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Vergil Ortiz retains WBA Gold welter belt

The return of world-class professional boxing in Southern California took place on Friday night at Fantasy Springs Resort Casino in Indio. The event was closed to the public and media.

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Photo: Tom Hogan – Hoganphotos/Golden Boy Promotions

In the main event, WBA Gold welterweight champion Vergil Ortiz Jr. (16-0, 16 KOs) successfully defended his title with a seventh round TKO over the very tough Samuel Vargas (31-6-2, 14 KOs). 100:1 favorite Ortiz worked over Vargas in round one. Vargas did some good bodywork in round two. Ortiz punished Vargas with big shots after that. Referee Jack Reiss finally waved it off at 2:58 of round seven.

Middleweight Shane Mosley Jr. (16-3, 9 KOs) hammered out an eight round unanimous decision over Jeremy Ramos (11-9, 4 KOs). Mosley pulled away to a 79-73, 80-72, 80-72.

In a clash for the WBC female silver light flyweight title, Seniesa “Superbad” Estrada (19-0, 8 KOs) needed just 7 seconds to demolish 42-year-old cancer survivor Miranda Adkins (5-1, 5 KOs).

Unbeaten super bantamweight Hector Valdez (13-0, 8 KOs) cruised to an eight round unanimous decision over Josue Morales (11-12-4, 1 KO). Scores were 80-72, 80-72, 79-73.

Unbeaten welterweight prospect Evan Sanchez (8-0, 6 KOs) scored a six round unanimous decision over Issouf Kinda (18-5, 7 KOs). Kinda down in round four. Scores were 59-54, 58-55, 60-53.

Ortiz targets Danny Garcia or Keith Thurman
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  • Vergil Ortiz, Jr. was extremely impressive tonight. His biggest asset is probably his shotgun jab. He could win fights with that punch alone. He probably should have done himself a favor and thrown a lot more to the body because Vargas was wise to his right cross after the first couple of rounds. He was hitting Vargas on the side of the head and the forehead. I hope he didn’t break his hands doing that.

    Vargas is really good at turning his head to avoid the full impact of punches, but was tough enough to absorb solid shots and keep coming back for more. Despite the fact that he slipped a lot of punches and had them glancing off his head, he did take a tremendous amount of punishment tonight. The fight was justifiably stopped near the end of the 7th round.

    Ortiz looks ready now for the likes of Danny Garcia, Keith Thurman and possibly Errol Spence next year. The jury is still out on what version of Spence we get when he makes his return to the ring.

    Ortiz possesses a full arsenal of punches and is great at moving around to get good punching angles. He probably needs a fight or two that take him the distance just for the experience, but he is ready for the top fighters now. I’m sure he’ll get those rounds when he meets up with those fighters.

    I really like what I’ve seen of Ortiz, especially during the past year. He has improved with every fight and he’s only 22 years old. He has lived up to the hype that he is the future of boxing. The sky is the limit, barring injury.

  • Ortiz simply cannot lose, as long as they keep matching him against no hopers who can’t punch back. I mean, who would not enjoy a fight where the odds were 100:1?

    • Chris.. i would like to see him with Broner. Do u think he is durabke enough for Ortiz..What do u think.
      Its been a while since Broner has fought plus it wld be nice to see Broner take another a$$ beating lmao..

  • John Carden, I’m calling you out. Why did you put your wife in that fight? Shame on you!

  • The one fight on the card that should have not been made is the Estrada-Adkins fight. I could tell by how Adkins went out from the corner (very slowly and tentatively) that it was a total mismatch. It was brutal and hard to watch. I really feared for the lady’s life. I don’t want to see any more mismatches like that.

  • Shame on golden boy for putting the Estrada-Adkins fight. They ought to be embarrassed.

  • I know the focus will be on Ortiz but Samual Vargas has my respect. He is OMG tough. Took severe punishment from Ortiz and kept going, even arguing with the ref when he stopped it!!

  • i didnot have facebook and no social median . but i
    have youtube and google gmail. i need fight news
    boxeo schedule and i want to know when
    telemundo and foxsports have those fights

  • Ortiz is NOT ready for the 147lb elite he struggled against a very tough but well worn veteran and his defense is lacking gets hit waaaaay to easily and thats something he can not allow against Danny Garcia, Porter, Craword even the old Pacquiao would hit him at will and please dont mention Spence thats a KO for sure you guys let this kid get some more experience he has a bright future ahead of him

  • Adkins vs Estrada is what folks who oppose boxing will show when they want to prove a point. How this was allowed is beyond atrocious and anyone involved should be suspended for idiocy…

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