Roy Jones Jr. to face YouTuber NDO Champ

Ring legend Roy Jones Jr. will take on Youtuber NDO Champ in what is billed as the first ever live combat sport to be held in the metaverse. The event will take place April 22 in the Galaxy Arena metaverse HUB.

Details of the exhibition will be announced at a press conference on Tuesday hosted by Chicago boxing promoter Bobby Hitz, Celebrity Boxing CEO Damon Feldman, and others.

NDO Champ is a bodybuilder with over 1.5 million subscribers.

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  • Damn, Roy. Instead gambling with your brain cells just gamble on your fighting chickens. Please don’t tell me he’s broke. Don’t buy it.

    • JT,
      Hatin’ Lil [email protected]… Roy trying make some bread.. almost everyone needs it.. you are directly impeding his income.. it’s not like he’s in real danger, it’s an exhibition against a non-fighter.. everyone has to earn a living. Stop being a judgemental little girl and allow him to get an easy check vs a freaking bodybuilder!

      • Hands, LOL. Are you stupid? Or just plain ignorant. I’m “impeding Roy’s right to make a living”, by saying I don’t buy that he is broke? Can you read? Seen too many fighters talk like a 90 yr old with dementia. It’s sad. Kinda like your comment.

        • No JT , I cant read [email protected] please help me understand your female comments about another man’s money.. emotional comments .. it’s an exhibition for a few rounds, he’s not fighting Bivol.. no one who knows fighters speaks the language that you do.

          • Hahah I love watching RJJ get rendered unconscious!! Would be so awesome to see a no name Youtuber bodybuilder pull it off.

    • Why is it everytime someone wants to fight a Youtuber they’re “broke?” WHY would he not make easy money doing what he knows how to do? Roy is going to make money on this regardless if YOU decide not to buy it. Do you really think you’re that important lol?

      • HawnJay,

        They wouldn’t complain if their hero Mickey Ward staged an exhibition.. they like pugilists with glaring defensive flaws and modest talent.. undefeateds (Mayweather and Ward) are opportunistic “runners” but they embrace 2nd raters like Ward, Provodnikov, Savanah Marshall, Malignaggi, etc…The hypocrisy is endless.

        • Malignaggi was a “runner” too. Also never heard anyone calling Ward a runner. Boring? Yes. Runner? No.

    • I agree. I refuse to pay anything to watch it, but I would not mind seeing it as a freebie. Cheap entertainment.

  • Not sure if this is a real fight pretend. But if it’s real this is very sad for Roy to be doing this.

  • Reading a lot of headlines nowadays sounds like a bad parody. A boxing match in the metaverse? Can we hit the rewind button on all this stupidity?

  • Good for you Roy. Play on playa.. Enjoy tarnishing your proud legacy. Buy the PPV, everyone. You will be better for it and can support an established millionaire. Feel better?

  • Just when you think that this shit can’t get any more ridiculous you read something like this…

    I’m out of words…

  • “Ring legend Roy Jones Jr. will take on Youtuber NDO Champ in what is billed as the first ever live combat sport to be held in the metaverse.”
    – Hopefully, the “Metaverse” gets better with age, because this first event blows……

  • As a fighter I thought he was too flashy. But in hindsight he was really skilled and an even better commentator.

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