Pulev: Joshua can’t face Fury

It doesn’t sound like IBF mandatory challenger Kubrat Pulev plans to step aside to allow a showdown between Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury for the undisputed heavyweight title.

“He can’t face Fury because he has signed a contract to fight me,” the 39-year-old Pulev told Sky Sports. “Besides, in this same contract there are clauses featuring some serious compensations (if the fight doesn’t happen). In the meantime, Fury has a contract for a third fight with Deontay Wilder. Neither me, nor Wilder will give up on these fights.”

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  • Can’t blame him, at 39 it’ll likely be his last payday, and if he somehow pulls out the win, he’ll be due a heap more coin for the rematch than any step aside fees. Oh and chuck in a few lazy heavyweight titlebelts

    • Please take the stepa side money and just retire already…

      “Pull out” Pulev is too slow to compete with AJ. AJ is more cautious after Ruiz shocker and will pick him apart until the KO after 5 or 6 rounds. AJ might get gun shy if Pulev gets a few rights in and just jab away 12 rounds like in the Ruiz rematch. Pulev and Charr should fight for the WBC Fres Oquendo faux champion in perpetual recess belt. Pull out when you date cheerleaders not when boxing for world titles….

  • Whats the issue with Champions not wanting to face their mandatory defenses? Thats what champions do, they fight who is put in front of them. There is no big money Joshua vs Fury fight without first taking care of the mandatory challenges. This talk gets nowhere. If people worried about one of them losing before the big fight then maybe they shouldn’t have the title. We still have Title Contenders out there to figure who the best is.

    • I can’t agree with this NJ, because the mandatory challengers usually aren’t worthy these days.

      Additionally, you have to be kidding about Fury and AJ not being a big money fight. Great Britain alone would pay 100 times more for it than an AJ vs Pulev fight.

      I say, to Hell with the silly paper title. Everyone paying attention knows Fury is THE Man right now and most of us don’t expect Wilder to beat him, so why not fight AJ now. Heck, the winner can fight Wilder for an even bigger payday.

      • They should all ignore these titles with their greedy sanctioning fees. Let the best fight the best and everyone will know who the one real champion is.

    • The only thing I agree with is that if you signed a contract, then you’re on the hook. Pulev definitely should force the contract as much as possible. He’s 39!

    • Are you serious? Are you actually saying that AJ Vs Fury wouldn’t be as big if they do NOT take on their mandatory’s? Bull…that would only be the biggest Boxing event in history over on that side of the pond. AJ is loved and adored over there and OFTEN sellout some of the largest stadiums in the world. Not arenas,STADIUMS. And add Fury to that fight mix and you have a HUGE record breaking event over there.

  • I just watched a documentary on Ali again the other day and something came to mind while reading this article…Ali was preparing for the Liston match and when asked what he would do if he was victorious he answered ‘after we take care of the bear we are going after the hare..Floyd Patterson ‘…this is why most of these guys will forever be in Ali’s shadow, he didn’t use any excuses about contract or money or whatever he just went and fought all the best no matter who they were…

  • Pulev had been sidelined with injuries and getting the short end of the stick when it comes to getting his opportunity to compete for a title. He’s not going to sit this one out and rightfully so.

    • Pulev haD a title shot yrs ago and couldn’t do it. Joshua best Klitschko. Who I’m their right mind wants to see Pulev vs Joshua? It makes no sense . I hope I’m in Vegas with about 20 grand when they do fight. I might only win 2000 but it’s easy money

  • maybe if they offered him a step aside purse fee then offered him a few million more after, he’d do it…

  • Pulev has only lost once in his entire career to a world champion and people are writing him off. He deserves this chance to fight Joshua, a fighter of his size and skill always has a good chance.

    • Jake, I know the pickings in the Top 10 are slim right now, but you should go check out Pulev’s “greatest hits” and maybe then you’d wonder how in the Hell is this guy a mandatory anything.

      Save you a little time with the best names:

      Samuel Peter: he WAS once a serious contender, but that was before most of the fans on this page were born.

      Derek Chisora: this is by far his best win, but it was by Split Decision and it was several fights ago.

      His last fight was against Booker. A guy who, could, woulda, but didn’t, because he lacked the discipline to be.

      I know they all can’t be killas, but it would be nice if there was at least one and nicer if it was a decisive victory. The bottomline is Pulev hasn’t earned a shot. He’s just another guy willing to stand in line.

  • This is why boxing sucks. This and fighters only fighting once a year

  • Western boxing gangsters trying to screw Russian and eastern European fighters as usual.

  • I actually think AJ would be better served taking Pulev and Fury Wilder rather than them fighting each other behind closed doors.
    I don’t think a fight of that magnitude should be behind closed doors. And as much as I want to see AJ/Fury after that , if the CV is still kind of fresh in public minds it might be worth Fury defending vs Whyte (assuming Fury beats Wilder) and AJ fighting Usyk or Chisora. Then (assuming both come through both defences) they meet each other next summer when hopefully everything will be nearer to normal.

  • Also just wondering if the purses for the contracted fights must still stand?

  • Pulev doesn’t even deserve a title shot. Garbage ass fighter. Hope AJ knock his ass out.

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