Ronnie Shields: I think Jermell Charlo wins

Ronnie Shields, trainer of Jermall Charlo and former trainer of Jermell Charlo, offered insights and analysis of the September 30 PPV showdown between undisputed super middleweight world champion Canelo Álvarez and undisputed junior middleweight world champion Jermell Charlo during a virtual media roundtable on Wednesday.

“This is a big opportunity for Jermell and one that I know he’s not gonna take lightly,” said Shields. He’s gonna do everything in his power to come out victorious. That’s what he does. He wants to be the best, all the time.

“From his last two showings, Canelo has said he has injuries. Now he wants to prove that he hasn’t lost a step. He’s a competitor. He wants his people to stay behind him, so I think he actually comes into the fight in the best shape he’s been in in a long time.

“Charlo is one of the few fighters who holds his power throughout the whole fight. You don’t get too many of those, but Canelo is also able to do that. It really makes this a great fight.

“Charlo has to make sure he wins rounds convincingly. You won’t win close rounds against Canelo. You have to keep pushing. Canelo has great defense, so Charlo has to be in great shape and push from beginning to end.

“You don’t see a lot of fighters go to Canelo’s body, because it’s hard to get close enough to do it. He’ll have to come up with a scheme to get into that position.

“I think Jermell Charlo wins this fight by split-decision.”

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  • Lots of respect for Ronnie Shields. Charlo is taller and longer and will bring good power. Callum Smith and Caleb Plant also had height advantages and power (Smith) but Canelo was the one coming forward breaking them down. Is Charlo more skilled than those two? I don’t know but I’m sure they wanted to hit Canelo’s body. I see I Canelo stalking til he gets the stoppage 10th or 11th. I wouldn’t mind seeing Charlo get crafty and spark an upset however unlikely that may be.

    • Canelo can get discourage a la Floy Mayweather and Bivol, if Charlo can frustrate Canelo, he may have a chance.

    • Ronnie is playing a part in selling the fight. If people hear Ronnie, from boxing world believes in Charlo, that will sway fans to watch and even bet. All a circus performance. Nothing is real in boxing.

  • I do think Charlo will have his moments in the fight giving Canelo issues with timing and counter punching. However, Canelo’s granite chin and unrelenting stalk n’ hunt style of offense will push Charlo to work overtime. Charlo better laterally move and work off his jab giving himself space to time Canelo. Bivol laid the blueprint out in how to time and keep Canelo honest on the outside. I do not think Charlo can mimic Bivol’s style of fighting to keep Canelo at bay. Canelo UD.

  • There has been bad comments about this fight, but at least it’s going to be exciting

  • Money is a major motivator for both Charlo and Canelo looking forward to Crawford. Canelo will want to get this over as quickly as possible. Look for a Hagler attack and finish. If this plan works it will put an immense imprint in Crawford’s fight plans.

  • SHOCKER!!!!
    what else is he going to say?
    this Ronnie Shields is a genius. ““This is a big opportunity for Jermell and one that I know he’s not gonna take lightly,” said Shields. He’s gonna do everything in his power to come out victorious.”

    WOW!!! what a revelation…. (sarcasm)

  • Found it quite funny recently when Charlo said that he was going to bring TEXAS HEAT to this fight. If it is like what fellow Texan Errol Spence brought to that fight, I don;’t see him having much chance. Charlo has not fought in more than a year. I do think that Canello may not be as good as he once was, but still see him winning a decision. Also, is Canello ducking Benevidez?

    • Remember that the PBC and whoever Canelo is fighting under share the same approach. Maximum profit for minim risk. We won’t get to see them fighting the too dogs of their division. It’s all optics

  • No chance whatsoever. Charlo was scared to death of Tim Tszyu he ducked him and now is getting a huge pay day in an unwinnable fight. The promo sells when they call it undisputed vs undisputed but in reality it’s an exhibition at best.

  • Saying you think your fighter wins a split decision, is conceding that he doesn’t think he can beat him convincingly.

  • The fact that Jermell accepted a fight originally proposed to Jermall shows someone owes another an old favor that is due (?). Otherwise, apart from the obvious ‘payday’ that comes with a Canelo fight. It is still not a good reason for a pugilist who campaigns at 154lbs. to accept an impromptu ‘fight’ at 168lbs.

    Especially, with a Crawford fight being so much hotter than Canelo ( ! ) this hour.
    1. Consider a UK, Canada, LA and NYC press tour.
    2. The LIVE challenge from Crawford to Jermell during the shellacking of Charlo’s main sparring partner over the years.
    3. Their closeness in weight and
    (4.) their active Undisputed tenors. These are four major marketing reasons that outweighs a Canelo v. Charlo fight on paper and in-ring. Why is a Canelo [ date ] so important for PBC to fill [ at the expense ] of the lower-weight Charlo ? The heavier Charlo has portrayed an unstable psychology and character in recent years. Why is Canelo NOT fighting Andrade, Benavidez or Bivol on September 30 ?
    ©️Coach Hilario 2023

    • Understand those sentiments. Charlo should be fighting Tszyu in their long-anticipated grudge match. Canelo should be fighting Benavidez but it is what it is I suppose.

  • Shields said he holds his power throughout the fight. If doesn’t ko Canelo, he doesn’t win. Even Floyd just got a Majority decision, one judge I. The first GGG fight had it 118-110 Canelo. And who is Charlo? His name is bigger than GGG or Mayweather? Bivol got the decision because he really won and Canelo was at 175 (where he didn’t belong anyway).
    Canelo should have took the Vado Jack fight at 190 though, Jack is more beatable for Canelo than Bivol.

  • This fight is a matter of who can impose their will on whom and politics. Floyd Mayweather laid out the blueprint for how to beat Canelo, dominated the fight, stood in the pocket, at times made Canelo look silly, and got a split decision win which should have been a majority decision. I’m doubtful if Charlo can get the nod from the judges even if he wins in the ring given we have had questionable decision in major fights for 2023. Some folks argue Canelo wasn’t in his prime when he fought Floyd. Bivol use the blueprint years later when he fought “prime” Canelo and lightning struck twice. Canelo was visibly frustrated and had no answers. I believe Canelo’s trainer is aware of Canelo’s limitations. A few years ago he gave an interview where he spoke on the “African American style is the most difficult to fight.” I believe he was referring to a style that consisted of slick boxing, high boxing I.Q, footwork etc. Charlo will have his moments but I’m not convinced that he is technically superior to pull off a Mayweather or Bivol. Canelo showed Khan (who was boxing well) if you make one mistake you’ll have to pay. Canelo’s advantage is he’s more experienced as the heavier fighter so he is aware of how his body will react to the weight class. Canelo wins UD but I wouldn’t be upset at all if Charlo can pull it off. If Charlo wins it may have a chain reaction of other great fighters moving up to challenge other great fighters. Like I say boxing and fans are winning in 2023.

  • I just don’t see Vegas judges giving close rounds to Charlo unless he wins them decisively?! Canelo signed a 3 fight deal with PBC which has more implications, while Charlo can drop back to 54 and have a big fight with Crawford. IDK, just a hunch! But one thing is for sure, I WONT BE BUYING IT!!

  • I like the fight. Regardless of the outcome there will be critics…. Even though Canelo is very active….. He’s got a lot of haters (which is unfortunate). What can he do to win them over? Fighting David Benevidas and winning could be the answer to silence some. But even with a win over Carlo and DB (provided he wins) many will say he hasn’t fought Morell…. Why is Canelo avoiding him? First he has to get past Charlo. I see Canelo winning but Charlo has skills, speed, and power. It will be a fun fight. Rock!

  • Let’s get real: Canelo and his team signed a three-fight deal with PBC with a lot of money at stake, so don’t expect them to choose the hardest fight first; rather, they should choose the opposite. The sport of boxing is more business than sport nowadays, and I am very sure they know by now the other two opponents for Canelo, being as follows in my opinion: Jermall Charlo and the winner from Benavidez vs. Andrade, or even they can stage Jermall Charlo vs. David Morrell, and Canelo facing the winners.

  • I think this is a tricky fight for Canelo.
    Saul doesn’t usually fight at a fast pace, neither does Charlo.
    Charlo can win just staying on the outside.
    He is quick enough that he might be able to avoid Canelo’s counters most of the time.
    He is a much better boxer than Plant was. He has more quickness and a lot more pop.
    Then again he always seem to have a mental lapse in the later rounds. He reminds me of Evander when Shields was training him. He doesn’t press enough. He seems to always be waiting for something.
    His right hand doesn’t show up enough in some fights.
    He gets hit clean a lot also, just like Evander did. Moving on from Shields was a good move for Charlo.
    I see Charlo winning on points or Canelo with the KO. I’m leaning towards Canelo, but I wouldn’t be surprised by the upset. Charlo has skills and is a focused professional. He is much better than casual fans realize. NOBODY was ducking Tszyu. Tszyu just doesn’t bring any money to a fight. Maybe in Australia

  • I disagree with Shields. Charlo has never faced anyone of Canelo’s caliber. He’s in trouble.

  • Of course he’s going to say that Charlo wins. That’s his job. I see this fight play out exactly like Canelo vs. Jacobs if Charlo doesn’t increase his output. One more loss for Canelo by getting outworked will be the beginning of the end for the cash flow. Charlo has nothing to lose and everything to gain. If Charlo has worked on his cardio and takes a page out of Bivol’s playbook, the fight is there for the taking.

    As of right now, I unfortunately have Canelo winning via UD because of Charlo’s over-cautious approach. Again, like Danny Jacobs.

  • Charlo replaced his estranged twin to jump two weight divisions, he’s clearly running from Tim Tszyu and now Bud Crawford. He’s got a built-in excuse and
    doesn’t risk anything since he’s way out of his class in weigh class and in skills. If the fight is close, Canelo should seriously consider retiring. Ifhe loses, he should definitely retire and enjoy life.

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