Q Style crushes Butler, retains WBO middle belt

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Photos: Sumio Yamada

WBO middleweight world champion Janibek “Qazaq Style” Alimkhanuly (14-0, 9 KOs) demolished Steven Butler (32-4-1, 26 KOs) in two rounds on Saturday night at Stockton Arena in Stockton, California. Alimkhanuly brutally floored Butler three times in round two to end it. Time was 2:25.

Afterward, Alimkhanuly said, “Champions. Boxing superstars! Where are you? I am waiting. Let’s fight. I am the most avoided boxer. I am the middleweight king. Let’s go. Let’s fight. I am ready for anybody. Anytime. Anywhere.”

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  • Terrible job by Reiss. Usually like him as a ref. Fight should have been stopped immediately but definitely after the second knockdown at least. This guy didn’t belong in the same building as Q. No knock on Butler, he was tough but totally overmatched. Reminded me of Mike Lee vs Caleb Plant.

    • Agreed. Butler was ‘gone’ after the first knockdown. Letting the fight carry on AFTER the second knockdown is borderline criminal!!

      • C’mon man. The ref is right there? while Butler was tottering around!!! Are you saying this was a good stoppage?

    • Awesome job by Reiss. He let the fight continue to it’s proper conclusion giving Butler the most opportunity to come back and gave the fans their money’s worth. This is boxing chump, it’s brutal. If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. Go watch womens’ volleyball or something tame that you could handle. Would you rather watch that loser ref Tony Weeks stop the Barroso fight too early like he did? Premature stoppages and bad decisions are the worst part of boxing. It;s destroying the sport. Period.

  • Can we take this result as an example of the phrase “gross mismatch”?

  • Bang bang Butler came for a pay check, surely easier ways to make a buck. Still not impressed by the Qazaq style and fighting the Butlers of the world wont do anything to change that

    • I get it. But if dude wasn’t so hyped I think you’d be saying that’s a good (and appropriate) win for a guy with 12 wins.

  • Janibek was very effective & impressive, fight was over with Uppercuts, straight left & right, & Left hooks

  • Hard to be impressed by a guy doing pretty much exactly what you expect him to. I was actually almost impressed by Butler: Guy clearly wanted to keep going, but just couldn’t get his legs back. If Liam Smith beats Jr again, I think he’d fight Alim, besides that, it’s looking pretty slim and I’d expect him to be back in a few months in with another Butler type.

  • Q style I believe deliberately had a lackluster performance in his last fight where he went to distance. Tonight he just wanted to be his old self and demolished a pretty decent fighter. I believe this guy is the best middleweight on Earth right now and would handily defeat the winner of Munguia vs Derev. I also believe he stops Charlo, if he ever fights again, and possibly even stops old GGG. He hasn’t hit his peak yet but will very soon. He is also one of the biggest middleweights I’ve ever seen and could easily move up to 168. It’s time to get this guy a good fight because everybody else is just going to get smoked early.

    • Thats the prob Chris! Aint nobody wanna fight this dude. Andrade decided to cut n run and Charlo turned a deaf ear to him and will avoid him as much as possible. We get what we get until one of them boys decides to grow a pair and step up and challenge him

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