Rolly Romero says he is vindicated

Rolly: I am now the symbol of freedom, purity, and love

Lightweight contender Rolly Romero announced on social media that allegations of sexual misconduct against him have been dropped. Romero was slated for a big PPV payday against Tank Davis in December but was forced to withdraw due to the allegations.

“After three and a half months of my name being slandered with false accusations, having to miss out on opportunities, cheated out of my dream, and out of a massive amount of wealth – the investigation into the allegations made against me has been formally closed.

“Charges were not filed because the allegations could not be substantiated because, as I always stated, I am innocent. I am now the symbol of freedom, purity, and love known as “The Boxer Formally Known as Rolly.” Now all you hating mf’ can suck my fat black 🐓.”

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  • This guy is a straight up doofus goofball. He tries so hard to be cool he is totally clueless.

    All I ever hear come from his mouth is bullshit nonsense and he’s constantly running around calling himself the hardest puncher like big deal he’s already been exposed once with his bogus paper trinket winning decision by 3 paid off incompetent judges.

    Tank would have certainly bludgeoned this creep I can’t wait for the fight to be rescheduled to send this guy to palookaville.

  • I hope what the girl accused him off didnt happen and it wasn’t just a matter of her lawyers failing to prove it.
    And, I hope if she made a false accusation she will be accountable.
    Guys get away with sexual assaults’ and most times the women dont report it.
    But women have also been known to lie about things like that.
    Naomi Campbell said publicly Tyson was rough during their encounters but she kept coming back for more. And we know what Desiree Washington said happened. Two different perspectives.
    Rolly is lucky Greg Garrison wasn’t on the prosecution team this time around.

    • 90% of the accusations now days is about getting a piece of the pie. Rule #1 don’t go around showing of how much money you are making asz an athlete. These are tough times. Low payingi jobs, inflation, high taxes will make people do anything for money.

  • Charming! He may well be innocent, many get falsely accused, but move forward with class and few words. An old saying, “better to stay silent and be considered an Idiot, than to open your mouth and be proven an Idiot!”

  • Lets hope he learns from this. Showing of with fur coats & oversize jewelry can you sue & acused of abused & sexual misconduct from all your past girlfriens in this age of financial hard times.

    • You were spot-on, but you’re going to have to work on sentence construction. It probably wouldn’t cost you that much to go to a community college and retake sixth grade English. Not trying to be rude, but people won’t take you seriously if you can’t communicate intelligently.

  • So all these women who accused him just dropped the charges? Or did he pay them to shut up?

  • What a horrible thing to be accused of, Good on him and hope he gets that fight with Tank.
    Rolly in 2!

  • I’m not a Rolly fan but if he is truly innocent, excellent. If not, it will catch up to him sooner or later.
    NOW!!! Lets get to the Tank vs Rolly fight.

  • Now Rolly, somebody who was just supposedly cleared of alleged sexual assault charges probably shouldn’t be making sexually explicit remarks with their first public comment. If you really want to fight Tank, just call him back out and try to get that fight done again.

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