Shakur Stevenson: I smelled blood.

“Oscar Valdez can’t keep ducking.”

“I smelled blood,” said newly-crowned WBO super featherweight champion Shakur Stevenson after dethroning reigning champ Jamel Herring. “I saw he was bleeding and was like, ‘OK, I have to attack the cut. I was trying to touch the cut to make the doctor try and stop it.”

Steven also made it very clear who he wants to fight next. “There’s only one fight left at the end of the day. It’s the biggest fight at the end of the day. Oscar {Valdez} can’t keep ducking. It’s time for him to fight. There’s nothing else to look forward to. The 130-pound division needs to unify. Let’s get it!

“I want to be a superstar in the sport. I’m here to last. I take my craft very seriously. I’m disciplined.”

Promoter Bob Arum added, “A sensational performance from Shakur Stevenson, who showed why so many think he’s the future pound-for-pound king. Jamel Herring displayed the heart of a champion, but he was in there with an incredible fighter tonight.”

* * *

Jamel Herring: “He’s sharp and slick. His hand-eye coordination is very good. No excuses. He was just the better man tonight.”

Herring stated that he plans to continue fighting.

Brian McIntyre (Herring Trainer): “Younger, faster. He was sharp tonight.”

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Shakur stops Herring, wins WBO 130lb title

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  • “I smelled blood.” Does he mean when he punched and kicked that woman in the parking garage?

  • Herring looked terrible tonight! His record indicates low level competition. But in spite of that, the ref stopped the fight after Herring took 3 shots on his gloves. Stevenson can’t punch! It’s as simple as that.

    • Look Stevenson made Herring look bad all day long. Give him credit for that.
      Does he beat Valdez? On that performance he does but if not Valdez in 2!

    • Ref stopped the fight because he had suffered a 10 round drubbing and Herring is no 1 punch guy. More refs need to stop fights when they get to a hopeless point

    • Stevenson can’t punch himself out of a paper bag but he can bitch slap you all night long. Lol.

  • The only chance Valdez got is if he morphs into a prime JC Chavez, and we all know that ain’t happening.

  • Jon well done Stevenson. He didn’t want to be labeled a “boring” fighter and go the stoppage just as he said.

  • Shakur vs Valdez it’s awesome fight I think shakur también a too big for Valdez but it would be a war

    I’d like this card

    Canelo vs Demetrius
    Teofimo vs tank Davis
    valdez vs shakur
    Lomachenko vs Haney

    • I’d switch Teo vs Haney for undisputed and tank vs Loma because Tank has ducked that fight for YEARS. I would also like a Boo Boo fight Charlo for unification. Canelo/Benevidez maybe?

  • Wouldn’t y’all like to see a fan beat the Paul brothers? I really want to fight jake but since he’s finished in his next fight, Logan’s a pussy too

  • Jake Paul isn’t your ordinary YouTuber I suppose but I’m no ordinary fightnews troller either. I’d knock him out just for claiming rights to YouTube. Just let me whip both their asses and I’ll disappear

    • “I suppose but I’m no ordinary fightnews troller either”.
      – So that makes you are an “un-ordinary” FightNews troll?
      – Idiot.

      • Unordinary cause I can kick both their asses in the same night. Pussy Paul brothers

  • I guess it’s that I’m a YouTube too and Jake Paul can’t even beat other YouTubers, Fury will obliviate him and then what that’s boring, Jake Paul needs embarrassed by another YouTuber for being a pussy

  • Shakur outboxed another older light punching boxer like himself with a suspect ref stoppage which he didnt contest meaning he knew he couldnt win ok but two things for those who dont think it was real quick suspect stoppage you and 99% of todays fighters would not be a top 10 capable fighter of any era pre 2k and secondly Shakur will NEVER be P4P unless its on his own list and at 135 he loses to every top 5 fighter in the division anybody can look great hitting a heavybag because it doesnt hit back

    • I got the feeling that they were looking for an excuse to stop it because of the size and location of that cut. Herring knew they were keeping an eye on him, and went out let Shakur do all the punching. Herring gave them the excuse they were looking for to stop it. He was way behind anyway. Good performance by Stevenson.

  • People need to stop saying that Stevenson is on the pound-for-pound list. He has beaten nobody of note and the guy he beat last night already had a couple of losses, with no power. Lomachenko could drop back down to 130 and stop Stevenson inside of 9 rounds. That’s because Lomachenko is a true pound-for-pounder and Stevenson is just a privileged NABE participant.

  • Herring looked like he could have been Shaqueers uncle and fought like it also. Herring did NOTHING all night, the guy isn’t really a threat to anyone. He’s slow and has NO power at all. Shaqueer beat up another punching bag. He’s used to beating on people who don’t fight back, like women. Great skills, sure. But he’s a lowlife who will never have my respect. Another one sided boring fight from ghetto fabulous.

  • Oh oh…the ball is in Valdez’s hands now because SS called out Valdez with extreme confidence. Let the suspense build while the Valdez camp prepares a response. In other words: DUN DUN DUUUN!!

  • Look I just can’t help it … matter how good his skills are I can’t get excited about SS no matter what…he comes off as a goof and I have no interest in his fights. Top Rank would love to keep selling him as the next sugar ray but he seems classless and reminds me of a classroom dork more than anything else

  • Didn’t like what I saw from Jamel from the beginning. He stood in the middle of the ring like he wanted to box with the boxer just like Joshua wanted to do with Usik & he allowed Shakur to back him up when he is the bigger guy with the real power. Wrong strategy.

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    Just curious.

    • From Wiki:
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  • This was a predictable win for Shakur. He doesn’t impress me, and needs to face more talented opposition.

  • >