Cobbs defeats Broner, Hunter tops Chaney

Photo: David Martin-Warr / DKP

Welterweight Blair “The Flair” Cobbs (17-1-1, 10 KOs) scored a ten round unanimous decision over four-division former world champion Adrien “The Problem” Broner (35-5-1, 24 KOs) to claim the WBC People’s Championship on Friday night at the Hard Rock LIVE in Hollywood, Florida. Cobbs dropped Broner in round two. The punch knocked a tooth out of Broner’s mouth. Cobbs pulled ahead until late when Broner closed strong. Scores were 97-91, 96-93, 96-93.

Formerly #1 rated and now WBA #8 heavyweight Michael “The Bounty” Hunter (22-1-2, 15 KOs) scored a one-sided ten round unanimous decision over a surprisingly passive WBA #7 Cassius Chaney (23-2, 16 KOs). Hunter easily outworked Chaney, who seemed totally befuddled by Hunter’s awkward style. After ten terrible rounds, judges had it 100-90 3x.

Former world cruiserweight champion Yuniel Dorticos (27-2, 25 KOs) won via a quick KO against Alan Campa (19-10, 13 KOs) at 1:00 of round one.

WBA #5 middleweight Ian “The Young General” Green (18-2, 12 KOs) overcame a rough start and a closed left eye to get past Roy Barringer (10-5, 6 KOs). Green took a ten round unanimous nod by scores of 96-94, 96-94, 97-93.

In a clash between unbeaten lightweights, Antonio Perez (10-0, 5 KOs) scored a ten round unanimous decision over Antonio Williams (16-1-1, 7 KOs). Perez dominated the fight and dropped Williams in round nine. Scores were 99-90 3x.

Middleweight Yosdiel Napoles (5-0, 5 KOs) destroyed Wister Garcia (20-4, 13 KOs) at 1:48 of round one.

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      • Hunter stomped Bakola and Ustinov, and dominated Kuzma. Do you really think he needed help beating Cassius Chaney?

        • Bakole is his biggest win, but it was a long time ago. Ustinov was a legit guy at a point, but not when the fought. Hunter struggled mightily against Jerry Forrest, and was gifted a draw in a fight I thought was barely even close. My expectation from Chaney was that he’d be a decent test for Hunter, but I think I had dramatically overrated Chaney in my own mind. He looked slow, lazy, and out of ideas last night.

          • Forrest is a smaller, talented HW. Chaney is a typical slow, plodding, stiff HW. Hunter eats those type alive, and would beat Bakole again in a rematch. Bakole has spent the last few years at Golden Corral and is even slower now than he was when Huntuer KTFO of him.

            Styles make fights, and most if these big HWs are made for Hunter. That’s why none of them will fight him.

          • Golden Corral… lol. Good work with that one. Sadly, I like eating at the Golden Corral. I don’t take much pride in that.

          • Nothing wrong with that. I’ve done it at least a few times. The trick is to stay away from all carbs and just stick to protein. I just keep loading my plate with steak.

          • Chaney looked much fitter, more athletic, and more aggressive about five years ago. He’s just a heavy plodding fighter now. If he can’t get a trainer that whips him back into shape mentally and physically, he’s done as a contender.

  • That Hunter-Chaney fight was quite the barnburner. The play by play with Carl King is the hilight of the night.

  • Broner is done. All he does is walk around holding his hands up, and maybe occasionally throwing a check hook or body shot. Cobbs isn’t much better. Sure makes me miss the welterweights of the 80’s; Hearns, Leonard, Cuevas, Duran, Curry, Honeyghan, McCrory, Starling, Brown, Blocker, Vaca, etc.

    • True. But these are guys ranked about 30th on smaller cable/streaming service. I’m sure there were those same fighters back then. Just not on TV.

  • The entire show was depressing. Most depressing of all was the sight of 100-year-old Don King sitting in a chair in ring center, practically falling asleep waiting for the main event to start.

  • This broner loss very much just buried his boxing career! Broner was supposed to win this fight at any cost but, felt short. Don king will probably cut him from his roster, ain’t no point in continuing in boxing! I hope broner straightens up and keeps himself out of legal troubles, the same troubles that cost him his best prime boxing years out of the ring!

  • Don’t care for broner, but he hung in there. Is he done, yes. He hasn’t changed still trying to pot shot even though he never had that type of power once he went up to 147.

    • Good post…Killa King…never observed it like that …Crazy cause Broner had a the skills and tools.. but just like you noted…Broner boxing skills did not evolve as Broner’s career progress..sad to see ….Broner had sooo much promise could not focus to capitalize on the talent….

  • Cobbs got the decision, but what a clown he is. Time for Broner to hit the dusty trail. His act is tired and he’s a shell of his former self. Frankly, I think it’s time for both Broner and Don King to call it quits.

    • LexusNexus… credit Cobb for being professional and respectful to the craft… different maybe…but hell people may say that about or anyone else…last night Cobb was professional and did what Cobb forewarned Broner….Whupped some ass…and it was entertaining… remember there was a fighter called Jorge Paez…”clown prince of boxing” …was actually a real life clown…but could “fight” and he evolved as a fighter

  • Broner is Washed but not as much as Don King.

    Adrian was a problem. The Can man…now he’s more of a high profile Can…it’s sad to see. He had the potential to be a generational great but he made all of the wrong moves.

    He should start looking to train the next generation. Perhaps he can talk the next AB out of being an Ego maniac that destroys their potential.

        • Really! Had generational talent tools …. anyone can tell you that…think alot agree…had a amateur record of extraordinary success…kind of the Micheal Vick of boxing…the inability to focus outside the ring …affected success in the ring…in my opinion had better tools than Mayweather…just could not focus like Mayweather to showcase the talent

          • I can agree when Broner had more than his Share, this happens when you don’t keep Your Ego in Check . Time to turn the Page . Move on & Stay humble out of Trouble

  • It is sad for Adrian Broner. He is so stupid. He was too much of a clown to hold on to his money. Now, it is back to the projects. He will probably end up in prison. I hope not, but he is done.

  • Why the prognostication ? Only God knows what is going to happen to him. Hopefully, you’ll be prvoven more wrong than your comments.

    • This is boxing not the 700 club, at least tell us what god there’s like 300 of them

    • We come on her to prognosticate, because that is what fans do. Don’t take it so serious.

    • We come on her to prognosticate, because that is what fans do. Don’t take it so serious. I even hope I am wrong

    • Broner is the worst type of human who deserves everything he has coming to him, and more. Good for Cobb beating what’s left out of AB. May Broner never lace on a glove again!

  • great fight regarding Shut-Eye and Bloody-Eye. These two dudes left it all in the ring. Win lose or draw, these guys have absolutely nothing to feel bitter about. Bloody menstruation-Eye walked outta there with some solid experience and fight credentials on the up and up, that’s for sure! As far as Puffy poopy-Eye’s situation goes, he gets to hold onto that belt buckle and a ball bust considering how much everyone slept on Tampax-Eye

  • Lots of hate for Don King here but it was a pretty good card. If someone had told Chaney he had a fight last night it could have been a very good one.

  • a good workout for hunter at least he might get another fight and work his way into heavyweight contention

    • He’s already a viable contender. Unfortunately for him, it’s unlikely any of the higher rated HWs are willing to fight him.

      • I’d say that depends on your definition of contender. There’s no way you could put him in a legitimate top 10 ranking. He beat Bakole, but it was almost 6 years ago. He drew with a well-past-prime Povetkin and got a gift draw against Jerry Forrest. There might be something there for him, but he needs at least one win against a legit guy for me to truly label him an contender.

        Knowing Don King, I wouldn’t be surprised if his next fight was against Guidry.

  • That should be the last time we hear Broners name and a boxing match in the same sentence

  • About to surprise many with this…will not be popular…Broner can continue…Broner style requires him to fight …fight often and stay sharp…start by full dedication…keeping weight down staying in gym…take at least 4 to 6 small fights in a year against lower level competition… fighting shall help Broner stay in contention…look at Hector Camacho career…towards the end after being beat by Chavez Trinidad Oscar .Camacho was declared finished..still entertaining..though. Camacho fought several times a year .won impressive ly.on the boxing circuit ..Tuesday Night Fights..not a big medium but significant enough..stayed attention..beat two “old legends” …point is fight your way back in contention focus…that is the hard part for Broner

  • Anyone else wants to bet on Broner ? The guy is finished, will he ever retire or just be a stepping stone for up and coming fighters. Don King is losing his shirt with this guy, maybe he’s betting against him who knows ?

  • Boxing has a good bit of talented fighters coming up, gonna be fun watching this younger generation of boxers find their way in boxing , God speed to every boxer , I love watching boxing !!! Much respect for all you boxers!!!

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