Kambosos edges Hughes, Keyshawn wins

George Kambosos Jr Vs Maxi Hughes Action3
Photo: Mikey Williams/Top Rank via Getty Images

Former undisputed lightweight king George Kambosos Jr. (21-2, 10 KOs) returned with a twelve round majority decision over Maxi Hughes (29-4-1, 26 KOs) on Saturday night in an IBF world title eliminator at FireLake Arena in Shawnee, Oklahoma. Ugly fight that never got untracked. Scores were 114-114, 117-111, 115-113. Kambosos was a 4:1 favorite.

Keyshawn Davis Vs Francesco Patera Knockdown
Photo: Mikey Williams/Top Rank via Getty Images

In the co-feature, Olympic silver medalist and lightweight Keyshawn Davis (9-0, 6 KOs) dominated former European champion Francesco Patera (28-4, 10 KOs) over ten rounds. Davis dropped Patera in round eight en route to a 100-89, 100-89, 99-90 unanimous decision.

Unbeaten welterweight Giovani Santillan (31-0, 16 KOs) got all he could handle with Erick Bone (27-7, 14 KOs) but got away with a ten round unanimous decision. Judges scored it 97-92, 98-92, 97-93 for Santillan in a close bout that could have gone either way.

Oklahoma heavyweight Jeremiah “Dreamland” Milton (10-0, 7 KOs) was victorious when overmatched 296lb Willie “Lump Lump” Harvey (4-3-2, 3 KOs) when Harvey couldn’t continue after round four.

Kiwi heavyweight Hemi Ahio (22-1, 17 KOs) got a referees’ stoppage in round six against 300lb Amron Sands (12-3, 9 KOs). A barrage of punches ended it at 2:12.

Aussie heavyweight Joseph Goodall (10-1-1, 8 KOs) upset Stephan “Big Shot” Shaw (18-1, 13 KOs) with a TKO win in round six. Goodall dropped Shaw twice in round six and after more punishment Shaw’s corner asked for the bout to be stopped. Time was 2:55. Shaw, who was a 7:1 favorite, dropped his second straight after winning his first 18 fights. Goodall’s only loss was to Justis Huni.

U.S. Olympian middleweight Troy Isley (9-0, 4 KOs) ground out a 79-73 3x unanimous decision against Antonio Todd (14-8, 8 KOs) over eight rounds.

WBA #4 LaManna stops Witt
Sosa KOs Jazza Dickens

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    • I have to agree with Ball Family Farms. Mr. Shaw, is driving his career in reverse.

    • I think it’s safe to say you my friend are an arm chair warrior.

      So easy to call a boxer a bum when your sitting on the outside looking in sunshine, you probably have a tutu on…

  • It’s Tim Bradley unleashed tonight with no one checking him. Anyone miss Andre Ward?

    • utterly reckless comment by him on “The State of Boxing” saying Inoue has been getting away with illegal hand wraps and making his punches “10X” more powerful, basically accusing him of cheating.

      • i did not watch the state of boxing. i do recall Tim using the word cast in what seemed like an off to the side comment during the santillas/bone fight. i guess this is what that was about.

    • I can’t believe ESPN preferred Bradley over Ward. He’s bias and obnoxious as hell.

  • I guarantee, with a capital G, that either Huni or Joseph Goodall can beat and knockout the very overrated Jared “Candy Ass” Anderson.

    • Lol this is why people like you shouldn’t be allowed to post. Jared Anderson is a bum right? Yep because he couldn’t knock out Charles Martin? So wouldn’t that mean Tyson Fury is a bum since he couldn’t knock out Otto Wallin, Francesco Pianeta ect? The only reason you dislike Anderson is because he is black.

      • Well said Harry , I have to agree with with you. Tis a sad day when racism seems to creep into comments on this site.

        • You’re making an assumption that it’s racist. Maybe Anderson slept with her and ghosted her afterwards.

      • What a bunch of suckers you are: Sachs and pine. Maybe he sees like others that Anderson is not the hype like they think he is, so this person must be racist? An answer like that is borderline ignorance and stupidity. I’m far from racist and I personally do not think Anderson is the anywhere near a soon to be champion. Yes, he should of knocked out martin easily, he didn’t. He won the fight, yes he did, but he is supposed to be better than that. This is the problem with Americans, lekaren goes against Anderson, so he must be a racist. Garbage. You guys are the problem in this country.

      • Harry Sachs, I did not want to bring this up, but, I am Black. Yes, Harry, I am Black. Do you have a problem with that?

        Anyhow, lets get away from that nonsense. Mr. Anderson is not all that and a bag of chips. He is an overrated Candy Ass, just waiting to get KTFO by a C rated boxer. Boxing has levels. And Mr. Anderson is not an elite. The world will soon see that.

        And no one wants to read or hear your nonsense. See a therapist and take your meds.

      • Because he’s black? What a cheap shot, just because someone has a differing opinion than you does not make them a racist. I too think Anderson is an over rated hype job and Martin proved that point. Anybody in the Ring rated top 10 would destroy him.

    • sometimes i wonder if there is such thing as an overrated heavyweight these days.

    • i don’t know enough about jared to say if he’ s overreated or not. he has some talent and good speed, but he makes a lot of mistakes. his technique is a random mix of good and horrible. to his credit, his conditioning appeared to be pretty good in the martin fight. martin hurt him 3 or 4 times including the last round so yes he’s clearly beatable.

  • Another example of greasing the judges. Bone won that fight, period. And yes, I miss Ward. Don’t know how much more Tim “Little man”Bradley I can take.

    • i thought the fight could have gone either way. bone only winning 2 rounds is out of line to be fair though.

  • I gotta give him credit on the knockdown he scored, that was very slick! But, in general, I don’t see IT from Keyshawn Davis. I think he ends up being a very good fighter in his career, I do not think he ends up being champion, especially not in that stacked division, even when Haney does split up all those belts. Oh and I think Patera hurt him in the 9th.

    • Andy Cruz beat him almost every weekend in the amateurs, and in this case Cruz would beat Keyshawn as a professional

    • Is this the same Davis that laughed at Martin performance from last week? I think he would’ve lost to Martin’s opponent TBH. For him wanting a fast track to a title shot is laughable really, he ain’t ready.

    • Keyshawn was a great amateur where you can touch guys for three rounds and win. Without power in the pros your just another boring, moving fighter, power creates drama, something to anticipate. With Keyshawn you can be sure there will be no drama, no anticipation of something happening!

  • I will continue keeping one (1) eye on Davis’ boxing skills. I am not ready to get my hopes high at this time, but I am keeping my fingers crossed. Davis must maintain discipline every round and not get too cocky/careless in the ring.

  • Davis hardly dominated Patera. He edged him slightly in the majority of rounds, and that’s about it.

  • Well now…. that was a terrible decision. Fine if you thought it was close but if you think Kambosos won that fight 9-3… at BEST you are in desperate need of an eye exam.

    • Watched first 7 rounds. Was saying that Top Rank and ESPN want Kambosos to win because they can make $ off of him fighting in the states. Nobody in the states cares about Kambosos. Unless Lambosos won 3 of the last 5 rounds, then at best he truly earned a draw. Hughes probably won 5 of 7 from rounds 1 to 7. Kambosos did not do much to earn much of the first half of the fight. The United States doesn’t care about Kambosos because he upset Teo. That has been yesterday’s news for a long time.
      People should want to fight Hughes now. After his cut heals, someone should want to fight him in December or January, to see if they do better with him than Kambosos did. Kambosos should stay away from southpaw, didn’t learn how to beat one by sparring Pacquiao for so many rounds.

    • There’s no fucking way kambosis won this fight,blind judges again or corrupt, you be the judge

  • Kambosos is a dreadful boxer-talentless-zero skills-a freak with spastic movements totally unrelated to boxing skills-I shudder to HAVE TO WATCH SUCH RUBBISH AGAIN- Max hughes was robbed today

    • Kambosos is doing the Andy Ruiz method. He scored one big win and will coast for the rest of his career without a big win.

      • I think Kambosos may be worse because being a former undisputed champ will get him recycled at least two or three more times before he’s discarded. He’ll safely be a Top Rank opponent for Loma, Stevenson, Davis, ect.

    • 100% agree. He knew he got a gift decision tonight. Kambosos is unwatchable for me. What’s with his stupid mock bolo punches thinking he’s doing something special in the ring?

  • I had Hughes beating Kambosos 117-111. It’s no longer a surprise when the B side gets hosed on a Top Rank card.

    • Indeed. Nuff said on that. The major American promotions get the worst judging in the World, IMO. And that’s saying something as judging is dubious everywhere.

  • Even for a commission as notoriously incompetent as Oklahoma, that was ridiculous

  • The big question is: what could be next for Kambosos? There is a long list of guys that certainly will obliterate him, and two of them are with Top Rank, so, which one will be the one to mop the ring with him, Shakur or Lomachenko?

    • It will be Loma. Kambosos really wants that fight despite having no chance to win.

    • Either One of those you mentioned,Kam was a one hit wonder,Haney beat him up twice bad,now he is ruined

    • I’m personally not interested in seeing Kambosos fight again. Given his style and obvious limitations he should at least be giving aggressive, action-packed performances. But sadly he’s not been.

  • What happened to the comments?.. I thought you guys liked Kambosos. I remember debating with about a hundred of you guys about how he wasn’t overrated or delusional like I was saying after the Lopez fight. I said there was something wrong with Teo on that fight and I was right.. I said Haney was going to take a shortcut into becoming undisputed against Kambosos because he beat a sick Teo. I said a healthy Teo was going to demolish Josh Taylor because he’s a sniper. I said Kam just got lucky.. now everyone in the comments is talking about him like he’s a bum. What happened? Does this mean you’re all casuals and I’m part of the 1% who knows about boxing?.. hmm, well.. nevertheless I still like Kambosos. Matched with the right dance partner he can produce exciting fights. No slick boxers though.. it’ll be boring. Oh, and hate to say I told you so but I told you so..

  • I watched this fight. Hughes totally dominated Kambosos. Decision is bs.

  • I didn’t see the fight but if I had to choose, Ward all day. Way more insightful and only talks when necessary. I guess their roles are a bit different, but Bradley has actually regressed. I actually liked him in the beginning before he became an Atlas wannabe. Find your own identity Tim. If you do that you will be alright.

  • No way Jose did kamboso win that fight. Straight robbery. Davis at least tonight turned on and off too much. It’s like he takes breaks then turns it up. Then goes cold. No doubt he won, but I think he got hurt too later in the fight. What about an Isaac Cruz fight with Davis, he can’t sleep on Cruz.

  • So I will get my 2 cents in. I though the decision in the main event was fair. I did not agree with the announcers. That said as I picked Kambosos maybe I had some bias. Here is the thing. In a fight like that many rounds had little separation. I think Hughes won one round clearly where he buzzed Kambosos but that still only counts as one round. Most of the rounds had very little to pick from so it should be no surprise that the A side who was the aggressor (even if ineffective) got the benefit of the doubt in more of the rounds. I had it 116-113 Kambosos. I had one even round. Not much to say about Davis. His opponent is a decent boxer who came to win. I think Davis may have had more problems if Patera was more of a puncher. Now for Jared Anderson….I say relax people. I never saw Teddy Atlas comments but I did read about them. I think people are way too quick to rush to judgment. So for my history lesson…Ali did not look all that great with Henry Cooper or Doug Jones on his way up. Mike Tyson did not look all that great with James Tillis…who had been knocked out by Thomas, Page, and I think Witherspoon previous to that fight. Tyson Fury did not look all that great when average punching cruiserweight Steve Cunningham had him on his butt. Two of those fighters are in the hall of fame and Fury despite his recent antics is probably going there as well. Plus….I think Charles Martin is not getting the credit he deserves. Other then his fight with Joshua (who was in his physical and more importantly mental prime at the time) Martin has been a tough out for everyone he has fought. My point is that reserve that judgment. Anderson may or may not be the next big thing. Sure the Martin fight raises questions but only time and future fights will show how he answers them. Ok so that may have been a little more then 2 cents! LOL!!

    • The thing about Anderson – no idea how I’m back on this subject – is that his promoters don’t lie. When you see a fighter taking on all comers at this stage, you know his team thinks he’s headed for the Moon. When you see a guy fighting near no-hopers, that also makes a bold statement. If his team thinks he’s for real, he’ll try to take a big step in his next fight. Otherwise, it’s safe to say he’s being milked before he gets fed to a monster.

    • i dozed off during the kambosos fight, but what rounds i saw kind of reminded me of the teo/sandor martin fight where there wasn’t much to choose from. i don’t think i want to try to watch it again though.

  • shit card. Keshawn is fake and a fraud. He fought a bum and looked shitty. Kambosis has landed (accidentally) exactly one punch his whole career. Lopez is responsible for this crap and the two Haney shitshows too. The love /hate of boxing is like dating a beautiful whore wo cheats on you but blows you daily as well…arg

  • the key things i noticed with keyshawn is that he did not seem to want to punch with patera. he beat patera up in spots when he was on the ropes or trying to coast. keyshawn was being backed up more than i was expecting, and he seemed comfortable with just playing defense even though his defense was good for the most part. at times it almost looked like he was taking a terence crawford approach. have a few pedestrian rounds, and then suddenly everything goes wrong for the opponent and it’s over. maybe he wasn’t trying that, but if he was it obviously did not work. i also wonder if davis thought patera was going to fold after getting dropped for the first time. patera came out more assertive in the following round and took away what momentum davis had, and may have buzzed davis at some point in the round (i think?). patera has a 36% ko rate. numbers can be deceiving, but i don’t thnk this is the case with patera. he’s a sharp puncher, but not a serious power threat given keyshawn’s physical advantages. i don’t want to make too much out of one fight. i tend to make more notes on the highly praised prospects.

  • >