Ruiz: I’m going to do everything possible to win

WBA/IBF/WBO heavyweight champion Andy Ruiz Jr is impressed by the 15,000-seat Diriyah Arena constructed especially for his colossal rematch with Anthony Joshua on December 7 in Diriyah, Saudi Arabia.
When Andy first visited Diriyah for the official launch press conference in September, none of this was here. But since then, 175 workers have created the arena in the 10,000 sq m site using 295 tons of steel.

“It’s amazing man, it’s crazy how they built everything in a month and a half. It’s amazing to be fighting over here, it’s going to be really historic and I’m planning to make history over here,” said Ruiz.

Ruiz arrived in the Kingdom early Monday morning to set up his training camp.

“Right now, we are meditating, we are preparing, we are getting sharper in the ring and training as well. We are visualizing the fight and becoming victorious,” said Ruiz.

“To all my fans please come and support me, it’s going to be a huge fight, it’s the Clash On The Dunes. We are two big guys fighting each other looking to be the heavyweight champion of the world.

“He’s trying to take my belts away so I’m going to do everything that’s possible to win and I’m going to do it for all my people. They can expect to see someone who is not giving up and doing everything possible to win, God willing we are going to take this victory.”

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  • Hold up, they build that entire arena in a month and a half? I didn’t know that. If it’s true hopefully nothing starts to collapse during the fight. Arenas usually take at least a year.. they probably broke some kind of record in less than two months.

  • This is reminiscent of the Dempsey-Gibbons fight in 1921 for which a stadium was quickly built in a rush.

    • How many Mexicans does it take to build an honest country…. wait…wtf…they’re still not done!? Hahaha

        • Some are more honest than others.

          Lived and worked in Mexico for 3 years. The level of dishonesty in everything and everywhere is mind boggling . Every transaction, no matter how simple, was complicated by corruption and incompetence.

          I’ve traveled the world and encountered similar circumstances however what I experienced in Mexico is beyond anything imaginable.

          • Not sure what parts of Mexico u been in bud, but the few times ive been there have been more than ok. I guess it jus depends on ur type of work that u had to be there for and the corruption that plays into that particular business. There are good people and shitty people in every country

          • What about America?! It was built on theft, murder and oppression. Love America or not that’s the truth!

  • I see AJ getting knocked out in 6 or less. I don’t think he is hungry and he way under estimated AR. Too much pressure on AJ to perform. AJ rose up too fast and peaked early in his career. He did not have enough time to mature as a fighter. Nor did he fight any elite fighters to press him to improve much. I think he is psychologically damaged from first fight with AR and not hungry enough to win.

  • Well said ruiz! I have no doubt u will give it your all. We are rooting for you to end this shit once and for all. No mercy!! Expose this chump again, please!! Good luck

  • 360 lashes if you get caught drinking alcohol in Saudi Arabia. You won’t be seeing the likes of me over there. Take that to the bank.

  • you know if Ruiz wins, he will get a massive payday to fight Fury or Wilder; and if Anthony Joshua loses, he may get Joseph Parker in New Zealand. Ruiz would get a rematch with Joseph Parker on his turf, considering he beats AJ twice. (Opinion) Kownacki, Fury, or Usyk would beat Joshua, whether Joshua wins the rematch or not. Everyone wants Joshua to last 12 though, so they can finally get Wilder vs Joshua. If Joshua lasts 12 with Ruiz this time, people may start to trust his chin just a little bit more.

    • I agree! AJ is the all around better heavyweight fighter out there: Heart, skills and power. He got caught behind the ear and never recovered. He was also not in shape but that happens.

  • Joshua KO Klitschko, KO Whyte, KO Chisora…He lost ONE fight and he’s done? Don’t get caught up in Outrage, the only factor in this fight is if Joshua is scared after being TKO STANDING up. Forget about liking your people because they look like you, this fight is maybe a shocker but if Joshua is still Joshua, Ruiz get KO like Rahman. The word was that Lewis was done so i’m gonna wait for the fight before making a final prediction. Past is prologue

    • True!!
      Butter bean Ruiz is going to get bounced around the ring and those belts are returning to England.
      Come on AJ!!!!

  • Those worker should come around where I live. There have been an ongoing building of a piece of road and a bridge expansion since 2011 and they still working on it, with a big traffic jam, especially in the morning and weekends.

  • aj has a huge uphill battle, ruiz’s is the better boxer, can’t take a punch, or at least ruiz’s shots, can be knocked down, and he knows he quit, does have a puncher’s chance but ruiz has shown he can take it and fire back, i think it will be close until aj’s gas tank runs low around the 7th rd

  • A lot of people writing Joshua off. I dont think the same guy will turn up this time around. He was over confident last time and got clipped. He is an excellent boxer though and can come back from adversity like he did against Wlad. His defence will be tight this time around and he will get a ko by round 4.

  • If Joshua that ate those straight rights from Wladimir Klitschko(and kept coming)shows up… Ruiz better be on his A-GAME! I dont care who wins.. I just want to see a good scrap!

  • — Re the quick build-

    Like giant Erector Set, these temp structures are easy to put up.
    Not a big deal tho.

    I see there’s gonna be a new class of Andy assjulio millionaires after this fight…or busted flushes scrambling for next months rent and utilities.

    No matter, AJ and Andy already staged an epic fight that will now be extended, even into a Valhalla trilogy if those true fans who love natural boxing rivals mind their manners.

  • This is actually a toss up fight. Joshua as we all know has beaten the top hwts in the division,and if that guy shows up Ruiz will lose.If Ruiz the boxer/puncher with non stop aggression shows up, well than Joshua will find himself in another loss to a guy who basically has all the tools to beat any heavyweight. What is actually going to happen? Well if this was a Delaho production we’d know all the judges would be bought for the house fighter, ON SECOND thought now HMMMM, never mind WE COULD NOT get another WWE/WBA/WBC production, NOW CAN WE? 🙂

  • Mr. Ruiz is speaking as a winner that won convincingly [ in which he did ] and hath not taken his heavyweight ascension for granted. Thus, believing he will repeat. Good for him. In their face -off, Mr. Joshua appeared very very unsure. As though he is competing for redemption [ on everyone else’s expectancy, but his won. His words and descriptions hardly hath substance. Copyright 2019 Coach Hilario

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