Sergio Martinez to return to the ring

Former WBC middleweight champion Sergio “Maravilla” Martínez (51-2-2, 28 KOs) will return to the ring against an opponent to be named on June 6 in Madrid, Spain. Sergio, who turns 45 next week, hasn’t fought for six years. In his last fight against Miguel Cotto back in 2014, Martinez suffered a bad knee injury, but he says after all this time off he feels really good.

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    • I agree. Martinez was very athletic in his prime and he excelled in his own right using his southpaw stance with awkward punches. The Paul Williams fights proved that theory. However, Martinez is older now and the risk of injury is much higher should he fight a heavy puncher with some accuracy. Sergio should proceed with caution as he has a lot of life left ahead of himself.

  • He will beat a few journeymen before his comeback gets derailed by a middle-of-the-line contender.

    • I think he will beat one or two journeymen before his comeback gets derailed by journeyman #2 or #3.

    • He was with one leg and still has heart to fight , not Cotto’s best fight , the Willians knock-out one of the best in boxing history

  • How’s his knees? I thought that’s what really ended his career. Dude is a for sure HOF’er. Hopefully he takes it easy in matchup.


  • I would feel good too if I hadnt boxed in 6 years. All boxers say that until they get back in the ring and are slow and get beat up. Stay retired.

  • This was said about George Foreman‘s comeback in 1987. By a bunch of goalless individuals. But those same individuals relish real life triumphs in other people’s lives, but won’t seek their own. Keep talking talkers.

  • It can only end sadly. I can see Canelo giving Sergio a shot just to put Sergio on his list of victims. I see a fan posting that if George Foreman can do it, Sergio can. Different body types, different styles and George did not leave on desperately collapsed knees.

  • One of the best boxer/punchers we’ve seen in the 160 lb division. A real talent. But when he started to have those knee problems you knew that his career could not continue. Sergio was a fabulous fighter, but at this age with all the wear on his body it’s now time for him to become a movie star, or a spokesman for a major company, anything other that trying to fight with 2 flat tires.

  • Sergio, you were great and entertaining once upon a time but you were starting to lose that crucial edge even before the knee problems and the Cotto fight. Your style always lived on the edge of reflexes and athleticism. For you to regain that level would be a miracle. You might be feeling restless but think again please.

  • Hey, it’s his brain and he can do whatever he wants with it. Maybe he loves boxing and just wants to get back in the ring, or maybe he’s broke and needs money. Either way, he’s delusional if thinks he can still fight at the top level. That was proven 6 years ago and he hasn’t gotten any younger since then.

  • I do not think it is for money. He has the boxing gains well invested in Madrid (several gym, a boxing promotion company an more…) It is simply because he loves to box, to be on the ring and to be the starring. He feels good with no pain and is going to prove himself what he can do with 45… for sure he wish a second fight against Chavez Jr…

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