King Kong Ortiz stops Flores in 45 seconds

WBC #3 heavyweight Luis “King Kong” Ortiz (32-2, 27 KOs) needed just 45 seconds to blow away Alexander “The Great” Flores (18-3-1, 16 KOs) in the main event of an all-heavyweight card on Saturday night at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles.

Ortiz Vs Flores Fight Night6
Photo: Sean Michael Ham/TGB Promotions

Returning to the ring after a loss to then heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder last November, Ortiz came out firing from the opening moments. The Cuban southpaw landed a series of jabs and a glancing left hand that forced Flores on the retreat early.

It was then a perfectly placed lead right hook to the body that would end the night early, as Flores folded from a shot to the ribs.

WBO #9, WBA #15 heavyweight Frank “The Cuban Flash” Sánchez (16-0, 12 KOs) won by fourth round TKO over Brian Howard (15-4, 12 KOs). Sanchez dropped Howard at the end of round three, then floored him twice in round four. The bout was halted by the referee after Sanchez dished out more punishment. Time was 2:07.

Sanchez Vs Howard Fight Night22
Photo: Sean Michael Ham/TGB Promotions

Heavyweight Michael Coffie (11-0, 8 KOs) scored a brutal second round KO over Joey “Minnesota Ice” Abell (35-11, 33 KOs). A hook to the body followed by a right to the head finished Abell, who suffered a torn right bicep during the bout.

Heavyweight Carlos Negron (22-3, 18 KOs) stopped Rafael Rios (11-3, 8 KOs) in round two when the referee stepped in to save Rios from further punishment.

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    • Seriously, that was pathetic. In Europe, Joyce and Dubois are two upcoming fighters willing to take risks. In the US, you’ve got two Cuban fighters with glamorous records fighting tomato cans. There’s a reason Europe keeps producing championship level heavies and the US keeps churning out pretenders. Flores was just fighting to get a paycheck and having that as the marquee fight on national TV was a disgrace.

  • Abell was setting up and dominating Coffie before landing an awkward punch which tore his bicep. Abell was on his way down because of the injury. While on his way to the canvas, coffie landed a hard left to the liver of his sitting duck target and just glanced with what wouldn’t have been a brutal uppercut had it landed cleanly. That left to to the liver was the first actual punch landed by Coffie in the fight. Abell was pressing with effective combos before the injury. Coffie later acted as if he was the better fighter when actually he had done nothing prior to Abell’s injury.

    • Who wrote this article?? What a load of crap. Abell didnt get brutally KO’d. He fell down when he tore his bicep. Author is a LIAR.

  • Problem was Flores showed up with bigger tits than the ring girls! Ortiz is old, but still formidable! Embarrassment for Flores for sure!

  • Only credit i give to the main event was that Ortiz didn’t fk around and KO’ed the kid like he should in 1!, but other then that it was a snooze fest.

  • At least Flores can say he was KO’d by King Kong. Not sure that’s a good thing to even mention.

  • With 41 years old Luis Ortiz has no time to waste against mediocre trialhorses. And Flores is like that. Sad.

  • Even after watching the replay in real time and in slow motion, I still don’t know what happened. Ortiz hit Flores on his left side, but the punch didn’t seem to land in a vulnerable spot. What did show clearly was Ortiz’s arm hitting Flores’s right eye as he landed the punch. Flores went down face first like he was shot.

    Flores looked like he was in trouble early because Ortiz came out throwing punches with bad intentions. It was just a matter of time before Flores went down, but I just didn’t expect that kind of result from a punch that didn’t look well-delivered. Flores did complain about his right eye being affected, so maybe King Kong’s right arm is as solid as his fists. It looked like he twisted his knee when he went down and was limping after the fight was over.

  • Ortiz has never and probably will never get an opportunity against any of the Eddie Hearn fighters. Even being 41 would still like to see him against Whyte etc.

    • Nobody knows Ortiz real age Henry (words are he sparred Teofilo Stevenson) but for sure he would be a very live underdog against not only Whyte, but also any other top heavyweight. You are right, Hearn will never give him an opportunity against Whyte or Joshua.
      Ortiz is more difficult than Andy.

      • You live on another planet, Hearn offered him 7 mil. to fight Joshua with 5 weeks notice for 3 belts, he turned it down to fight Wilder for 750k with only 6 weeks training camp. Hearn brought Ortiz to Europe he fought Malik Scott, stunk the joint out going 12 rounds. Chisora had stopped Scott about 4 fights previously in 6. Hearn then put him in with 12 fight novice Dave Allen, he was horrible there as well. Novices Yoka and Hyrgovic did better jobs on Allen. Hearn sent him packing. And rightly so, he should have been banned permanently anyway, he was caught doping 2 times.

        • Ortiz’s promotor, Al Haymon, turned the Joshua fight down without even speaking to Ortiz, the idiot.

        • So what if Ortiz had a bad showing against Allen and Scott (Yep, I forgot about these 2016 fights being Hearn’s boxers). Hearn’s other boxers also have had bad fights e.g. Chisora in Canada. He does not stop giving his boxers that have off nights no more fights.

      • Mike Miguel, what are you talking about?
        Why should Hearn offer him anything, Ortiz is an old man who got KOd by Bum squad twice and we not happened to Bum squad in his last fight right?
        Ortiz should stick to low calibre fighters and forget about AJ or Whyte.

  • That’s why Boxing is sooooo Fake Cmon. Go down when you get hit on the Face not the Shoulders Hahaha

  • This is what I don’t understand: Check the photo of Ortiz leaping forward with the right hook, leaving himself wide open! Obviously he could have done whatever the hell he wanted because Flores offered no threat whatsover, but when I used to box my trainer would have killed me if I left myself that open…and I often did and he often would! Now Ortiz comes from the Cuban amateur boxing program and has exelled at the highest level, both as an amateur and pro, and he gets away with that shit! Goes to show, if you know the rules-you can break them!

    • A chosen action pic of ANY fighter during a fight could be misused to prove any point. There could even be a pic of Ortiz with his eyes closed (when he e.g. blinked) to say look he even kept his eyes closed. But I agree with your point, Ortiz and nearly all HW’s should step up in opposition.

  • He would have had better opposition from Negron or Coffie, but i bet his people knew that. He will beat up bum after bum, then moan about getting a title shot.

    • Still recon at 41 Ortiz could give many of the second level HWs a problem. Like Hrgović just had a bad opponent getting back into the picture so did Ortiz. They will hopefully all square off against each other in 2021.

  • It’s no wonder boxing is losing fans with matches like these. I’ve been watching boxing since 1949 and I can honestly say, even with the corruption back then, the boxing scene was much more interesting that it is now. What do we get, maybe a couple of really interesting, highly anticipated matches a year these days, if we’re lucky? Lots of good fighters around, if they could, or maybe would, only fight each other occasionally.

  • KING KONG vs Joshua next fight somebody
    Joshua that’s not over weight.
    Eddie Hearn stop sugar coating your prize heavy
    he is a bum

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