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  • I hope he doesn’t come back,he will probably always have the power and possibly the speed for a few rounds but the mitts don’t hit back …..

    • I hope he does. Purely for nostaglia and my own greedy viewing pleasure. Give him a tomato can to beat 9 shades of sh1t out of, i’d PPV for one last ring stare, one last mauling

    • Is everybody forgetting the nobodies he lost to at the end of his career? How would he better now years later?

    • We all want him to come back at least once. So you’re telling me if Tyson fights you’re not going to watch????????????????

  • Tyson vs Briggs??? A Seniors Franchise Championship bout sponsored by the WBC. That would def sellout and do huge PPV. Tyson and Briggs could really be set for the rest of their retirements. Not sure how Tyson’s Cannabis farm is doing.
    Tyson has been talking about charity lately. Im guessing to take some pressure off his training. Watch the clip like 20 times Im ready.

    • My money is on Tyson. Briggs blows more smoke talking/promoting than he does fighting. Tyson talked smack, but he could crack too and generally backed it up. Briggs often used the excuse his asthma held him back in some fights when he got thumped in his losses.

  • Tyson at his peak would of destroyed Briggs. Briggs was never a threat to any superb heavyweight at his prime. His tactic worked being outspoken for his big fights to be made. I do not see him calling out Tyson in any shape or form. However, I see the fight being competitive, Tyson would have to take him out in two rounds or I firmly believe Briggs will take him out in the 4th round. Let’s go Champ!! Let’s go Champ!!!

  • I still say Tyson in his prime was the best ever. Ive watched clips of all the old fighters and no fighter could bend at the waist and explode the way he did. Maybe im bias, but nobody beats Tyson in his prime. The man was unstoppable.

  • Tyson from 86–90 was perhaps the best ever, but it’s gonna take more than a 5 second video clip on the mitts to convince me he’s ready to come back. Generally speaking, fighters don’t go from ending their careers as washed up 38 year olds to becoming rejuvenated at 53! Sounds like he’s still on a DMT trip!

    • Of course, everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, but he’s ranked around #10 on most lists online that I’ve seen, and that sounds about right to me. Remember, in 1990, he was KO’d by Journeyman Buster Douglas after being thoroughly dominated in that fight, with the exception of the 8th round knockdown. He looked lost that night, couldn’t adjust, and simply got his behind kicked. I can’t imagine anyone ranking Tyson ahead of Ali, who has Liston, Patterson, Frazier, Norton, Lyle, Quarry, Foreman, Ellis on his record, with many of those wins coming after his exile from boxing. What is Tyson’s best victory? Maybe over 37 year old Larry Holmes? Spinks? Mike was very exciting to watch, no doubt. But best ever? Not seeing that at all….

      • By the time Tyson fought Douglas, he was not hungry any more in boxing and even said he did not train for the fight. After looking at all the amateurish tactical mistakes his corner made during the Douglas fight, I can believe what Tyson said. Tyson’s downfall was the enemy inside himself. Tyson was super young when was champion and life’s pleasures got in the way right with his priorities as a fighter. Tyson’s raw power was something else in the mid-80’s. Bar none, that boy could crack and his power dethroned many fighters in his path. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Ali, like Tyson, had many downfalls in the sport as well and stayed in the game too long only to be exposed in their aging years. Ali was not perfect by no means and his style of fighting was completely than that of Tyson. Both men had their moments. Both men had their screw overs as well with Don King.

        • Your comments about Tyson sound like a “what could have been” kind of thing, which I agree with. Tyson was his own worst enemy at times, but as it stands, I would rank him nowhere near #1 all time. Ali proved time and again that he could come through tremendous punishment (Frazier 2 & 3, Foreman), and tough out victories. The stamina, skill, and toughness he showed in the Frazier/Manila fight was pretty unbelievable…..and that was an over the hill Ali. Compare that to a 23 year old Tyson when he fought Douglas. Ali was tough as nails, had great stamina, elite speed and skills. He has Tyson beat in every category except power.

  • Tyson was the most overrated heavyweight of All time. Douglas – Holyfield and Lewis exposed him. Sure he had talent and power, but he was to small for heavyweight, when he fought real big heavyweights. He only beat tomato cans and B class boxers..

  • All the talk about a Tyson comeback is rubbish. He’d nothing going for him at the end of his career,and no amount of training would make him anywhere near competitive after so long out of the ring. Who would be interested in watching two fifty odd has beens wobbling around the ring for 10 rounds? Holmes and Foreman wanted to put on a bout when they were 50 yrs old but no one was interested and they would both have been in better condition than Tyson, though I should imagine Holyfield has kept himself in good condition. Five seconds of fast punching doesn’t make you a contender.

  • Look lets face it. With the fighters of today fighting once a year or less, fight fans are sick of debating which non entity can do what. All this B.S with Canela/Delaho, and the phony premier boxing,the non fighters have made boxing a bigger laugh than the WWE. Now with that said, there are many that grew up with M.Tyson and think at his peak he was the most vicious destroying force that boxing has seen for many years. Although i do not agree with that, he certainly brought back excitement and talk around the entire world. For me Evander was ALWAYS the more complete tougher man, but Tyson had an aura about him that people seemed drawn to. Now him fighting some exhibitions would be I.M.O wonderful, and Evander could also fight some exhibitions because EVANDER is always in top physical condition. Would this help boxing WHY NOT? Big George came back and everyone at 1st was laughing,they stopped laughing after they saw him destroying everyone but Evander. And at this point in time I cannot see why some exhibitions would hurt boxing in anyway, even Mike at 54 would be interesting to watch,HELL i’d rather watch him, Evander, and Larry then some of the sometimes fighters of the day.

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