Haney retains WBC lightweight title

Unbeaten WBC lightweight champion Devin Haney (25-0, 15 KOs) took a one-sided twelve round unanimous decision over former unified featherweight champion Yuriorkis Gamboa (30-4, 18 KOs) on Saturday night at Hard Rock Live at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Florida. Making the second defense of his WBC belt, Haney was in command all the way and never let the 38-year-old Gamboa into the fight. Scores were 118-109, 120-107, 120-107. Gamboa was deducted a point for holding in round eleven.

Haney Vs Gamboa Fight Night
Photo: Ed Mulholland/Matchroom

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  • He looked like a Boys Club fighter (Garbage) Gary Russell will be him and so will Tank,,all that BS him and his Father talked about Gary Russell from what I saw he couldn’t knock a 38 year old out. And I am wondering why Gamboa wouldn’t fight him? Money payoffs is a Mutha smh

    • Gamboa wouldn’t fight him because he realized very quickly he was outclassed and had no answers. Much like Mikey vs Spence. If you think Russell would beat Haney your out of your mind. There’s a REASON Russell ducked him. Haney would probably out box Tank. Tank would have a punchers chance though.

      • Shut up. This kid has beaten no one and yet you think anyone that thinks he’ll be beaten is “out of their minds”. You must be new to the sport. Dumbass

        • You obviously know nothing about about boxing. If you think GRJ can move up TWO weightclasses and beat a big lightweight then you’re dumb.GRJ has fast hands but he doesn’t have the best feet in the world. He’s about 4 inches shorter than Haney and has a much smaller reach. In addition he doesn’t hit hard at 126 so what will he do at 135? As for Tank he’s smaller too. Tank’s best weight is 130. He would have the same problems as GRJ. Tank would do better because he can punch. Also for the record, when Tank and Devin did doghouse sparring, rumor has it that Devin made Tank quit. But of course you knew that because you’re a boxing expert.

          • Yeah, how crazy it would be t
            I just a whole 9 pounds and beat a green as grass, average boxer with no power and no real world class expirence. You are right. You are too smart for me.

            And I never said Russell would beat him, only saying that it’s crazy to imagine he can, is stupid. I’ve seen way crazier things happen in boxing then a Devin Haney level fighter get beat by a smaller GRJ level fighter.

    • He beat him convincingly! Winning is not always about getting a knockout. You must be a casual

      • I agree with you but Devin said he was going to knock him out in a more devastating fashion than Crawford & Tank, so since he didn’t this is the responses he’s going to get. He won easily but nothing to really to speak about considering Gamboa’s 38 and really starting to show age.

  • Haney is a second tier fighter. He can’t punch at all, and he’s a mediocre boxer!

  • Couldn’t even drop him? Wow!!! Good job Mr. I’ll never lose to a White Boy.

    Racist asshole can’t even drop a glass jawed senior citizen.

  • Now I know what is the result of mixing a fading cyclone and an overhyped dream: A nightmare only described as an snooze-fest and clinch-fest at the same time. Bring me back Zepeda vs. Baranchy or Estrada vs. Cuadras type of fights please. What I just watched can’t help boxing’s expectations.

  • Haney’s efforts were insufficient because he needed a TKO or KO victory. I remain unsold about Haney.

    However, I hope to see a Haney vs. Garcia fight, and the winner can face Davis.

  • Haney has good skills but he is becoming the new version of Michael Nunn. Boring ass fighter lacks the power which he will need to hold Lopez and Davis at bay. Besides he’s a racist POS! I’ll never forget the stupid ass “I’ll never lose to a white boy” comment. Which is the same stupid comment that other POS racist Bernard Hopkins made before getting his ass beat by 2 pretty good white boys in Calzaghe and Smith, the latter of which beat his ass straight out of the ring lol Smith made that clown quit.

    • Michael Nunn was way better than Haney will ever be. It’s disrespectful to the former undisputed middleweight champion who beat multiple HOFers to compare him to some paper champ loud mouth milk toast nothing that is Haney.

      Also I dont remember Hopkins saying that again before the Smith fight. He said it before the Calazaghe fight and that was fat from an ass whooping. He’s still a racist asshole for saying it but that doesn’t change the reality that Calazaghe just slapped at him and got hit with big counters in return and even got dropped.

  • Haney is a fighter that is in shape, fairly quick, and has exceptional basic skills in his arsenal. He needs to grow more as a fighter. I am sure his confidence makes him hungry to be the best, but he needs more work in the gym. I noticed he tends to clinch when he gets too close to his opponent instead of moving laterally and countering. In addition, his speed is there, but his power seems limited unless some opponents have a granite chin.

    • He is overhyped. I agree partially about his skills, they are not exceptional, but really good. Overall he is a very good boxer with a great potential, but not where the pundits have been trying to place him:as the messiah of the lightweight division, a mixture of Ray Leonard- Shane Mosley in one package. I really don’t see that on him, just a beatable good boxer.

      • Mike, you are right. Pundits are wrong about placing as the savior of the light weight division. You hit it on the head; beatable good boxer. Have a wonderful day today.

  • Haney dominated but didn’t impress. Gamboa used to be an aggressive fighter who attacked with abandon and often left himself vulnerable. This version has a better chin at the lightweight limit, but he doesn’t attack like he used to. Haney kept him at a distance and never gave him a real opportunity to get in close.

    If you saw the first two rounds, you basically saw the entire fight. Haney just outboxed Gamboa the entire fight and probably won every round. Gamboa did tire and started holding excessively in the second half of the fight. Haney stepped up his attack but never was able to seriously hurt Gamboa. Gamboa was on unsteady legs at the end, but that was from fatigue more than anything else.

    Gamboa was a good stay-busy fight for Haney, but he needs to fight true lightweights in future fights. I don’t believe he’s ready for Lopez or Tank at this point. He just doesn’t hit hard enough to bother true lightweights. Linares, Luke Campbell, Kambosos, Robert Easter, Jr. or Javier Fortuna need to be on his radar for future fights.

    Kambosos would be a really good opponent for him next. He hits hard but is really economical with his punches and can be outworked. I thought he lost his fight against Selby, so he will be looking for a fight where he can redeem himself. That is a fight Haney can win and win impressively. Beating Kambosos decisively would be a step up the ladder. Tonight against Gamboa didn’t really tell us anything meaningful.

    • Kamboso deserved the victory against Selby. He proposed a fight, a boxing match, Selby didn’t, just a marathon, an exhibition of how to run a bicycle. Should have been a UD win for Kamboso, but the fight took place in Selby’s backyard.

    • I like your analysis. I don’t totally agree but you made some interesting points. I’m not as high on Tank (especially at 135) as other people are. He has power and is an underated boxer, but he has fought any real threats yet. Everyone is impressed with the Leo KO, but he KO’d a smaller fighter in Leo. Haney looked better againt Gamboa than Tank did. Tank got the knockdowns sure, but he looked horrible against a hobbled fighter.
      That being said, I would love to see some of the match ups you proposed. I honestly would still like to see him fight Teo next.

      • Tank lost one round vs Gamboa, same has Haney, dropped him three times while Haney dropped him ZERO and finished him in the 12th.

        So no, Haney didn’t look better and Tank didn’t just get “a couple of knock downs”.

        Your boy sucks. Get over it, dick rider.

  • Man is this guy boring or what? I don’t enjoy watching him. But worse he seems quite sloppy to me. I rank him fourth among the Horsemen.

  • Who’s in line to fight Gamboa next?
    Another alphabet, disputed, but comfortable, world champion that’s afraid to risk his undefeated record? Now he can feel even safer after seeing Haney beat him. Crawford knock him out, Davis ko’d him so Haney thought he got in the perfect line to knock out Gamboa and couldn’t do it. I hope he fights Teófimo Lopez so he that all can see where he really stands or should I say lies, “ as in, knocked out in four rounds “ by Teo.

  • Not one bit impressed with Haney’s performance. The guy is overrated with his punching power. No way he can KO any champ with those wide ugly shots. The technique he uses to throw those punches require lots of energy for Haney.

  • OMG, I bet after that superstar performance all of the lightweights are terrified and will be thinking of ways to duck this impressive talker, I mean fighter. He is absolutely terrifying and such an excitement to watch, I only fell asleep 3 times in the entire 12 rounds.

  • It’s been a good 6 or 7 years since Gamboa was a top fighter. In the many years that he has been a stepping stone for others, he has not done a damn thing to make even a dent to his former times. This Gamboa at one time was touted to be on a very high level. Then he got involved with several new promoters who gave him big money to do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Meanwhile this Haney is not to far away from becoming a Gamboa. He fights once in awhile and tells you how wonderful a fighter he is. His performance against a basically shot fighter was at best a bore. I fell asleep and I must say, if this is what people consider one of the best in the division it’s time to start watching the WWE. Because I do not want to watch a snorefest, and I do not want to watch at best a fighter that cannot even show how easy it is to stop a shot fighter. Haney is going nowhere with his 4th rate phony title.Boxing better WAKE UP with its 40 chumps per division. NOBODY wants this any longer!!!!!

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