Shakur stops Herring, wins WBO 130lb title

Jamel Herring Vs Shakur Stevenson Action16
Photo: Mikey Williams (Top Rank via Getty Images)

Former featherweight world champion Shakur Stevenson (17-0, 9 KOs) dominated, stopped, and dethroned WBO junior lightweight world champion Jamel “Semper Fi” Herring (23-3, 11 KOs) on Saturday night before a crowd of 5,123 at State Farm Arena in Atlanta, Georgia. Stevenson was too quick and too skilled for the 35-year-old champion, both on the outside and the inside. Herring was cut in round ten and referee Mark Nelson waved it off when Shakur started teeing off. Time was 1:30.

At the time of the stoppage, Stevenson was pitching a shutout on two of the three cards.

Shakur Stevenson: I smelled blood.
Calderon remains unbeaten

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  • The stoppage was unexpected, but that was an excellent performance by Stevenson. After his last fight against Conceicao, I can’t imagine Valdez is in a rush to fight another pure boxer, but that’s the fight to make now.

    • Look at Valdez’s resume? He has fought nothing but world class boxers from all over the country. He has a solid resume and is always fighting the best that’s why some of his fights are so close on the cards. Valdez a true world champion has been in many wars with legit competition.

    • Valdez lost in his last fight. Need to give that belt to a real champ Stevenson

      • The judges ruled that he won. That’s all that counts. Why do fans always want to rewrite the results to suit their preference? Just stick with the official verdict. Valdez won.

        • Yes he won based on the judges but another black eye to the judging of some of these bouts, I also had him losing clearly

  • SS was too much to handle for Herring. SS displayed all the offensive and defensive skills, including a mean streak. I want to see SS vs. Valdez.

    As for Herring, he should get his eye healed and continue fighting because he fought a highly skilled cat named SS.

    To defeat SS, it will take a highly aggressive, inside fighter who is a dedicated body puncher. In addition, this fighter will need physical strength with a high punch volume. Maybe (just maybe), this type of fighter will serve as SS’s weakness. Otherwise, SS will have to seek bigger challenges at 135.

  • There are levels in boxing where willingness and desire alone cannot attain. That was the difference between Herring and Stevenson with the latter being too sophisticated and sharp for a raw willing warrior like Herring. This guy Stevenson is for real. He did not bore me tonight.

  • How is this POS not in prison yet? Stevenson guilty of felony assault, look it up.

    • It does not matter that the arena wasnt packed. Nobody watches boxing just to see large crowds of people. People watch boxing to see the fight…and it was an brilliant performance by stevenson against a really good champion, the biggest and most skilled guy he has ever fought.

      Based on this performance, Stevenson belongs in the top 5 pfp along with tank davis, bud, spence and teofimo.

        • Dude was suggesting SS is not a draw. the point is, SS is a brilliant young fighter on his way to being number one pfp. being a draw is besides the point. winky wright was a top pfp guy in his day and was never a big draw. as fans we should be talking about the fighters and the fights, not trying to manage their careers or concern ourselves with their public relations.

    • The fight was in Atlanta on the same night the Braves were playing for a shot at the World Series. Probably didn’t help attendance.

    • Also, the main event started near or after midnight. That doesn’t help build a crowd.

  • Stevenson was too quick, too sharp, too good, and was just on an entirely different level tonight. Herring may have been dethroned in the ring but he’ll always be a champion in life, which is way more important than any belt and something Stevenson can’t claim on his best day. Stevenson-Valdez is an intriguing fight. Herring could still be functional at 135 and be a voluntary defense for Teofimo Lopez or be Lomachenko’s next apponent while Lomachenko waits for the Lopez rematch.

  • Wow just wow!, Stevenson really did step it up and i didn’t fall asleep. Great performance from a kid that was true on his word (for once).
    Now if only Boo Boo can do the same thing?

  • Maybe the question of is Shakur ready for the big time should finely put to rest.

  • i rather lomanchco and shakur duke it out shakur can not draw fans in to watch himm fight lomanchco will sell out the arena

  • Valdez 30-0 23 KOs 76%KO ratio against way better competition Shakur 17-0 9 tkos 50% KO ratio against mainly home depot workers Valdez will not fight to be a heavybag shakur is good as long as you dont fight back if both fight their best it will be a great fight but i think Valdez by KO shakur wont know what to do once he gets hit and hit and hit

    • Lmao Valdez just lost to a fighter that in my opinion not as good as Stevenson, and he was a boxer just like Stevenson but with less speed and definitely not as defensively sound as Shakur

    • wishful thinking. Valdez prob been cheating the whole time. Valdez cant match wits with SS

  • Ok SS will lose once he fights someone with KO power who can counter punch…his defense is awful, keeps his punches out there too long and hands too low…neither fighter are very good..navarette who destroy both these posers

    • Navarette was in a dog fight his last fight with someone Shakur shutout all 12 rounds

  • I eat crow he did wonderfully . He is going to be very hard to beat. Lomo next year?

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