Pulev: Fury using my name for PR

IBF #1-rated heavyweight contender Kubrat “The Cobra” Pulev has responded to former heavyweight champion Tyson Fury’s public claims that he turned down a fight with “The Gypsy King.” Pulev asserts it is the exact opposite situation, in fact.
“Fury is using me and some other boxers that he knows are currently unavailable for different reasons, just so he can get some PR,” said Pulev. “A few years ago, Fury refused a fight with me and not because he wasn’t available like I am right now. He was available. He was just scared!”

By winning a unanimous decision over Fury’s cousin Hughie last October, Pulev became the mandatory next fight for the winner of the upcoming Ruiz vs. Joshua rematch.

Fury made the claim that Pulev is afraid to fight while justifying facing his next opponent, lesser-known Swedish heavyweight Otto Wallin on September 14 in Las Vegas.

“My first goal is to become a world champion,” continued the Bulgarian slugger, “not to just fight random unknown opponents like he’s doing! Winning those belts are my main focus right now. Fury’s turn will come and, when it does, I will make him just as powerless as his cousin, who also used to talk a lot.”

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  • So, here we go again. If Pulev is telling the truth, (I believe him) who is the the one that will support Fury by choosing Walling on his quest to arrive alive and sober when facing Wilder next year? I strongly believe that people people conducting his boxing career, behind curtains, are the ones staging this type of mismatches not Fury, in order to secure the Wilder fight, but sadly, Fury is happy playing his role in this. Wilder has the power with only one swing to end this type of masquerades, hope this will happen, because I don’t like talented fighters taken advantages of their gifts to stay undefeated by facing overmatched opponents or fading greats. We had enough with Floyd Mayweather. If he is out of the real boxing world, why to bring another version, what benefits this bring to boxing?

    • The Heavyweight Division may be more interesting than it has been for years, but there still isn’t much at the top end. Ruiz inserts himself into the Discussion making it the Big 4, but after that who is compelling. Pulev clearly wants his shot at Ruiz, so even if you thought he was solid he’s not available. Miller and Whyte have the drug clouds hanging. Wilder is fighting Ortiz again, but I think most of us recognize him as long in the tooth to say the least. Really we’re waiting for the next crop to arrive. Some might by the end of next year.

      The main reason to tune into a Heavyweight fight still exists…one punch can change everything. We saw it with Ruiz. Maybe Wallin and/or Ortiz will do the same.

    • Please stop with the false narrative about Floyd. He just about everyone there was to fight. I think GGG is a probably a better example then Floyd. Outside of Canelo the only other fighter he’s fought was Jacobs. So like Fury he’s only fought TWO legit fighters in his career and he’s rematching one of those.

    • Floyd never fought unknown nobodies. He beat over 20 champions and fought the best of 3 generations. To compare him to fury is ridiculous. He beat everyone Pac-Man most before he fought them and all at their correct weight instead of draining them with no rehydration clauses like pac did. Plus he 100% outclassed canelo at like age 36

  • Fury signed with Top Rank, Fury says he plans to stay around until he is 40 (another 9 years). So you know how Top Rank plays their fighters to keep them winning. Why else does Top Rank claim to have the #1 and #2 pound for pound fighters (Crawford and Lomachenko). Why doesn’t Crawford move up to 154 and a fight the #1 and #2 WBO contenders, beat them, and then fight Munguia (before Munguia cannot make 154 anymore). Crawford won’t get Spence (if he beats Porter), Top Rank talked Manny down that he couldn’t beat Crawford, and Manny tried to make Horn come to the Philippines to do the rematch (because he knew the money wasn’t going to become available). And Top Rank tried to give Manny a fight with Mike Alvarado. It’s all in house over at Top Rank. They don’t really want to work with Eddie Hearn or Oscar De La Hoya’s Golden Boy. As for PBC, I don’t care if no other promoters want to work with that group. All those guys have to kiss Al Haymon’s shoes. I do kind of like the Lomachenko vs Luke Campbell fight though, but Devin Haney probably beats either one of them. Top Rank wouldn’t be in a rush to make Lomachenko vs Haney. Haney is with Eddie Hearn and also promoting himself with his own promotional company in California. And Arum let him know he signed with the wrong guy. But even if Haney did sign with Top Rank, I doubt you’d see Haney vs Lomachenko.

  • Isn’t he coming off a win over Bogdan Dinu, eactly the type of guy he says he is not facing.

    • Mark: yes, and that’s a good point – Bogdan Dinu is ranked worse than the undefeated fighters Fury is facing. In fact, Bogdan Dinu had just lost to Jarrell Miller by KO prior to facing Pulev and is currently listed as HW #88 in the world. Wallin, Fury’s next opponent is at least ranked #47. Considering these facts, Pulev should be more careful with his arguments.

      Neither Pulev nor Fury should be fighting anyone outside the top 20.

      • “Wallin, Fury’s next opponent is at least ranked #47.”

        That ranking is fake. Wallin has never even fought an opponent ranked as high as #200 in the world.

        • Codreanu: Boxrec rankings are usually not far off the mark. Regardless, all elite fighters should fight opponents that are at least in the top 20 or 30.

  • Fury is a clown. Sorry he has made it to the top, but he really got there by luck. Fury has had one major fight with Klitschko and it was the first real fight Ive seen him in. He didnt screw around and won it. That was a close fight, but he earns all the credit in the world for that. The Wilder fight I think he lost. Sorry but he clowned around more than he landed anything real in the first half of the fight. When he was serious he picked up some rounds, but it was his fight to lose. Its kind of like fans and commentators who give Pac too much credit because he throws a lot of punches then steps back. If you watch a lot of these in slow motion you see he misses a lot of punches. Long story short fury has two real names on his resume and was lucky to get the shot at Klitschko. Even that could have been taken away since he failed a drug test, but its in the records book.

    • Clearly your mother drank heavily when she was pregnant with you! I think that you are drinking now! I’m not a great Fury fan but he beat a very competent Klitschko and clearly beat Wilder who I love! The juice doesn’t help you think clearly! And since you are drinking, I may as well point out “no means no!”

      • Well I cant argue with that clear argument. You made some valid points and have convinced me that Fury is not a clown who spends more time goofing off in a round that landing punches and winning those rounds.

  • Yahhhh, like you beat the hell out of Klitchko’s fists with your face! Tyson Fury could be drunk and still make you look silly! Putz!

  • Happen to believe Pulev on this one. Fury said when he signed for ESPN that he only wanted to fight the top names and went on to say that he meant the top 5 and not even 5-10.
    Schwartz and Wallin?

    Hearn said he wanted to make the Whyte fight and then after calling Whyte out he went into hiding.

    I actually think Fury is the best in the division but his actions don’t suggest he wants to take on all the top boys

  • just read your chart on who you have fought Mr Pulev ,,,a bit of a joke that you are mouthing off ,and to be ranked where you are what a joke too!!!

  • I honestly don’t care who’s telling the truth here. Pulev even says he wasn’t available.

    Ultimately, the fight most of us want to see is Wilder vs Fury 2. I wouldn’t care if Fury took a fight with John Doe if it was just to keep focused. I asked in a previous article who do you want him (them…Wilder vs Ortiz is fairly pointless too) to fight other than each other? Surely, Pulev isn’t at the top of my list.

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