this experience right now, I’ll never call another fighter a bum again, because anybody that does this or attempts to do this is no bum.

“My kids think I should sit my old ass down, but what do they know? You know? I’m very confident. They don’t know how to fight. Neither one of my kids can beat me in a fight, so what are they talking about?”

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  • He’ll probably get hurt in training and retire like Nigel Benn. There’s a reason you don’t see many 50-year-old fighters even though they can look awesome in the gym.

  • Boy, I can relate to aging body and the delayed recovery times with working out. However, Tyson needs to slow down and evaluate his own health risks should he actually even consider a true comeback and not this exhibition (aka sparring match). I wish him the best in his endeavors, but the risks of injuries are much higher now at his age than it was in the 1980’s.

  • I would like to see iron mike faces what’s his name……o yeah….deontay wilder , Mike would probably gas out after 4 rd then youth takes over……but I reckon Tyson would have wilder out of the ring in two rounds ,with wilders feet pointing upwards

  • Every older fighter always ends up taking too long to recover from training and injuries and then have to rest and recover and so the pattern goes. Never being able to compete at top level again.

    • I will give you 5 reasons;
      1) Corona virus
      2) Covid-19, the same as 1, but like repeating some people like to throw away their money
      3) No new releases on DVD
      4) theaters are closed
      5) Name recognize name, nostalgia

  • Will this fight be fought with head gear? I have concerns for RJJ’s head. Ever since the Antonio Tarver KO, RJJ has been very-very susceptible to temporary loss of motor function at the least and KO at the worse when touched anywhere above the Adam’s apple. I don’t know about Y’all, but i did not forgot-forgot-forgot any of RJJ recent fights with fighters with some zip in their punches. A 54 year old Mike Tyson hits harder than Tarver, Johnson, Green, Lebedev or Maccarinelli. I don’t see RJJ winning this at all.

  • Don’t get me wrong Mike was fun to watch from 1986-1990
    But has not won a meaningul fight since 1991 (yes 29 yrs)
    The only chance is to land a lucky punch, punch does not have to be too hard to Ko Jones though

    Jones should make him look like a fool he just fought 2 yrs ago

    I just hope people remember these guys for what they were

    1. Jones one of the best I ever saw in my life

    1. Oh what could have been, too much too young (in his short 3-4 yr prime was the fastest hw ever seen that was basically unhittable)

    Have fun guys!!


  • Guys, its an exhibition match. They might get slightly carried away at some point, but if they do, expect the referee to step in and warn them. This is NOT an actual fight, it’s an exhibition that will appease the fans to see these two again, but I can almost guarantee we will not be seeing any knockout performance here from either fighter. Unless Tyson snaps and goes nuts, but I don’t see that happening. : )

    • U discount an exhibition match as uneventful. U must’ve never been in the ring. I’ve been to gyms when the sparring is pay per view worthy- mutherfuckers don’t even know

  • Wasn’t Apollo Creed vs Ivan Drago a exhibition? Hope it’s as exciting as that one.

  • Training is ‘really painful’?? One of the main reasons Tyson is saying this, is because perhaps this the first time he is training for real, since the passing of Cus D’Amato.

    • First time training for real since Cus died?? You need to study a bit more about boxing bro ( no offense) but D’Amato dies 11/4/85 Iron Mike was 11 and 0 at the time with no title …He trained his ass off to win numerous titles and become undisputed champ. Pretty sure he would have had to train for real hardcore to win all that.

      • Almost his entire pro career was without Cus D’Amato? So he just didn’t train seriously in winning as many titles as he did?

  • Tyson can go and make cash, just don’t help Don King make money off of him again. I heard this is an 8 round exhibition. How is Roy going to go 8? I suppose they can wear 14 or 16 ounce gloves, maybe let Roy Jones Jr. choose the brand of gloves to try to save himself. Roy Jones Jr. when he fought Telesco or John Ruiz had a shot to move around and avoid much contact. I doubt he can avoid Tyson now, if Tyson really decides to explode on him now. Tyson is seek and destroy and got himself in shape to still do that. Tyson at 54 is way more durable than 200 lbs Roy Jones at 51.

    • Tyson lost to a tomato can his last time out over 15 yrs ago

      FYI Sylvester Stallone never really fought and Evander Holyfield did take steroids
      (Gained 40 Lbs and reduced his body fat)

  • He is still delusional you weren’t the the best of your generation you had about a 3-4 year run and burnt out Roy in the other hand was the best in his every belt won up to heavyweight what a waist of people’s money

  • I’m so excited – it’s a fight fans fantasy match up – I used to play fight night boxing all the time and put these two together. We all get a trip in the time machine – I love it – I love boxing. The old school soccer games with fat guys is rubbish the basketball is boring this is the only sport when two fighters step into that octagon the magic really happens

  • I’m half-hearted with Tyson vs Jones. We all know Holyfield vs Tyson 3 (exhibition) is the fight that should have happened.

  • Bare knuckle is where its at for him. Over in a flash and doesnt take much stamina like gloved boxing. Still has the speed and power over half those slobs.

  • A fighter’s heart is sometimes lies to the mind, it is when intelligence is ko’d.

  • Stick to old dudes Mike, you just don’t know how much you’ve lost till you try and trade with some young hungry fighter.

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