Axe Man Walters defeats Adorno

Former WBA featherweight champion Nicholas “Axe Man” Walters (29-1-1, 22 KOs), now campaigning at lightweight, scored a ten round unanimous decision over 4:1 favorite Joseph “Blessed Hands” Adorno (18-4-2, 15 KOs) on Wednesday night at the Whitesands Events Center in Plant City, Florida. Walters, 38, who returned from a six-and-a-half year layoff last year, outworked Adorno in most rounds. Adorno was deducted a point for a punch after the bell in round nine. At the end, Walters won by scores of 95-94, 97-92, 98-91 as he claimed the WBA Continental Americas lightweight title.

Super lightweight Starling Castillo (19-1-1, 13 KOs) hammered out a ten round split decision over Jesus Saracho (13-2, 11 KOs). Scores were 98-92, 99-91 Castillo, 96-94 Saracho.

Super lightweight Omar Juarez (15-2, 5 KOs) scored a hard fought ten round unanimous decision over Clarence Booth (21-109, 13KOs). Juarez punctuated the fight with two knockdowns in round ten. Scores were 98-90, 98-90, 99-89.

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  • Walters looked good! I had him up 9-1 and Adorno lost the one with that dumb ass foul. I always liked Walters, hopefully he gets another big payday before the end of his career.

    • Spot on Lucie!! Walters totally outworked Adorno! IDK if Adorno overtrained, but he looked a little flat? Perhaps he overtrained or the weight cut was an issue? Again, I don’t know. Like you I was so happy to see The Axe Man back in action! He was must watch as a Featherweight! I also hope he gets an opportunity to make a few bucks and take care of his family!!

      • Adorno being overtrained is an interesting point that I didn’t think of. He just looked a lost out there. It was later on in the fight and I’m sitting there thinking…. Adorno isn’t doing a damn thing. Full minutes would go by with him not even throwing a meaningful punch.

        He’s a former champion, has a nice record and a decent win here, maybe someone gives Walters a shot if he can get another good win or two. I don’t think he wins the fight but he did weigh in at 133 for this one, if he could get down to 130, I think his chances are better.

        • Yeah, because I am sure Top Rank won’t hesitate in throwing him under bus again, but this time with Shakur

  • Definitely a win for Walters. Adorno has not been impressive lately. His cockiness and not throwing punches did him in, not to mention that foul. Castillo lost that fight.

    • I had Saracho up 6-4 and there were some close rounds imo, so Castillo winning wasn’t the biggest robbery I’ve ever seen; but NO WAY IN HELL did he win that fight 8-2 or 9-1. That was truly ridiculous.

      • Yeah, Lucie. I just felt saracho was landing clean effective punches. When I heard 8-2 or 9-1, I don’t either fighter had that much success. Decent scrap though.

      • Spot on! A dream or either fighter wins 6-4. Two scorecards galaxies off of reality.

  • Interesting choice to take a 6.5yr break and come back at 38. Guess needs a few pay days

  • Good win for the Axeman. At 38 yo he may have few fights for a last hurrah.

    Burucho do you think he was able to get his back? Lol

  • I remember fighting Walter’s at Long Island championships in 2007 as open 132 lbs . We fought in finals and this dude hit hard for sure ! I beat him but definitely had to move on him and I used my experience to do so .. did not know much about him until I turned pro my self and went to see him at the garden with my trainer at the time and remember saying to my self this guy looks really familiar with the axe thing. When I got home and checked my amateur book and saw that it was him who I had fought .. so glad he’s still going and doing his thing !

    good day mi gente

  • Walters…surprised me…Walters look very good…. certainly a force in that division….knew about the power… Walters showed nice boxing skills…doubling the jab… movement…control of distance..timing…defense…good stuff…Hope to see more in the future…and it was free…a bonus….

    • Walters had to get down from 165 to 134 for the Ukraine in 8 weeks. Ĥe was talking about retiring. He was not happy with how he was promoted, and the money he was offered for the fight. He was disgusted with the game after that match.

  • Its been a while since I heard this name. I remember his major fight with Lomachenko and then he disappeared. I’m glad to see him back in the ring.

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